BCC Zeitcast 15

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BCC’s weekly romp through the best of the Bloggernacle, hosted this week by Steve, Brad, and MikeinWeHo. Featured posts/sites:

Don’t mention jihad

Brad finds succor among the feminists

Man boobs in heaven

Outro: Rage Against the Machine, Bullet in the Head


  1. alas, where was Ronan? Rumor has it that deep within the BCC cavern there is a whole wagonload of podcasts that may someday come to light.

  2. Steve,
    In this podcast, I am Q to your Synoptic Gospels.

  3. Hey, that’s funny that you guys mentioned me. Coincidentally on Sunday evening we had dinner with a guy in our ward who served his mission with Brad (last name of Sandberg).

  4. I was really hoping that you’d play the unedited version.
    A guy can dream, right?

  5. Kevin Barney says:

    I at least half disagree with you guys about the Islam thing.

    I do agree with Steve’s observation about those international, conservative family initiatives (mainly because I disagree with such initiatives in general). So I can see the strange bedfellows thing in that context.

    But generally, I’m proud of the Church for what I see as its relatively enlightened view of Islam (in general a fine religion in my estimation). I’m proud that we had writers in the 19th century who wrote good things about it and were able to perceive the good in it–almost alone among Christians. I’m proud that Muslims from abroad feel comfortable sending their children to BYU. I’m proud that the Church works closely with Muslim charities to alleviate suffering in various areas of the world, even at the risk of being accused of funding terrorism. I’m proud that the Church is willing to attenuate its normal proselyting impulse in the case of Middle Eastern peoples (even though I favor religious pluralism and wish such weren’t necessary). I’m proud that Dan Peterson has published an important new biography of Muhammad. I’m proud of the local outreach initiatives in many areas where Mormons and Muslims are learning about each other, always a good thing.

    In short, I appreciated the FAIR blog post for seeing and articulating some of the good in Islam. Mormons are among the few in the world today who seem to have the capacity to see that good, but it’s there.

  6. My first zeitcast. My comments:

    1. The 30 minute timeframe is EXCELLENT. You do a great job of keeping things moving. The 2nd hardest thing about Mormon Matters podcast was keeping it brief. We never succeeded.

    2. Y’all are just SO GOOD. How do you keep the verbal tics out of your speech? I could never do that. That was the 1st hardest thing, was not saying, um, like, you know, uh. I’m envious. It’s the biggest inhibiting factor in my future career in broadcasting.

    3. The way you promote the thing, I really truly thought it was going to be a half hour of fluff; an Evans ego trip. I mean no offense, Steve – I just thought it was going to be silliness. Well, it was fun, but it also had some solid serious food for thought. Great stuff.

    4. Y’all should try to beg, borrow or steal Julie M. Smith on one of these. She’s awesome on the air.

  7. Steve Evans says:

    Ann, I have to admit I’m mystified by your #3. Totally agree with your #4 though.

  8. Steve Evans says:

    Kev, fair enough — I wasn’t really taking issue with the FAIR blog’s (or the Church’s, for that matter) stance re: Islam, really, so much as using it as a platform to prattle on about whatever I wanted. I tend to agree with your points that the Church sees the best in Islam and works hard to develop those points when it can.

  9. Julie is great on the air.

  10. I thought they only had Value Village on the East coast!

  11. Steve, your “prompts” about the contents are silly. That’s OK, silly is fun. But I figured since the promos were silly, that the content would be, also. Not. So.

  12. Kevin Barney says:

    How is it that people know Julie is good on the air? Was she on the radio or did she do some podcasts? Is there an archived recording somewhere we can listen to?

  13. Mark IV says:


    Look (and listen) here.

  14. Nice, but could use an alto or soprano.

  15. Steve Evans says:

    Jami, I know! Look for an alto-rich version this week.

  16. Ann,
    I will take the blame/credit for the prompts. I’d like to be a tabloid headline writer one day. How am I doing?

  17. Steve, actually some of the food crisis is over meat because it’s grain-fed meat that’s in higher demand. That grain fed to animals could be given to the starving food rioters.

    I don’t know if vegetarianism is the way but Americans (and you faux Americans) ate a lot less meat it would make a huge difference in the world.

    I suppose you can keep your honey bunnies.

  18. Amri, good points. I’ll refrain from eating a burger today, just for you.

  19. Ronan, if you hope to achieve that goal, you need more aliens, and !exclamation points!!!

  20. I wish MikeInWeHo would write a blog. Seriously. Can we get him? Has be guested for us before?

  21. MikeInWeHo says:

    re: 20
    Thanks, Tracy. My BCC Recommend has expired though, I fear. Ronan and Steve sit as Judges In Bloggernacle over all us. I’ll try and do a guest post soon if they’ll have me.

    The Zeitcast was a blast. It was fun to lay by the pool with my laptop and little headset on, seemingly the only person in the whole resort awake at that hour. Then my partner Pete came out of the room and managed to communicate, completely non-verbally: “Holy crap, you are chatting with a bunch of Mormons over the Internet at 8am. I am living with an insane man.” He’ll never understand….

  22. Mikey, the pleasure was all ours. You were a cordial and wonderful guest.

  23. Thanks for the links, RJH- I do remember those now.

    I’m laughing at the image of Pete rolling his eyes at talking to a bunch of Mormons online, crack -o-dawn, whilst at a resort…

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