BCC Zeitcast 13

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BCC’s weekly romp through the best of the Bloggernacle, hosted this week by Steve, Amri, Brad, and Ronan. Featured posts/sites:

CK Angst.

Mr PB.

Good Cult/Bad cult.

Playboy = FLDS.

You are a goat.


  1. But is Oprah a cult?

    Check out this FLDS blog. It’s kind of intersting. I know Amanda and some other commenters at FMH have or participate in polygamy blogs too. You could try this non-Mormon beginnings polygamy blog.

    I thought patriarchs are under very specific orders not to be specific:) (How many children you will have, etc)

    Pedophilia? Edit yourself next time. So not funny.

    It think your PB is a warning to quit blogging with people like Steve:)

  2. I bleieve this is a break away one.

  3. mmiles, pedophilia is just not funny.

  4. Rest assured, mmiles, Steve’s behind-the-scenes reprimanding for the tasteless joke in question was swift and devastating. We figured that a suitable punishment was to not excise the gaff and let him face the music publicly.

  5. Do not fear, Amri. I did “crap my pants in excitement” over Ken Jennings, I just couldn’t comment about it because I was… well, probably changing my pants.

  6. and you know, meems, we’re glad you changed your pants.

    Okay, so I emailed my Mom about my PB (because truth be told I don’t have it here in Peru with me)

    It says that I have the gift and talents of Sarah. I have her royal blood and I will bring her gifts and talents to my marriage.

    Then afterwards, the patriarchal said I believe this part of your blessing is referring to polygamy. So to cut my weird patriarch a break, he didn’t drop the polygamy word in my actual blessing. Just immediately afterward.

    However, it’s all moot anyway since I didn’t get married in the temple right? Don’t I only get the “blessings” if I’m not obedient? What if I subconsciously didn’t marry a Mormon because I was afraid I would have to be polygamous?! Ruh-roh!

  7. I mean, obedience=blessings of course. disobedience=cursings and/or crappy blessings.

  8. sister blah 2 says:

    Hm, I think that I’m going to need to contemplate these verses, and whether the injunction against looking on someone also applies to listening to their voice, before I listen to a Zeitcast again.

    27 Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery:

    28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

  9. Steve Evans says:

    SB2, Ronan gets that a lot.

  10. sister blah 2 says:

    Steve, how do you know I wasn’t talking about you? (I wasn’t. Sorry :-) )

  11. Wow. Cocoa Puffs, Starburst, Hugh Hefner, Playboy, Polymamy, Magical Patriarchs! We really do have it all!

  12. Kevin Barney says:

    Enjoyed the cast, guys.

  13. It’s great to have Ronan back, but could we please have Ken come up with a few one-liners and insert them at various points. I still can’t walk by There Will Be Blood at the store without laughing.
    Ken doesn’t even need to attend the entire session, just call him with some topics and let the man go.

  14. There should be a question mark in there somewhere.

  15. Ben Pratt (aka mistaben) says:

    Well done! SOO close to being a full hour long. At this growth rate each Zeitcast will soon be longer than the interval between it and the previous one.

  16. Alas, mistaben, I fear you are right. We were exceedingly verbose this time ’round.

  17. Then afterwards, the patriarchal said I believe this part of your blessing is referring to polygamy.

    Did he by any chance give a lecherous wink when he said this?

    Really, Amri, between your patriarch of the seventh seal and the false prophet as young womens’ camp supervisor, that’s one hell of a stake.

  18. I thought Ken was fantastic. Very exciting.
    (And yes, there will indeed be blood).

    “I’m not interested in that kind of prophecy.”
    That one made me laugh out loud. :)

    Kristine was at Steve’s house waiting for
    Stapley to pick her up for church? Huh?

    Brad (who, I must say, also has a
    lovely voice): I am curious what your
    unorthodox views are… also, if an abundance
    implies a blessing, then a lack of abundance
    is a lack of blessing. This is something I
    think about a LOT. Would love to see a post
    on this?!

    I really enjoy these podcasts, and not just
    for the sexy voices. Gives me a peek into the
    bloggernacle on those weeks that I don’t have
    time to read (and I can run around and get
    stuff done while I listen). Thanks.

  19. Norbert! He looked at me in awe. Not like he wanted me but that I was chosen some how, to help usher polygamy back in. If that doesn’t make a girl feel special, I don’t know what does.

    What can I say, it was one special stake.

  20. amri–I am relieved to hear this was a post-blessing commentary. I would say that that aspect of the blessing (and the interprettation) would be ample explanation/excuse for any and all bad behaviour that would specifically nullify that blessing–your mom should understand that. It is one I would be happier without.

  21. Sandy,
    Flattered, if baffled, by your assessment of my elocutionary skills. My quirky heterodoxies include socialistic political leanings, acceptance of evolutionary theory, support for gay marriage–you know, the more or less standard stuff of parochial, inside-baseball Mormon controversy and debate.

  22. Bradley,
    I too think you sound kewl. Shame about Steve and Amri.

  23. Hey!

    (shakes fist)

  24. Double hey!

    (shakes Amri’s fist)

  25. Stephen,
    You are smart, funny, and very handsome, but behind your voice lies something…elusive. It’s almost like I can hear your cheeky grin.


  26. I will stop offending my co-bloggers now.

  27. *gasp!* You CAN hear his cheeky grin!

  28. You might have at least let Ken pitch his new book last week. His mistreatment at your hands is a stain on the great BCC tradition.

  29. Steve Evans says:

    …I assume you’re referring to our tradition of self-aggrandizement, gst? You might have something there.

  30. Check’s in the mail, gst.

  31. Yeah, I was just blowing a little sunshine up your skirt to mitigate the sting of the rebuke. The only really great tradition that you have here is inspiring 5 years of constant vigilance by the Strengthening the Members Committee, which probably has a team of agents monitoring and caching this site around the clock. At least they do if they follow the special instructions I write on my generous donation slips.

  32. Ken, it’s almost always a pleasure doing business with you.

  33. Kevin Barney says:

    Amri, you completely misconstrued your PB. Your “gift of Sarah” is not to usher back in polygyny, but rather polyandry. In order to assure that this important prophecy is fulfilled, I have purchased a ticket to Iquitos, and will be arriving a week from Tuesday. Please arrange to have someone on hand who can perform a marriage ceremony. The three of us will then honeymoon in the rainforest, munching on local delicacies. Your patriarch was a prophet indeed…

  34. Sarah had other husbands, KB?

    I agree that there is something about Steve’s voice. It’s the voice you’d expect from the cat that got the canary. Got anything to confess Steve?

  35. Steve’s voice reflects the sunshine in his soul.

  36. Steve Evans says:

    MCQ, I love life and my voice reflects that. Also, I think everything is one big joke.

  37. Kevin Barney says:

    MCQ, no, Sarah didn’t have other husbands, but if this is supposed to be some sort of code for restoring polygamy, we have to remember that polygamy is a generic concept that cuts both ways. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  38. Well, my congrats to Amri then. She couldn’t do better for a polyandrous 2d hubby than you Kevin.

  39. Before you decide Kevin you should know that Iquitos’ delicacies include rhinocerous beetle larvae. They’re huge. There’s no way around the fact that you are eating a gigantic grub.

  40. I particularly enjoyed Steve reading from the unsealed portion of his patriarchal blessing that he was supposed to learn the piano on his mission. He then recounted that he did not learn a single note of the piano on his mission or since, and uses that point to reflect on how the blessing failed him. It’s as if a blessing states a girl will marry in the temple, but instead she gets pregnant by her boyfriend and married in the courthouse, and then asks, “What’s wrong with this stupid blessing?” The fault, dear Steve, is not in our stars.

    Also, we were all enjoying the image of Amri bathing in the jungle with a bucket and a sponge when Steve had to take the discussion in a Sally Struthersy direction, exhorting us all to send $0.72 a day to Ndugu, quite killing the effect.

    Other than that, perhaps the best Zeitcast ever. Ronan is clearly more fascinated with the TK smoothie pseudo-doctrine than anyone else in the Church. Also good was his insistence, only semi-facetious, that no matter what anyone says, all men in the Church secretly long to preside in high-profile callings.

  41. ‘zwounds, gst. But there were no pianos in my mission!!

    er, yeah. Busted.

  42. The Lord would have found an accordion to be an acceptable substitute.

  43. Isn’t an accordian always an acceptable substitute?

  44. Steve,

    Learn the freaking piano! There’s still time for a fogey mission!!!!

  45. Good point, John. Based on the Matrix discussion, Steve might only think the blessing has failed, and this discussion is what he needs to fulfill it for a more important mission. Maybe he really is The (Old) One.

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