Book of Mormon Survey Appeal

I am currently seeking respondents for a survey of people’s experiences with and connection to the Book of Mormon. Many BCC readers have already probably received a link to the survey in one way or another, but I would ask those who have not to consider participating. It will be even more helpful to the usefulness of the project if you can pass a link to the survey along to friends, neighbors, and family members who don’t participate too regularly in the Mormon internet. All that’s necessary to participate in the survey is some present or historical connection to Mormonism; the perspectives of active Mormons are essential, as are the points of view of inactive Mormons, ex-Mormons, and even members of other denominations within the Latter Day Saint movement. The survey can be accessed at

I have received a number of email messages asking about my motives in conducting this survey, and about the uses to which the resulting data will be put. For those who may be interested, here are some answers.

I’m conducting the survey personally. The purpose of the survey is to develop psychometrically useful indicators of how people with ties to the Mormon world relate to the Book of Mormon across several analytic dimensions. My main interest is in how those dimensions relate to each other. I’m motivated by theoretical debates related to belief systems and modes of decision-making from psychology, sociology, and political science.

Survey results will be analyzed with an eye to publication in a Mormon Studies journal. I’ll likely produce a few blog posts out of smaller parts of the data, as well. After I finish analysis, the entire cleaned data set will be made available for public download (cleaned in the sense that I make sure there’s no potentially identifying information of any kind).

I’m paying for the survey personally. Web surveys are really cheap. In real life, I always have to get foundations or governments to help fund these things; Mormon-themed stuff is in a different state, and information from a non-probability sample might be helpful.

The survey will be available for at least a little while. If I reach 2500 respondents, I will probably take it down at that point. Otherwise, I intend to leave it online for a month or so. After it is taken down, anyone who wants to see the questionnaire can email me and I’ll forward it along.

I am not allowing comments on this post, as it is best for people to take the survey without seeing extensive discussion of it beforehand. However, any comments, suggestions, or complaints are welcome by email at roastedtomatoes at gmail dot com.

Thanks very much!

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