This is an open post for anyone wanting to remember those who are gone but mattered or matter to them a great deal. Today I miss my grandfather the most, a kind but unsentimental biochemist who loved to share with me his latest discoveries from the lab, his wonderful and underplayed wit, and his abiding love of the senses–the feel and smell and flavor of cheese on the tongue, the texture of rocks on the fingerpads, the sounds of birds and bushes. God bless you, Howard. I wish you were here to watch my children grow into your posterity.

Yes, this is a reprisal of last year.


  1. Randall says:

    Thanks for this space, Steve.

    Today, I remember my father who died of cancer when I was 3. The little I know about him comes from family stories and a tape he recorded for my brother and me. A wonderful man who, though twice the man I am, would still be proud of his posterity. I miss you dad.

  2. Thank you Sam for this opportunity.

    I wish to remember Jacob my baby son. I miss you babe. I look forward to getting to know you better in the next life.

  3. Kevin Barney says:

    I remember my father who died 28 years ago, the night before my wedding reception. Although we sometimes butted heads, in many ways he made me the man I am today and I love and honor him for it.

  4. I remember my aunt who died when I was very young. She sang. She soothed. She taught me to love Jesus and was consistently the most delightful person in my baby life.

  5. Today, as every other day, I remember my father who gave so much to his children that we continue to reap the rewards of his character. The spiritual leader and true patriarch who was quoted as saying that he wanted to “die with his boots on” he did just that as he died in Preston Temple suffering a heart attack doing the work of The Lord in 2003

  6. My older brother, who introduced me to Pink Floyd and Benny Hill when I was a kid.

    My older sister, who was schizophrenic, and the most generous person I’ve ever known. The day after her funeral, my parents went back to the cemetery and distributed most of her flowers to surrounding graves. Because that’s what she would’ve wanted.

  7. My Dad, an unassuming, quiet man who lived solely for his children and grandchildren. He cheered my successes while at the same time was there to pick up the pieces of my life and help me through the toughest moments. Memories will always be a comfort to me.

  8. StillConfused says:

    I love remembering my eldest brother Dean who gave his life in service to his community as a fire fighter. He lived the life that brought him the joy of servitude and touched many lives. It is not lost on me how similar that is to the giving of another Elder Brother’s life.

  9. I am about to lose my grandfather on my father’s side, the first person close to me to have died. I think back to the memories of his reading Lowly Worm stories to me as a child. As an early member of the U.S. Army Air Corps, he flew Spitfires for the British in the Battle of Britain. He retired to California and had a huge backyard with a swimming pool and this lot in the back where he would store the old vintage Cadillacs that he “collected”. He has been a larger than life presence in our family, a sometimes grumpy old patriarch-but-not patriarch. I love him and miss him already.

  10. my dad, who loved bringing people together so even when we were dirt poor he invited people over on Fast Sundays after church for waffles and socializing. Also he started one of my favorite family traditions the sandwich party on New Year’s eve, created to fellowship anyone he thought might be down and out on New Year’s Eve. It’s a party where you make crazy sandwiches and then eat them, that’s why we call it the sandwich party. Clever right?

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