BCC Zeitcast 19

Season 1 Album Artwork

Once upon a time there was a regular Zeitcast. Sadly, it was consigned to the bin because of the failures of a telephony program which rhymes with Trype.

What you have here is something new and something strange.

Lock up your daughters.


  1. Bravo to the Zeitcast crew for the best podcast yet. Well done to all participants!

  2. sister blah 2 says:


    Once I get over pouting, I’ll return to comment about how this probably was the best ZC yet.

  3. Told you! Booyah.

  4. You should invite the Chipmunks to all your Podcasts.

  5. ESO, was it playing at an abnormal speed for you? If that happens, try downloading the file and playing it instead of using the in-line player. Stapley had similar problems.

  6. That was really funny. Good work, boys, though I can’t believe you called me a racist and/or social elitist, I mean just because poor people with a different ethnicity than I am make me extremely uncomfortable doesn’t mean, oh. wait. that’s awkward. huh, who knew?

    Also, if I were Jesus, and knew my possible 2nd coming losership would produce the same feelings as Indy IV, my feelings would be hurt. Real bad.

  7. mine was also playing fast. I thought it was part of the shtick. It was funny.

  8. Mmmm. Trype.

  9. It worked OK for me when I clicked on “Play in Popup”.

  10. Anyone want to join my splinter Church?

  11. My Jesus isn’t a loser.

  12. Brad,
    Your Jesus offers his hand in friendship, except you can’t feel it.

  13. Mark B. says:

    Now, c’mon Ronan, not all Mormons of a certain age had books by Cleon Skousen in their homes.

  14. Randy B. says:

    Just the righteous ones . . .

  15. sister blah 2 says:

    #12, OUCH.

  16. Mark B. says:

    Besides, which of his books are not among the “crazy” ones?

    If you want a weird out-of-body experience, read “The Naked Communist” and then, before you come up for air (it gets kind of deep), dive right back in to “The Naked Capitalist.”

    And then, go to Amazon and read the Readers’ Reviews of those books. Proof positive that the nuts are still on the loose.

  17. Liked the Skousen comments, “conservative chap” indeed. That phrase had me smiling right up until the vile cereal. Coco puffs with skull marshmallows. Ew.

  18. Steve Evans says:

    Jami, Cocoa Puffs would have been a step up.

  19. Oh, then EWWW.

  20. Mark B. says:

    Doesn’t French have a “ts” sound at the beginning of any words?

  21. Doesn’t anyone realize that three of Skousen’s books are classics?

    http://www.timesandseasons.org/?p=4580 (comment #144)

  22. Mark B. says:

    Yeah, Ray. Just like the Classic Combo at Wendy’s. Greasy, sickly sweet, and, after three hours, ready for the ashheap of history.

  23. Wow! A chipmunk with a British accent.

  24. Steve Evans says:

    sigh, mmiles, we’ve heard the chipmunk thing already. See comments #3, 5, and 7. Not sure why some users have that problem. Try downloading the file instead of the in-line player.

  25. I really thought it was on purpose.

  26. No, it wasn’t.

  27. That’s too bad, and to think I waited all week, wondering where the zeitcast was. At least my kids were highly entertained, and the Indiana Jones music wasn’t on high speed.

  28. Eh, piss off, Ray.

  29. Steve Evans says:

    I will brook no discussion of that hack Thomas Jefferson or his lousy educational models here.

  30. Thank you, Steve.

  31. Steve Evans: Dewey’s man through and through…

  32. Ronan #12 – funniest comment of the day. Awesome.

  33. Kevin Barney says:

    It won’t play at all for me. Not the player, not the pop up, and not the download. The first two it just says “loading” and then doesn’t do anything (I’ve never had that problem before.) The download after awhile says can’t find server.

    I’m bummed.

  34. sister blah 2 says:

    Kevin, it says “loading” for me for quite a while, but after an excruciating 30-45 seconds it does start playing. (previous zeitcasts have always started immediately for me) Maybe you just need to wait longer? YMMV.

  35. Kevin Barney says:

    I waited a lot longer than a minute, and nothing.

  36. Mark B. says:

    It was a real load, Kevin.

  37. sister blah 2 says:

    Hm. Bummer. Echelon strikes again! [shakes fist at the sky]

  38. Kevin Barney says:

    Ah, finally. I got the pop up to work, but it was the chipmunks thing. But I finally got the download to go through. So I’m starting to listen to it now. Yay!

  39. Kevin Barney says:

    Yeah, the women have to learn how to do the polygamist flip. It doesn’t come naturally.

    On my mission I knew a guy who had been an EQP, but at the time we knew him he was taking a break and living the single high life, bedding the ladies and drinking the wine. He was trying to be a ladies man, but I had to laugh that he had a line of Cleon Skousen books on his bookshelf. You can’t take the oddball Mormon out of the boy. He had these cigarettes made from cocoa powder or something so he could affect smoking without actually doing it, and he gave us some. Fun way to freak out your fellow missionaries by whipping out a cigarette and lighting up!

  40. You make your jokes where the batty hornets of the message boards can’t reach you, and mock those of us who are swarmed merely for reminding them of their past barbarity.


  41. Kevin Barney says:

    Wow, Steve, that’s quite a string of movies you get to see all in a row! Lucky dog.

  42. Kevin Barney says:

    Don’t laugh, Steve, my bishop when I was a youth told me exactly that, that I would live to see the Second Coming. We’re running out of time, I’m afraid.

  43. Steve Evans says:

    Kevin, start on a vegan health diet pronto! If you start to go, the gig is up!

  44. Re: chipmunks. It might be due to the fact that we hosted the mp3 file somewhere else to save bandwidth. I’ll make some tweaks.

  45. Cleon Skousen’s complete works are available here. The CD-Rom is what I own.

    Speaking of section 129, I’ve written a letter to the FP suggesting that sections 129-131 be removed from the next edition of the Doctrine and Covenants. I’m still waiting for a response.

  46. It’s clear that Jesus’s people need to get out there in front of the story right now and start lowering expectations.

    Frankly, that’s probably why He hasn’t come back yet. Initially, people were expecting he’d come back by 50 AD or so and it would be great. But now that there’s been all of this dramatic build-up — holding out for a big surprise ending for 2000 some years — expectations are really high.

    Under these circumstances, it can’t help but suck. You’ll be suckling pure celestial ambrosia and thinking, “meh, I figured this would be heavenly, but somehow I expected it would trump everyday heavenly.”

    Jesus’s people need to start tamping down expectations now, if they don’t want this thing to be all build-up and no deliver.

  47. Gee, I was wondering where the Zeitcast was. Thanks for the Indy music and dialogue. I just watched it with my kids yesterday, so it’s squeaky fresh in my brain right now.

    And, it’s my humble observation/opinion, that you guys need to follow a more mystical tradition with your LDS-ism. Imagine, saying that Skousen stuff and shaking hands stuff is crazy. You humanists, you!

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