A Sad Day

Today will be known as one of the saddest in Bloggernacle history: Justin’s Mormon Wasp site has shut down. Over its nearly four year history, Mormon Wasp has hosted some of the most engaging and insightful discussions of Mormon History that I have ever read. In many ways Justin showed all of us the best of Mormon blogging. I trust that we have not heard the last from mighty Justin, but each of us owes him a bit of gratitude.


  1. Mark IV says:

    If only we could use the method outlined in D&C 124:4-9 to help us discover the true identity of the Mormon Wasp . . .

  2. StillConfused says:

    So now you tell me about this super cool site — after it has been shut down. TEASE!!!!!

  3. Steve Evans says:

    StillConfused, we’ve touted Justin’s site regularly for four years now. Don’t blame us!

  4. Mark,

    I tried it and it didn’t work.

  5. Cheers, Justin — you’ve been a path-breaking blogger. Too bad few if any of us have what it takes to follow in your footsteps…

  6. Matt W. says:


    All I can say is sorry to see you go.

    If I may inquire, to what do we owe the demise?

  7. kenjebz says:

    Its truly a sad day. I visited Justin blog so much, although I don’t comment that much but I learned so much. Hope the last blogs entry will tell us what happen and why.

    At http://jbsolis.blogspot.com, I gave Kudos to Americans and Utahns for the great good they’re doing especially for the Filipino’s. I’d like to thank you all here guys.

  8. Bro. Jones says:

    I’m sorry to hear about this. I hope that we’ll be able to access an archive, through archive.org if not through the original site. Lots of great scholarship there that I would hate to lose.

    Thanks, Justin. :)