BCC Zeitcast 21

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This week Steve and Ronan dream dreams, sever feet, and peddle beer.


Elder Heyborne commits the unpardonable sin.

I absolve me.


  1. Steve Evans says:

    2nd best zeitcast ever.

  2. sister blah 2 says:

    I’d guess Heyborne made way more than $50-100K. I have a friend who did a thing for Target, and had way less screen time, and got $400K for that gig.

  3. Sticking up for Marriot, you guys are asking for it. I’m sure someone at T&S (or NDBF) is already working on the response post to this abomination of a zeitcast.

  4. Dude, I would go on TV and pimp beer for 400K.

  5. sister blah 2 says:

    Eh, now that I think about it some more, I’m going to call BS on myself. Maybe said friend only made $100K (“only”). But ’tis true that it was way less screen time. So Heyborne probably made at least slightly more than that.

  6. sister blah 2 says:

    Also, said friend was a newborn, I dunno maybe the going rate for newborns is much higher. Bonus is that laws limit newborns to a 20-minute workday. No joke. So that’s a lot of cash for 20 minutes of “acting.”

  7. The obvious solution to the summer sabbatical is to hire Kirby Heyborne to play Ronan.

    Tally ho!

  8. Kevin Barney says:

    The Kirby flap is ridiculous. It’s called acting. And it’s not like he made much money in Molleywood. And Miller freakin’ Lite? Oh, please.

  9. Mark IV says:

    I am so relieved to hear that I was NOT in Ronan’s dream.

  10. Kevin Barney says:

    Yeah, Ronan, now I’m offended that you came all the way to Illinois but went to Jay’s ward and not mine.

  11. Come now, Kevin. We all know that your church activity is just a fantasy in your head.

  12. I hear Kevin is bringing his modelling Speedo on vacation- mabe that’ll entice a few dreams, eh?

  13. Entertaining as usual. Thanks.

    I pay 5p a liter for gas. Just so you know. Then again, I work for Satan.

    Question: Is it okay to work at Starbucks? Is it okay to own their stock? Is it okay to buy a Starbucks mug?

  14. Peter LLC says:

    Question: Is it okay to work at Starbucks? Is it okay to own their stock? Is it okay to buy a Starbucks mug?

    Yes. Since they sell legitimate beverages, e.g., hot chocolate, one can with good conscience do all of the above.

  15. I used to work at Starbucks. I liked it. Though I’m not sure I’m legitimately righteous.

    I don’t think self-forgiveness is new-age. I know that many people that feel when they’ve committed some sort of wrong that they’ve offended themselves too. Along with God and any other humans involved. They’ve let themselves down, hurt their own feelings. So why not forgive yourself too? Especially if it opens up a way to connect with the forgiveness God offers too.

  16. Best zeitcast outro music ever. Meanwhile, we’re up to six feet.

  17. Steve Evans says:

    Justin, I saw that. Did you happen to see this screenshot?

  18. sister blah 2 says:


  19. I am displeased that people are denouncing him for this.

    He can make his own decisions. His relationship with God is his business not everyone else’s. the comments at the linked blog tick me off a bit.

  20. Steve Evans says:

    Trevor, I think that’s the point.

  21. Yeah, I agree; it might not hurt us as a group to spend a bit less time and effort evaluating each other’s righteousness.

  22. Ew. Mutilated bodies. Ew.

    It will be interesting to see whether listenership drops when you lose the intriguing accent portion of the show. Will you post the stats?

  23. All I could picture when I read “we’re up to six feet” is the servants of King Lamoni carrying a bunch of severed arms to him.

    At least it’s obvious I’m Mormon.

  24. I can’t help but feel there’s a good mystery plot here with the feet. (Not mechanically severed, mind you.)

    (Nice ad, Steve!)

  25. Kind of reminds me of Dexter, “The Bay Harbor Butcher.”

  26. Justin, I saw that. Did you happen to see this screenshot?

    Sick, sad world. Strange that I do not see any ads in that location (very top of the page) when I explore cnn.com.

  27. Steve Evans says:

    Justin, I take no responsibility for the accuracy of the screenshot in question!

  28. Something odd is afoot.

  29. sister blah 2 says:

    I agree that screenshot is fishy, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  30. Steve Evans says:

    Justin, indeed.

  31. Steve Evans says:

    6th foot = FAKE FOOT!!

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