Another showing of Nobody Knows

In Boise? The Idaho Black History Museum will present Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons, followed by a discussion with the filmmakers Darius Aidan Gray and Margaret Blair Young, on Friday, May 9, 2008 at the BSU Special Events Center at 7:00 p.m. The event is free. The filmmakers will also be at the Idaho Black History Museum for further discussion of the film on Saturday, May 10th and 11:00 a.m.


  1. Thanks for posting this, Steve.
    A lot of Black Mormon pioneers settled in Idaho. Green Flake (one of three “colored servants” in the vanguard pioneer company) died there, though his remains were sent to SLC. His two children were both residents of the Idaho Falls area, as were descendants of Jane and Isaac James, of Ned and Susan Leggroan (Ned and Susan are buried in a charming little cemetery in Milo, Idaho), members of the Grice family (who left Utah after being falsely accused of poisoning some livestock), and some former slaves of Mormon pioneers.

    Yes, I know that most of these names don’t ring a bell, but we hope to change that.

  2. Oh, hooray! I have been so hoping this would come to Boise. I was just telling some friends about it the other day. I can hardly contain my excitement!

  3. Now if we could only get this to one of the theaters here in Rexburg or Idaho Falls I would totally be there.

    Boise is too far of a drive for me…:-(

    Margret – is there any word on if Rexburg would be willing for a showing? Perhaps the Westwood Theater?

  4. Hmmm–we haven’t checked with Rexburg. I have all sorts of family connections in Idaho Falls. (My mother is a Groberg. I have four uncles and one aunt who live there.)

    Do you want to work with me on this? I wouldn’t mind making the trip to IF with the DVD in hand if we had a good place to show it. I can e-mail some of my relatives and get their suggestions.

    It would probably need to be towards the end of May or the end of June. We’ve got a festival in San Francisco the first part of June, as well as whatever we’re doing to commemorate the priesthood revelation on/around June 8th.

    Come to think of it, my daughter just mentioned that she and others of my siblings are headed to Island Park at the end of June to the Groberg cabin there. Let’s see what we can arrange.

    Sol–please introduce yourself to me and Darius in Boise. And do spread the word!! I don’t know how the publicity is going, since I’m not in charge of it.

  5. Josh Smith says:

    Count me in for an IF showing. I would even do some of the theater-hunting work if needed.

  6. We could probably use the Civic Center in IF, right? It seats A LOT of people. I wonder how booked they are over the summer. Could we cancel “Miss Idaho Falls” and show the film instead?

  7. Ooo, San Fran REALLY?!?! When?

  8. Josh Smith says:

    Civic Center seats a little over 1800. You don’t mess around.

    They’re open June 7th and 14th (both Saturdays). Booked through the end of June, sorry.

    If you’re charging for tickets, they ask 10% of sales plus cost of a technician. (I’ve no idea what tech costs would be.)

    If there’s no charge at the door, the cost is $200 plus technician costs.

  9. Josh Smith says:

    Oh, and no projector. DVD ok, but no projector.

  10. Jami–the posting isn’t up yet. We’ll screen sometime during the second week of June. Check at . I looked this morning and it still said “Film schedule will be posted soon.”

    Josh–I’m impressed! You made a call, didn’t you!
    Can’t do it on the 7th, which is the day before the 30th anniversary of the priesthood revelation (and also my 53rd birthday). There might be some cool stuff happening on June 8th. We’ll have to see.
    We’ll be in SF on the 14th.
    July is pretty booked. End of August?
    And you’re right. I don’t mess around. If I asked just Grobergs to come, I could fill several rows.

  11. Josh Smith says:

    Yeah I made a call. I’d really like to see your movie.

    August has more open dates:
    15, 16
    22, 23
    29, 30

    Technician is $32/hour. If you go the ticket sales route, it’s 10% or $500–whichever is greater.

  12. Thanks, Josh. I’ll put in a few calls to the center and other possibilities and see if we can pull something together.

  13. I’d be very interested in this. Are you going to any places other than Idaho and San Francisco?

  14. Sandy–yes, we are. We’ll do some kind of theatrical release in Utah and are also scheduled to screen in Chicago at the American Academy of Religion Conference. We have something in Wyoming too and are waiting to hear from a couple of festivals. Once we know, we’ll post all screenings on our website.

  15. Any chance for Cincinnati yet?

  16. manaen says:

    We thoroughly enjoyed seeing this last year in San Diego.
    Any word yet on the DVD’s release?

  17. I’m waiting for the DVD release as well. I doubt there will be a showing anywhere within shouting distance of me here in the southeastern U.S. Be sure to let us know when it’s available.

  18. I hope it’s been submitted to the Washington DC Silverdocs festival?

    And to anyone who’s thinking about going to see it, it’s definitely worth it. Very well-made and uplifting. Thanks again, Margaret and Darius.

  19. We’re in the midst of doing copyright clearances, which means that we are paying quite a bit of money to get permission to use the music we’ve selected. This limits our travel possibilities because it’s eating significantly into our budget. We are one or two editing sessions away from having special features completed (and they’re really good!). Our editor is in Ecuador right now, but we’ll complete the process upon his return. We MIGHT have the DVD available by August, but these copyrights are a hassle, and we have to wait on the music companies’ schedules. So I can’t give a “for sure” date.

  20. Thanks, Margaret. I can’t wait to see it!

  21. Margaret

    There are some historically Afro Canadian communities in South/Central Alberta, and a large LDS community in both Calgary and Edmonton that this film would be useful for–could we talk about getting it out here (I have some PR experience, and some curatorial experience among the left here, but not among the LDS communities, as it has been long since I left them…)

    You can email me at


  22. Wow. Just returned from the film here in Boise. Amazing. Painful and uplifting and humorous and heart-wrenching and inspiring all at once.

    Well done, Margaret and Darius. Loved meeting you. Can’t wait for the DVD.