So, You like knowing what Steve is eating

We’ve just posted our 10th zeitcast. Arbitrary, except that it’s 2 digits which seems better than 1. Anyway, what would you change? Anything you’d like us to add? We recognize occasionally we talk too much ( and our goal is usually to keep them to a half an hour. What other suggestions do you have? We’re getting to the level of professional podcasting here, so we want to make sure it’s just right. Or maybe just to know how bad we suck?

Please advise.


  1. I would just like to say that even if the public thinks we suck, we’ll still keep doing it.

  2. As for me and my house, thou suckest not.

    amri, I want to hear more news from Icky Toes, but not about what you eat down there. The image you created for me of the tableful of intestines will last a long time, I’m afraid.

    I have no specific suggestions. The podcasts work because they feel like friends sitting around talking, and the listeners get to participate in the conversation. Don’t do anything that will change that.

  3. Steve Evans says:

    More Amri!

  4. Randy B. says:

    For my part, I think these are great. The tough part, IMHO, is keeping a balance between the light-hearted banter and the serious discussion. As a general rule, you all do a pretty good job of this.

    I do like having different people make an appearance, like Kristine, or Sumer, or Ken. It’s nice to put a voice with a name. So, I’d vote for more guest appearances.

  5. Randy,
    We keep inviting our BCC pals to participate, but they are too LAZY.

  6. Steve Evans says:

    Yes, Ronan. They are a bunch of shiftless rejects, all.

  7. Or maybe they go to church. Ahem.

  8. Randy B. says:

    Steve, I misread “shiftless” first time through and nearly fell over in my chair.

  9. Actually, my first listening of the Zeitcast was this last one, with Amri’s football field of intestines, proudly displayed, so I have little to compare it to, other than NPR. Thought I had an episode of Hidden Kitchens for a moment.

  10. Timburriaquito says:

    I enjoy lurking in the Bloggernacle, and I enjoy eavesdropping on your conversations on the Zeitcast. The only suggestion is for Amri, to try to get a better quality microphone. It sounds like you’re in the middle of a big warehouse and 50 feel from the mic. And when one of you is talking, it’s probably hard to tell when you’re talking over someone. It’s usually over Amri.

    But overall I really do enjoy listening. Thanks!

  11. Steve Evans says:

    Part of the reason we talk over Amri a lot is because there’s a bit of a lag with her connection, alas.

  12. Kevin Barney says:

    I enjoy it. You guys are fun and do a good job. I agree with shorter, and the occasional guest from time to time. And when Amri can’t do it, try to get another woman to participate.

  13. Randy B . says:

    Ronan, don’t limit yourselves to other BCC’ers. I, for one, am dying to hear the voice that goes with gst’s witty comments.

  14. I agree with #4 (and #10 – I’m a lurker).
    A nice mix of banter and
    doctrinal/bloggernacle topics. And I vote for
    a guest appearance by Kevin Barney.
    I know nothing of the man other than his
    comments, which I totally dig.
    I’d also like to hear from
    this Stapley character. You all seem to be
    pretty big fans, as his name pops up a lot.
    And Kristine.

    I thought Amri (her mic) sounded much better
    on this podcast than the last ones.

  15. 1. Less talking over the top of each other. 2. If someone is famous, could you mention it so I can remember to be impressed. 3. Unwrap your snacks before the podcast begins. 4. An additional woman would balance out the act nicely.

    Love all the ones I’ve caught so far. (Although I’m really beginning to hate my dial-up.)

  16. More cool accents! Ronan is just out-sexying all of you!

  17. Steve Evans says:

    sol, do you really want me to dredge out my Canadian accent?

    Geez Jami, the snacks really bothered you that one time.

  18. Yeah, seriously, RJH’s accent is hot. Maybe Amri could whip out an Iquitos accent for authenticity?

  19. sister blah 2 says:

    Steve, don’t you mean “dredge oot my Canadian accent?” heh

  20. Steve Evans says:

    OK, OK, get over the cheap British accent, Ladies. BCC’s answer to Alfie is not the only thing driving our audience, is it??

  21. Mmmmmm….pretty much.

  22. All I know is that the women seem to be more enthused than the men. I enjoy them, but I don’t drool as I listen.

    Having said that, Amri’s voice is my favorite.

  23. MikeInWeHo says:

    The podcasts are really cool. I agree that more guests would be nice, even if it’s just a “Meet gst and Nick Literski” moment from time to time. Or what about a little debate, like the old Firing Line on CNN? Steve Evans goes head-to-head with Adam Greenwood! Too many people confuse debate with contention.

  24. Mike, if Adam gets added in a Firing Line segment, there are any number of bloggers from other sites who would be fun to pit against him – but I’m not sure there’s room for another official firestorm here. It’s nice to dream of the pairing possibilities, but . . .

  25. Just so you know Steve’s trying, I did record a tiny smidgen for this podcast, but I started laughing and I, um, snort when I laugh, so Steve kindly erased me this time. If we ever assemble a solemn, utterly humorless panel, I’ll try participating again.

  26. Steve Evans says:

    Mike, I’ve done a Zeitcast with Adam Greenwood. It was actually pretty good. Check the archives at the Bloggernacle Times.

    PS — are you volunteering, Mike? I think you’d be a great guest.

  27. Steve, a record of Kristine snorting might be extremely valuable in a few years.

    I second the request to Mike. He would be an excellent guest.

  28. #21 – Amen, sister.

  29. And if Rebecca has qualms about the drooling
    over Ronan’s voice, throw her in the mix
    (assuming she’s from across the pond). I’d
    probably drool just as much.

  30. MikeInWeHo says:

    Sure, Steve. That would be fun. But be forewarned, I’m boring and utterly humorless in real life.

    As for me, I’d love to hear from gst. He’s a bit of an enigma. The Award Winning comments flow freely, but who’s behind the curtain?

  31. Steve Evans says:

    Mike, I’ll email you about it.

  32. More Amri!


  33. Peter LLC says:

    Here’s my two bits: run the podcast through a compressor to level out the signal a bit. I’m constantly adjusting the volume to compensate for quiet mumbling interspersed with excited shrieks as someone really lays into the mic.

  34. Oh, I second the vote for MikeInWeHo. And the firing line is a fun idea, too- says the girl with no microphone.

  35. Steve,

    Canadian, eh?

  36. y’all are lucky I don’t post photos. The photo of the skinned monkey (with the sad eyes) is priceless.

    So my delay (being in Iquitos) is a big problem I don’t know how to fix. Also, there is no quiet place in Iquitos so my voice is usually quieter because if I turn it up too much you’ll think you’re being run over by a moto-taxi or pecked to death by a rooster, neither being very appealing. I record my section on GarageBand. I know how to edit out the sound between me talking but anyone know how to quiet background noise but keep my voice loud? I can’t figure it out.

  37. Steve Evans says:

    Amri, the key is a better microphone, something that’s just your headset. Maybe something noise-reducing?

  38. ah. Let’s see, where could I buy one of those in Iquitos?

    Oh, wait, I can’t.

    Sorry folks.

    I’ll be in the States for a visit in June. I’ll buy a better one then. Til then, y’all will have to suffer.

  39. I vote for more women and more guests.

  40. More Kristine! Maybe she can sing next time.

  41. Hi Amri,
    My wife is due to give birth to our baby girl next month. I really like the name, Amri, so does my wife. It’s my mother-in-law’s name but spelled backwards (Irma). I’ve been searching this name, its meaning, etc., but I’m finding out that Amri is a boy’s name. Now I’m having second thoughts about it. We want a name that’s uniquely simple and girl sounding. What do you think?

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