BCC Zeitcast 17

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BCC’s weekly romp through the best of the Bloggernacle, hosted this week by Steve, Ronan, Amri, and Brad. Featured posts/sites:

Rich and famous Mormons have a hard, hard life.

Taking the gibber out of gibberish.

The Mother’s Day Massacre of 1987.

Dear Lord, must I speak in a strange language with you?


  1. Randy B. says:

    Whoa! Gay orgies?!?

  2. Randy,
    I told Steve and Brad to leave it alone, but…

    (P.S. I enjoy Steve’s attorneyesque disclaimer about my scurrilous claim)

  3. Steve Evans says:

    It’s “gay” as in “happy,” Randy. And “orgies” as in “key party.”

  4. sister blah 2 says:

    Nice Zeitcast! That Mother’s Day Massacre post was awesome, glad you spotlighted it.

    Ronan, I think you made an excellent point about thee/thou being not just formal but foreign. The ultra-casual/slang tone I’ve heard in some prayers (friends whose churches feature rock music) turns me off, so I was skeptical of your argument. For some individuals, and for the church as an institution, thee/thou might be the sandbags against slipping down towards “dude You are so rad.” But your formal/foreign distinction may have converted me. If people can be reminded to have a formal, respectful tone without thee/thou as an explicit marker, then that seems like a much better option than stumbling over verb conjugations.

    Steve, prepare to be witheringly criticized. I think you’re way off to demand that girl prominently display her Mormonism. As someone who seems to be the token in every situation I ever find myself in (the token liberal among Mormons, the token Mormon everywhere else, the token woman at work, …), I really sympathize with the desire to refuse to carry the banner ALL the time. It’s very tiresome and drains energy from a person’s real priorities. (ok so that wasn’t so withering, but next time no punches pulled, so watch out!!)

  5. Steve Evans says:

    behold, I wither!

  6. ‘Cos in the Seattle lawyering scene, Steve totally walks around with a big Mormon badge on.

  7. Doesn’t he have one of those hats, with the little lightbulbed arrow that points to the label “Mormon”?

    I think he bought it when he got that digital photo software that indicates alcohol in any given photograph that also displays Mormons.

  8. Steve Evans says:

    Stop! I’m already all withery.

  9. Wow, I guess I hadn’t noticed the BCC Zeitcast before, but you have a new listener, almost solely on the basis that you included “Jigsaw” in the intro and the fact that my “locks” almost “hang over [my] shoulders.” (What is that quote from, btw?)

  10. Jimmy,
    It’s some old Hugh B. Brown devotional.

  11. sister blah 2 says:

    Brad, what was that word you used, it sounded like mannequinian? Whether that’s what you said or not, that would be a cool word…

  12. sister blah 2 says:

    (BTW word in question is at 30:07)

  13. Steve Evans says:

    Manichean, I think.

  14. At first thought that Amri said “Nothing says F U like Revelation.” I was laughing out loud until the “N” registered in my brain.

  15. Windows Media classifies the Zeitcast as part of the blues genre. Unless that’s Steve messing around with metadata.

  16. Kevin Barney says:

    I’m surprised people are so troubled by eschewing the thees and thous in personal prayer. It’s your prayer, you should express it however works for you. I always use the thees and thous in public prayer, but never in personal prayer.

    On Abba as daddy, see here.

  17. MikeInWeHo says:

    re: 14 I didn’t catch the N at first either, and thought “Wow! They’re really on fire this week!” (Hell fire, that is….gay orgies???)

    Wonderful Zeitcast, guys. Amri really balances you all out nicely. I’ll be truly impressed the day you have more women than men in the ‘cast, though. When do we get to hear the voice of Mrs. Ronan? She’s as elusive as HM.

  18. “…slyly insulted one another from their respective corners of the Bloggernacle…”

    Hm. TT said I should come listen to this.

    Ronan is right — Revelation has a historical and cultural context that you can’t just blow off and then expect to have a satisfying experience. On the other hand, it’s a wonderful, powerful narrative with very, very significant theology — once you come to grips with the context.

  19. Ah, cherry coke, nectar of the gods

  20. Well if you’re going to talk about the LDS Newsroom piece, you at least ought to mention my T&S post on it. And what’s with the wounded wing routine over Julie’s comment? No one could possibly think she actually intended harm to Steve, so what’s the point?

  21. Dave, you could be missing the sarcasm re: wounded wings and Julie. As for your post, I don’t think any of us read it, or else I’m sure it would have been mentioned straightaway.

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