Bike Blogging – Pictures! (Updated!)

It’s one thing to talk about bicycling, but as Edgar A. Guest, BCC’s poet laureate said: I’d rather see a sermon than hear one anyday. I was inspired by mfranti and dan ellsworth to take some pictures this morning of my cycling route, and I’m posting them for your enjoyment. Remember, envy is one of the seven cardinal sins.




That is what the view looks like from my two-wheeled urban assault vehicle every day!

The top picture is where I start, it is just a gravel trail and I usually have it all to myself.

The second picture is the mighty Mississipp, down which colonel Jackson chased the bloody British in 1814. If you look closely, you can see a tug in the distance, pushing barges upriver. As well might man stretch forth his puny arm and stop the Father of Waters in its decreed course as stop me from enjoying this ride.

The last picture is closer to downtown, so here the trail is paved. In the afternoon it is full of walkers, joggers, strollers, bikers, rollerbladers, and skaterz, but at 6:30 in the morning it looks like this. In the distance you can see the tall buildings where yeomen toil daily at the tasks of CPAing, lawyering, and network administering.

I love my commute. there’s no traffic, diesel exhaust, rude gestures, or near misses with aggressive drivers. The only birds I see are great blue herons and snowy egrets, and I see them every day.

If you have pictures from your ride, send them to bmarkb at gmail and we will include them here. (I’m BCC Pictures Editor.)

Read comment 4, then bow before mpb, who sent in this picture of his commute:
This is a picture our friend meems sent in of her commute. Thanks, meems!

Green Mormon Architect, whose very fine blog can be found here, sent in these four beautiful pictures of his biking route. Guess where?




This is what the view looks like as Steve Evans bikes to work. Some people have all the luck.




  1. That is a rockin’ bike commute if I ever seen one. What a pleasure it must be to do that every day. Conversely, what a shame it would be to do that by car each day and miss out on the feeling of being a part of those surroundings.

  2. Beautiful commute.

  3. Mark B. says:

    First I see Steve’s bike and get bike envy. Now this.

    You’re making it hard, folks.

  4. i am soooo envious. i sent my picture. on a good day, i pass several hundred cars mired in Houston freeway traffic in the span of just 10 or 15 minutes. that is a pretty good feeling, but i absolutely would prefer what you have.

  5. Kevin Barney says:

    Mark, where do you commute from and to, and how long a trip is it one way?

  6. Mark IV says:

    Kev, I live in Baton Rouge. It’s 8.2 miles each way, and I go at a very leisurely pace.

  7. Mark, it was 92 degrees outside at 8:00 this morning. Are you out of your mind?

  8. Gee whiz, Mark, who wouldn’t commute by bike if your ride was FLAT and CAR-FREE and LESS THAN TEN MILES?!!? Mine would be none of the above.

  9. Steve Evans says:

    yeah, but jeans — those water pictures are actually depicting waterways Mark must cross whilst holding the bike over his head. Not so easy now is it??

  10. Mark IV says:

    Ann, I don’t mind. After all, it’s a humid heat.

  11. Mark, that’s the best commute EVER.

  12. Mark IV says:

    Tracy, to paraphrase Donna Fargo, I’m the happiest biker in the whole USA.

  13. And every once in a while, Mark packs up some bacon and some beans and has lunch with Ronan.

  14. Mark, as a long-time biker, I appreciate your route. Many people don’t realize that biking is one of the most efficient forms of self-propulsion out there. So, the heat and humidity are not as bad as they seem. The last few years, I’ve been lucky — my commute has been from my bedroom to my front-room office. :)

  15. Researcher says:

    Nice pictures, but I’m still stuck back on the first paragraph wondering how you got Edgar Guest to agree to be your poet laureate? :-)

  16. My bedroom is my office.

  17. My commute is 17 miles dropping 330 feet just to get to the nearest bus station (which isn’t as bad as the return trip). So I carpool which is the next best thing.

    Kaimi, I caught your reference. lol. The question is, did Ronan?

  18. We fired our guns and the British kept a’yawnin,
    They were too busy fightin’ Froggies, saving the world from Bony.

  19. Yeah, my commute from the kitchen table to the spare bedroom/office doesn’t leave a lot of room for exercise.

  20. Mark IV says:


    The decision to select Mr. Guest as the BCC poet laureate was made by Ronan, the BCC poetry editor. He decided that if “It Takes a Heap o’Livin'” and “Only a Dad” are good enough for general conference, they are good enough for this humble blog. I’ve heard that Ronan is moved to tears by a recitation of “A Patriotic Creed”.

  21. Mark, being a gearhead, I have to ask this question. What kind of a bike do you ride? And have you tricked it out with any after-market parts to reduce weight, or to make the drive train more efficient?

  22. Mark IV says:


    It’s a Trek 3900, 24 gear all terrain bike, nothing fancy. I’m not advanced enough to need any after-market improvements, although I have added a headlight, a taillight, and a bell for safety reasons. If I do decide to spring for any improvements, it will probably be a more comfortable seat!

  23. Mark IV says:

    Hey everybody, there’s more picturey goodness up in the body of the post. Go look!

  24. for BCC’s picture editor, you sure need to learn how to edit pictures. I’ve fixed the widths to fit into the average browser.

  25. Portland Oregon? (That’s what his BLOG says!)

  26. Green Mormon Architect is showing off.

  27. Actually this was my first try at a bike commute. (I normally do bus and light rail). And since I live west of downtown Portland, my commute went adjacent to the Freeway, up through Washington Park and the West Hills and then down into Portland. It was a nice mix of beautiful, not-so-beautiful, and learning that I am not in very good shape…Skyline drive was brutal…

  28. Absolutely gorgeous, Mark. But I share Ann’s reservations about the humid 92 degrees. I find the heat and humidity up here a few states north of you pretty unbearable.

  29. Mark IV says:

    Eve, the trick is to pedal fast enough to generate a breeze. Then you don’t mind the heat and humidity. Very much.

  30. Mark IV says:

    OK people, there are even more pictures in the body of the post. Check them out.

    Steve, gray skies in June??? I would have thought that your naturally sunny disposition would have taken care of that…

  31. Steve Evans says:

    Weather here this week has been a real bear, Mark. Lots of getting soaked. But nobody moves to Seattle to get a suntan…

  32. Man, I would totally move to Portland if it were in Canada…

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