Zeitcast 1.9.0? No.

Yeah, we took General Conference weekend off. Sorry, fans. Instead, listen to this awesomely amazing talk by Spencer W. Kimball. Time has not been kind to some of his claims. We’ll be back next week.


  1. By the way, I’m not kidding when I say it’s an awesome talk. From the fall of Pompeii to too-tight 1950s sweaters, it has it all.

  2. The 1977 SWK biography noted that “[t]he talk created a sensation on campus. The university paper reported student reaction ranging from those planning to remodel their formals to those who predicted that after a few months of wearing ‘Kimballized dresses’ things would revert to normal. One of the faculty, though, wrote a long letter, accusing Elder Kimball of offending the school’s baton-twirlers needlessly and objecting to his statement that God had buried Pompeii beneath ashes to punish the people for sexual wickedness. When Elder Kimball’s reply letter brushed aside the objections the man could not forgive what he saw as a belittling of his complaints” (272).

  3. You’re killing me here. This is the driest speach ever, it took forever to get to the good stuff. Anybody have any guesses how many times hes said the word “abominable”?

  4. Steve Evans says:

    mmiles, it’s not dry at all!! I love it.

    Justin, I was hoping you’d have some discussion about it.

  5. OOOH! There it is! The you should defend yourself to death (against petting) stuff!

  6. I think SWK should have steered clear of the houses of prostitution in Pompeii. BTW, Eugene England included a rhetorical analysis of this talk in his BYU Studies article on SWK’s sermons.

  7. Steve Evans says:

    SWK’s trip to Italy was clearly monumental for him. In 1949 he was talking about the dungeons in Rome.

  8. Latter-day Guy says:

    Justin, which edition of BYU Studies was that in?

  9. Steve Evans says:

    LDG, it was in 25:4:77.

  10. Latter-day Guy says:

    Many thanks!

  11. Steve Evans says:

    Any chance to scoop the knowledgeable (but slow-typing) Justin.

  12. Now I know why I always found June Cleaver sexy. It was those immodest 1950’s dresses and tight sweaters. Clearly contributing to the immorality of the age; throwing temptation toward the boys.

    But he certainly had it right in condemning beauty pageants. Those backless evening gowns, oh my. I’m still waiting to see the “topless” ones of which he spoke, though. That would be a fantastic pageant.

  13. Oops, I ate regularly in pubs while I was a missionary in England. Must be only US taverns are hellholes.

  14. Steve, your appreciation of this kind of thing is a gift to mormondom. This really is priceless.

  15. SC Taysom says:

    It’s strange to hear a velvet-voiced SWK. I was raised on the sand paper version.

  16. Peter LLC says:

    Awesome. He’s moved beyond mere fire and brimstone and is preaching nuclear destruction. I bet he was wearing a skinny tie, too.

  17. With the way the Elder Kimball went into such detailed lists of hip-baring twirlers, backless, evening gown ads, revealing engagement photos, tight sweaters, it seems to me that his research for this talk was a guilty pleasure.

  18. Uncalled for, Randall.

  19. President Kimball was a favorite prophet, but his talks and books were full of laundry lists of lasciviousness. All I know is that they had the opposite effect on me.

  20. All I know is that they had the opposite effect on me.

    Maybe so, Randall. If so, that is your problem. It is still uncalled for to accuse a prophet of God of taking “guilty pleasure” in discussing or researching what he considered perversion. Perhaps your point could have been stated differently.

  21. Fair enough. I’m sure I’m not the only church member who never read Miracle of Forgiveness cover to cover, but still has a doggy-eared index in the back.