BCC Zeitcast 18

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BCC’s weekly romp through the best of the Bloggernacle, hosted this week by Steve, Ronan, Amri, and Brad. This week: we completely lose our focus. Featured posts/sites:

Snakes on a Plane. Or, for the YouTube phobic, something completely different to scar your children with.

How to do teh blogning thing.

We named the dog Indiana!

Cylons use Windows XP!! This link has nothing to do with the Zeitcast but it will keep you entertained nonetheless.


  1. John Hamer says:

    Amri — what an awful experience you had on the plane! Your husband is twisted to eat that kind of thing up.

    BTW, this week’s classic BSG intro coupled with Ronan’s absence in Wales allowed me to finally make the connection: Ronan is Count Iblis!

  2. John, shh! The Ships of Light will nab him, then we’ll really be in trouble!

  3. Iblis is Welsh?

  4. Good work, incidentally.

    Zeitcast listeners should know that this week’s episode was going to be taped by Haglund, Barney, Stapley, et al., at MHA, but that they were too useless to pull it off.

  5. John Hamer says:

    That voice…from Wales…I recognize it. It’s not just Ronan’s voice. It’s also the voice of the narrator and of the Imperious Leader of the Cylon Empire…

  6. Amri–

    FWIW, public testifying and preaching in the crowded aisles of public transport is a regular feature of travel in Africa. I have never seen a Mormon do it, especially in a tank top, but I think you could have pulled it off.

    Next time, maybe.

  7. But what I really hope, Amri, is that you feature in the homecoming talk.

  8. I’m not sure which is worse- the warm, flat diet Dr. Pepper with Cookie Crisp or the bonehead RM on the plane. It’s good you have a sense of humor, Amri. Imagine the trauma had the boy run into Ronan.

  9. Randy B. says:

    What would be really cool is to find that kid’s (or his family’s) blog. You know they’ve got one.

  10. Randy B. says:

    Ronan (#4), that would have been very cool.

    Perhaps at Sunstone?

  11. That was diet caffeine-free Dr. Pepper, Tracy! Not flat, though, just lukewarm.

    Randy, you now have a mission: find that boy’s blog.

  12. This RM was amazing. I forgot to mention how pro-colonization he was (did I mention that? I can’t remember) anyway, he said that colonization was so great because all these people were stupid and miserable before the Spaniards got there. And I said, they were quite an advanced civilization. And he said, have you seen Apocolypto? And Brett said have you? I think it’s rated R and you were a missionary, should we tell your mission president something? And the missionary said, well I only saw a snipet but that’s how these people were before the Spaniards, we saved them from that!!! And I said you’re getting your info from a Mel Gibson movie? And he said well it’s true. Plus they didn’t have the wheel.

    So there you have it. Reasons why colonization was really good for the Americas.

    I’m sure we’ll make it into his homecoming talk and our “persecution” of him will be evidence of his righteousness.

    I’m still bitter about this kid. Mormons are my people, I don’t want this kid to count as one of mine. (I know I’m a terrible person)

  13. Hey Amri,
    Iquitos features (briefly) in Indy IV. No reason to see it, though. It’s just a dot on the map, just west of the Kingdom of the X-Files Skull.

  14. Kevin Barney says:

    Ronan, I saw Indy IV on Monday and made the same observation re: our own Amri and Iquitos as you did!

  15. What was that weird high pitched beeping every 2 seconds?

  16. NSA listening in, I should imagine.

  17. I swear. I’m listening right now and it’s driving me bonkers.

    And that is truly the best plane story. Totally.

    And slightly off topic – Amri, I’ve lived in South America and several other out of the way places (and still do), and I practically cry when I go into an American grocery store. I share your pain.

  18. meems, there’s no beeping every 2 seconds.

    Occasionally there’s some high-pitched background interference (from Bradley’s mic, I suspect), but nothing regular. Indeed, there is a high-pitched electronic whine whenever Brad’s microphone was not on mute.

  19. I timed it. I swear it’s every 2 seconds. And now you’ve made me paranoid. OK. More paranoid.

  20. Brad Kramer says:

    meems sounds right to me.

  21. :-)

  22. After Indiana Jones, I think a pretty good case could be made for Lucas being a Scientologist. I was surprised it didn’t star Tom Cruise!

  23. Booty bass?

    I’m on to you Evans!

  24. Wm, I am serious when I say that I did that on purpose, for you.

  25. Randy B. says:

    “You now have a mission: find that boy’s blog.”

    It looks like the internet has already blown up the career of one Mormon boy today. That’s probably enough.


  26. Steve Evans says:

    In Hotlanta no less. sad.

  27. Randy B. says:


  28. Thanks, Steve. I can seriously say it’s the only joy a Windows software feature has ever given me.

  29. Kevin Barney says:

    Amri, living in Iquitos gives you a life-time pass from garment wearing. (I’m just now listening to your story while watching the Celtics game.)

  30. Kevin Barney says:

    Brad, Terryl Givens was at MHA. He seemed to be hanging out with Kathleen Flake when I saw him.

  31. Wait do you get an actual view of Iquitos in Indy IV? Or are you just flying over a map which says Iquitos?

    meems, I can’t get over what American grocery stores do to me now.

    Kevin, next time God and some zealous RM ask me about garments, I”ll pull that card. It better work. I’ll be like, well, I did live in Iquitos…..

    Did I tell y’all that recently we had to stay indoors for quite awhile bc there was an assasination threat out for white people? It was very exciting. Well, except that we just stayed in a watched cable. Which is what we normally do.

  32. Kevin Barney says:

    Amri, it’s the latter; a flyover a map with Iquitos prominently displayed.

  33. Iquitos has cable?

  34. Uh-oh–meems is revoking your lifetime pass if you have cable….

  35. Oh, my. This was enjoyable. I don’t come here
    for laughs, but I laughed the
    whole way through. From Steve’s
    play-by-play of the doc-y (sp?) punch, to Brad
    being a poor man’s Ronan, to Steve getting
    lost during the podcast, to Brad’s random comment
    about failing the AP exam, to Amri’s story, to
    the beeping, to the pop culture commentary.

  36. Very, very funny guys.

    Amri, you win the award for most painful small talk on a plane-ever. It is a wonder you didn’t whomp him.

    Your story reminds me of being tortured on a cross-country flight by a crazed Herbalife man who sat next to me with a gallon jug of aloe vera juice on his lap, trying to recruit me. He turned deaf ears to the oft-repeated information that I was thirteen and unable to accept any business opportunities due to my school schedule.

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