BCC Zeitcast 11

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BCC’s weekly romp through the best of the Bloggernacle, hosted this week by Steve, Ronan, Amri, and Brad. Featured posts/sites:

LDS women’s history

Grab rice while you can!

Afterbirth meals

Snubbing your wife to feed the Elders

Tattoos in the Resurrection

TK Smoothies

Steve’s glands


  1. Speaking of rice and dinner, I’ve been stockpiling white wheat like crazy ever since I received the following email from my estranged home teacher a week or so ago:

    The Church announced last week that it no longer has any white wheat in their storage facilities due to increased demand and low production.

    Perceptive families have been [sic] purchased the shelves bare, at the very time when national concern about food production is climbing. Many believe that the perfect storm of low supply and high demand will cause many in the Church to go without basic food staples.

    The High Council of Utah [sic] is offering worthy families the opportunity to purchase finely ground white wheat a[t] only a small premium. This supply will go quickly, and once gone there will be no more white wheat available until next year. Don’t delay your purchase of this important food component for your family.

    Quantity is limited to only 100 pounds per member.

  2. Steve Evans says:

    Good heavens! Snap that white wheat up, Elder.

  3. Make artistic prints with your placenta?

    Dehydrating your placenta?

    Who needs rice or white wheat when women can make food in their own bellies? Fascinating womanhood, indeed.

  4. Kevin Barney says:

    Great stuff, guys.

  5. estranged home teacher


  6. Peter LLC says:

    I hope Ronan is resurrected with Richard Quest’s voice. That would be sweet.

  7. Richard B says:

    I didn’t finish the show yet, but I must ask about the show’s introductory audio clips. Hugh B. Brown always carried energy and humor into his speeches. I’m assuming this was given to BYU, but before the honor code prohibited horse-tail hair (on men)? What speech is this?

    And I was really worried that the second guy was during McCarthyism or the Cuban Missle Crisis trying to whip up the Churh into a frenzy of paranoia. Please don’t let this be at BYU or General Conference! I wasn’t alive then and I don’t know what the climate was like so I can’t claim any common ground with their insanity!

    So Wikiquotes tells me it’s John Hurt in “V for Vendetta.” Whew!

  8. It’s a Hugh B Brown BYU devotional called, I think, An Eternal Quest.

  9. I would think Richard Bushman would know that. I would also think Richard Bushman would not resort to Wikiquotes. The B must stand for something else.

  10. Richard B says:

    Sorry Steve, my B isn’t famous. Plus, Bushman was born and probably studying at Harvard during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Coincidentally, my Dad served with him on his mission in Germany, and my Dad was also at Harvard in the early 60’s. I wouldn’t have been named after him since my Dad thought he was a tedious, pretentious know-it-all. I couldn’t disagree more. In fact, his Pew forum address last year turned me on to the bloggernacle when he said “I think I could easily find well-spoken Mormons who would be very pleased to take part in [a religion panel]. Have you ever gone onto any of the Mormon blogs? …there are a lot of very talky, thoughtful Mormons there.” It’s true. You’re all very talky.

    Ronan, I didn’t find text about hair in Brown’s An Eternal Quest. But the 1969 date coincides with intensifying hairstyle rules in the Honor Code.

  11. Richard,
    It’s that talk. I guess they edited the intro.

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