BCC Zeitcast 20

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BCC’s weekly romp through the best of the Bloggernacle, hosted this week by Ronan, Amri, and Brad. Posts:

Belgian Sabbath breaking.

Playing on your PSP at the pub.


1978: Stapley and Petersen.

Outro: Portishead, Threads.


  1. Thank you for the mention of Susan’s post on introverts. I really loved that one. I’m not a mingler by nature and don’t look forward to potlucks or other public gatherings like that very often. And yeah, it’s tied with how active you are seen as being.

    And thanks for Portishead too.

  2. sister blah 2 says:

    My dear Zeitcasters, why oh why do you Hate America™?

    Nice kid noise in the background.

    FPR is awesome.

    Delbert Stapley’s letter to Romney Sr is not awesome.

    That was an abrupt ending.

    Very nice podcast.

  3. Yes. Thanks for Portishead. :)

    Interesting conversation. I sometimes don’t make my kids go to youth activities because I’m an introvert and would be really uncomfortable going if I were in their shoes. Even dropping them *off* at youth activities can he hard for me (please don’t make me stand around making small talk with other parents).

    I don’t mind ordering water at a bar. I just don’t go to bars to socialize. (OK, I don’t go anywhere to socialize.) I go to see bands. Socializing at bars with my hearing issues is really hard anyway.

  4. This one was only okay. There was something missing. A certain je-ne-Steve-pas.

  5. Peter LLC says:

    A certain je-ne-Steve-pas.

    Indeed. Wholly lacking in harmonious fusion with ill-defined aromas and only passing connectedness. Tsk.

  6. If I play it in pop-up, it still comes out chipmunk.

  7. btw, it turns out that Kevin’s review of the Sabbath history book I mentioned was actually written by Wilfried.

  8. yeah, I have to dl it to not get chipmunks.

  9. Amri, you have the most adorable chipmunk
    voice! Seriously. Brad, your chipmunk
    voice sounds much like Bleeker from the
    movie Juno. Seriously.

  10. Kevin Barney says:

    I’m listening to it now. Thanks for the shout out (even though it was undeserved). And Ronan, I watch football (the American kind) on Sundays, too, so it must be ok.

  11. Kevin Barney says:

    I’m an Obama guy, and I was kind of hoping that he would get some Mo-mentum from the deference his camp showed by having Michelle visit Church leaders in SLC. But no such luck, apparently.

  12. We aren’t supposed to watch sports on Sundays? We’re bad Mormons. I hadn’t even heard Michelle Obama was IN Salt Lake…

  13. If this download aborts one more time . . .

  14. This post is about abortion? Why are there only 14 comments?

  15. …I will attempt to download it again. (I will not swear. I will not swear.)

  16. Sorry about these chipmunks and downloading problems. The file is hosted elsewhere to save bandwidth on our own server, but it’s evidently not working brilliantly. Grrrr.

  17. Susan M, I thought your post was really good. I think socializing in the Church can be really complicated for people who are worn out by it rather than rejuvenated by it.

    I don’t mind hanging out at bars with friends but like you I get irritated when it’s so loud you can’t hear each other. I think that means I’m getting old. But I’m like, uh, can we turn that down please?

  18. I’ve yet to hear the chipmunk voices. I credit my browser (Netscape Navigator 1.22) for perfect downloads every single time.

    I recently added a year’s supply (365 packages) of Tangfastics to my food supply. Thanks to the strength of the USD overseas, it only cost me US$700 (shipping costs were a bit steep at $175 more).

  19. 12: Obama himself was scheduled to come to Salt Lake … then Pres. Hinckley died. Everybody knew that *nothing* else would get much press attention that week so it would be a waste of time for him to come; even if he did come, it could easily look a little crass to be scouring for votes while everybody was in mourning.

    So Mrs. O. came instead — a nice touch, I thought, because it kept down the appearance of politicking that week, while still acknowledging that Utah was worthy of a little attention, something that virtually never happens from national candidates.

  20. Mark IV says:

    Like Justin, I have not heard the chipmunk voices. Unlike Justin, I do not attribute this to my choice of browser. I think it is much more likely due to my superior righteousness for not watching sports on Sunday and going hometeaching instead. I call you to repentance.

    By the way, there is something wonderful and reassuring about hearing your-all’s voices week after week. I like these podcasts a lot!

  21. I appreciated the comments about the pub. As a missionary in England and Wales I frequently went into pubs to drink lemonade and play darts. This was always with my British companions, and always fun. Even made one or two teaching contacts from it. I never could get an American companion to do it. They all got their knickers in a twist over “the appearance of evil.”

  22. My wife is a conservative Mormon republican for whom voting for a democrat would be nigh on sinful (we are always supposed to Choose the Right, right?).

    She has started listening to these zeitcasts with me, though, and something halfway through this one prompted her to haltingly admit that, on her own terms, she would be standing with me for Obama this year. The fact that she was willing to even give Obama a chance, study it out in her own mind and come this conclusion was extremely encouraging. Maybe there’s hope to answer Ronan’s lament that U.S. Mormons aren’t even considering the possibility.

    Thank you, O Wondrous Zeitcast, for you have wrought a mighty change in heart.

  23. Really enjoyed the pointers to Susan’s introvert post. My husband finds no pleasure in group settings. It got me to thinking about the social set-up of the church and the “success=being able to talk to anyone about anything at anytime” mentality.

  24. cj douglass says:

    U.S. Mormons aren’t even considering the possibility.

    uhem DCL,

    Conservatives are a minority in my ward. Please don’t lump all of us yankees in with Utah.

  25. CJ, ahem, yeah to correct I think that Ronan was just referring to the poll data from Utah published in the Guardian. I’ve been in liberal wards, too, though I still think that useful generalizations can be made even though local results may vary. I think the question posed was why absolutely no movement toward Obama was evident in the poll data from Utah even though he has attracted many other republicans.

  26. I think it’s still too early in the race to see much difference in the polls. Many Utah republicans have not even taken notice of the democratic side yet, and probably won’t until further into the race, when they have had a chance to become disenchanted with McCain (as many, especially the younger ones, will).

  27. Brian T says:

    Just listened to the podcast, and I must say the elitist and uninformed blathering about politics is dissappointing(mainly about Obama and Mormons and Republicans). The three of you remind me of discussions with so many Mormons in Utah that identify themselves as liberal in an effort to standout from the rest. What they don’t realize is that they stand out in such a common way it is completely boring and not at all unique. Like those millions of high school kids who do weird things to be different not realizing they are all doing the same weird things that make them not at all different but the same.

    Your political points of view are so left spoon-fed that you should be ashamed.

    I won’t even start on Brad’s ridiculous President Benson being censured by the Quorum comment.

    Thankfully BCC does not have an obvious politically orientation, I hope it stays that way.

  28. Steve Evans says:

    Thanks for listening, Brian! Your views are refreshing.

  29. Thankfully BCC does not have an obvious politically orientation

    Yeah, thank goodness. They run the gamut, all the way from Nancy Pelosi to Hugo Chavez.

  30. Steve Evans says:

    gst exaggerates the breadth of our political scope. Pelosi???

  31. Thank you for informing our uninformed blathering, Brian. I’m feeling rather, uh, shameful right now, but I won’t let that stifle my gratitude to you — for having the courage to chasten and enlighten us but the mature restraint to not actually furnish evidence of just how ridiculous my spoon-fed liberalism really is. You’re a gentleman and a scholar, and I assure you your admonitions will not fall on deaf ears.

  32. Eric Russell says:

    re: side-linked “Scientific fields, arranged by purity.”

    Mathematics is just applied logic. The philosophers win.

  33. Brad,

    Would you rather I had turn this into a political thread? Do you want a political website?

    I’d be happy to take a political discussion elsewhere to help you become more informed, so you could stop the bathering.

    But that isn’t what I come here for and isn’t why I listened to the podcast.

    I doubt many readers would be interested in yours or my political views.

  34. Steve Evans says:

    Brian, here’s a hint: if you don’t like the podcasts, stop listening. We’re doing this for free, because we like it. If you don’t, go someplace else and start an incredibly awesome podcast of your own. But rude complaints about a podcast you got for nothing? Decidedly not welcome.

  35. Brian, instead of your own podcast, you should actually start a religion. Ask your mother, Mandy.

  36. Brian, you can’t go dropping juvenile, inflammatory comments like that and then assume some moral high ground for not turning the thread political. If you’d care to enlighten me, email me at bhkramer at umich dot edu. I won’t pretend my political views are not off-putting or offensive to some, but if you’re expecting uninformed, spoon-fed, liberal grasping for attention, you’ll be disappointed. Next time you want to vent self-congratulatory spleen or engage in decidedly uninformed personal criticism (you really think you can pigeon-hole my entire personal political philosophy by parsing off the cuff speculations as to why conservative Mormons tend to conflate their politics with the gospel?), find another blog.

  37. Brad, you know that I don’t share your political views, but if it’s any consolation I’m glad to point out that they are way down the list of the most off-putting things about you. Hope this helps.

  38. gst, considering the shattering blow my world-view has sustained tonight, your words are welcome consolation.

  39. Steve Evans says:

    gst FTW. Conversely, Brad — this is you.

  40. Brian T says:


    For juvenile inflammatory comments I will refer you to the latest podcast that you produced. One more word about political ideology. As usual, political discussions from the left end in elitist name calling (i.e. the podcast and your last post directed to me) and weak positions that ultimately get defended with more name calling and innuendo.

    I do understand I can go elsewhere, and your latest podcast will be my last.

    If you can’t take critism of your politics on a blog, then why do you introduce them here? You don’t really need to answer that. I’m done discussing your politics and this blog, unless you really want to continue it. I get enough of that kind of blogging elsewhere.

  41. Steve Evans says:

    Bye Brian.

  42. I believe the name calling actually STARTED in #27 with something along the lines of “elitist and uninformed blathering” and ended with something like this.

    Just for anyone else keeping score at home.

  43. Word up Euclid. Love your geometry, man.

  44. Steve,
    I think that a statement along the lines of “This house is clear” ala Poltergeist might be appropriate.

  45. Or, “These pipes are clean” ala Cabin Boy.

  46. Brian T says:

    Let me make sure I understand. Utah Mormons are belittled because so many are Republicans. I point this out, and express dissappointment about this content. I am then attacked for pointing this out.

    Am I to understand that diversity of opinion is not welcome on this blog?

    I am misunderstanding something here? Why the intolerance?


  47. “Am I to understand that diversity of opinion is not welcome on this blog?”


    “I am misunderstanding something here?”


    “Why the intolerance?”

    Scorn begets plugged ears. Your tone is incredibly rude.


    Then change your tone and try again.

  48. Well, Bri, at least they haven’t banned you. Then you’d be mad instead of disappointed.

  49. Steve Evans says:

    Come, come. This is BCC. Brian can be disappointed AND mad.

  50. Brian,
    Sorry. I thought that since you opened by calling Utah liberals deluded, wanna-be popular high school kids that you would expect some name-calling.
    On with the diversity. I’ll continue trying to devise a way to make Bethany Clarke like me.

  51. I can guarantee that if McCain picked Huckabee as a VP that Obama would have a huge chance in Utah. I think many Utahns are a bit underwhelmed by McCain as is.

  52. FIll in the blank (from the start of the zeitcast).

    “BCC tolerates dissent, but not ___________.”

    Brian, tell me truly. WHen you jump right into a conversation by describing sombody’s offhand remarks as elitist uniformed blathering, and go on to say that those views are spoonfed and something to be ashamed of, and finish off by displaying your ignorance by saying it is ridiculous that Pres. Benson was admonished by his quorum, do you really expect people to welcome you?

    Nobody here know you. I assure you that there are people who participate regularly who political views would make John birch himself stand up and salute. The trick is to be polite and friendly. It really isn’t too much to ask, is it?

  53. Thomas Parkin says:

    “I don’t mind hanging out at bars with friends but like you I get irritated when it’s so loud you can’t hear each other. ”

    When I’m at the bar with my friends, I usually am wishing they would turn it up louder so that I don’t have to hear any more of their self-congradulatory liberal blather. That’s right! Most of my freinds are godless America-haters, just like Obama, John Lennon, Mao Tse-Tung*, and those guys that do the BCC podcasts. I’d get some new friends with political views closer to my own, but then I wouldn’t know where to score any reefer, daddy-o.


    * That would be Mao Zedong for all you idiots that aren’t satisfied that we called it PEKING when _I_ was in grade school, and we still had things like mothers and honey bees!!!

  54. Thomas, that rocks. Share your sources, dude?

  55. Wow, Thomas. I’m impressed.

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