BCC Zeitcast 14

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BCC’s weekly romp through the best of the Bloggernacle, hosted this week by Steve, Brad, and Ronan — three lone men in the garden of Eden. Featured posts/sites:


Protestants in Russia crucify Christ anew

The Mormon Organon

Joseph Smith = Gaius Baltar

Joseph Smith, Baha’i prophet


  1. This zeitcast more than most shows our heights and depths. Heights = Ronan, lying in bed whilst podcasting. Depths = everything we have to say.

  2. The best part is the first 30 seconds, although I think people enjoy our ramblings more than you suspect, Steve.

    Next week: gay Californians, or a woman, or both.

  3. OK, Ronan’s solo escapade — and the outro — are great. I had no idea.

  4. You know the Russian Orthodox church has too much power when the Patriarch blesses tanks with Putin by his side in front of the media.

    Mormons who condemn all of Islam are still condemning the FLDS without critical thinking. I have been surprised as I talk to my peers (mostly other SAHMs, LDS and not) who buy the Nancy Grace reports hook line and sinker. The views that express alarm at the treatment of the FLDS remain mostly in the blogosphere. Those Mormons that would give a more balanced approach toward Islam are seem to be mostly in the blogosphere too. That has been my experience. My point is I don’t think there is a gap between how Mormons view the FLDS situation and Islam. They fall mostly into two camps.

    That was an abrupt ending. I think Ronan is trying to convert BCC readers to the Bahaii’ faith.

  5. Kevin Barney says:

    Thanks guys, I always enjoy these things.

  6. I like the fact that you opened and closed April with “Battlestar Galactica.” Nice symmetry, guys.

  7. sister blah 2 says:

    Ronan in bed? That just sounds like some kind of network sweeps week ploy. :-)

    The Baha’i thing is interesting. It seems awfully rude to me to try to appropriate our prophet without asking. Then I realized that’s what Jews would say we did to them.

  8. Yes, Ronan and his accent in bed on a rainy
    afternoon…sounds too calculated. (Not that
    I didn’t have a tiny orgasm just typing that
    first sentence…just saying.)

    Interesting stuff I would never have seen
    had I not listened to the podcast. Thanks.

  9. Lyndsey says:

    When I was younger I had painted my car with peace signs and smiley faces. People often left things on my car (either against or for peace) and one of the things left on my car was a card from a Baha’i member. I met with them and told them I was mormon, they told me that they get A LOT of mormons converting to their religion. Very interesting experience.

  10. Attn ladies,
    I know Ronan, I know Becky. They are like family to me. You people are seriously creeping me out. STOP TALKING ABOUT MY MOM!

  11. So does the talk about Baltar contain spoilers? I’m only half-way through season 3.

  12. Attn ladies,
    I don’t know Ronan, I don’t know Becky. They are not like family to me. You people are not seriously creeping me out. KEEP TALKING ABOUT JOHN C.’s MOM!

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist. Sandy, loved your #9.)

  13. Oops, loved Sandy’s #8.

  14. Steve Evans says:

    William, it does just a little bit, to the extent you now know Baltar is still alive.

  15. My favorite part of this episode was when Brad said to hell with the lives of Albanian Kosovars because intervention on their behalf was disastrous for Mormon missionary work in the land of the ethnic allies of their Serbian oppressors, Russia.

  16. gst,
    I really should clarify, I was not at all unsupportive of stopping ethnic cleansing in Kosovo or with President Clinton’s intervention there (though I was unable to have an informed opinion on the question until after the fact, when I returned from my mission). And I don’t think it’s impact on the work is a trump card in an assessment of its justifiability (I’m sure WWII intervention shut down missionary work in Nazi Germany too). Still, Kosovo was disastrous for the work in parts of the world. The only take away point for me is that American Mormons should not wear global anti-Americanism as in itself some kind of badge of honor. How the world perceives us does matter.

  17. Point taken.

  18. Yeah, I used to work with a guy (non-Persian Canadian) who was Baha’i. Super nice guy and family. I was so interested in this faith because I knew nothing about it and he showed me pictures of their famous lotus flower shaped temple in India.

    Anyway, I have read about this Baha’i – Joseph Smith connection before. Is this a new website? Maybe the idea has been around for a couple of years.

    And can we just agree not to tell each other what room of the house we’re in anymore? Pretty soon it’s going to be like, Hi, this is — and I’m sitting here in the john…

  19. meemsy, I assume each week that Brad is sitting on the crapper. It gives new life to his words, especially whenever he starts sounding emphatic.

  20. Close, Steve. Actually, I give emphasis to my speech by tightening my cilice. And I can do that in any room. Well, except for my Ronan shrine. There, tightening the cilice just produces unmitigated weeping.

  21. heheh

  22. Brad,
    We already determined that Ronanism is sinful.

  23. Then let’s just call it a kind of self-imposed penance.

  24. *resists temptation to pun on British blogger’s surname*

  25. Bradley,
    Just remember who my cousin is…would you mock Giles?

  26. First, Ray (#12), I commend you for your excellent sense of humor. :)

    John C., I said nothing about your “mom” (unless Ronan is a woman… in which case you should know I totally dig your Mom’s accent!). I was playing off of Steve’s comment that Ronan brought the female listeners to certain heights.

    So this really is all Steve’s fault.

    If it makes you feel any better, if I was at all turned on by your Mom’s accent, I was quickly turned back off by the accounting of Steve’s breakfast… cereal, sugar-free soda and chocolate…not the most appetizing combo of foods.

    In all seriousness, I apologize for offending.

  27. Eric Russell says:

    On the mission, my companion and I talked to some Baha’i, and it kind of freaked us out when they said they believed Joseph Smith was a prophet. We ended up showing An Ensign to the Nations to their congregation inside their church. And they liked it. We were thinking these folks were pretty cool.

    But then they rejected Joseph’s claims to priesthood authority, so we shook the dust from our feet as we left.

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