BCC Zeitcast 22

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This week: a Head-less podcast that nonetheless presents a carnival of delights.

The World’s Ugliest Dog.
Anaconda Dancing.
Moggetude, which starts with this post, then this post, then this post, then this post, then this post.
Going green in UT.
The “dark underbelly” of Las Vegas.
Amy Winehouse, smoky like cured meat.
Martha Stewart, banned in the UK.
Soccer sucks.


  1. Oh, and I forgot to link to the sordid tale of Cindy McCain.

  2. Too much fun was had here. Damn you all.

  3. Fun? No. We couldn’t have any fun without you Ronan.

  4. Double oh, I forgot the best scared straight program there is.

  5. This is why people think we’re a bunch of marginal barely-actives over here, and this is why I love being a member of BCC! Honestly, best zcast ever.

  6. As a former employee of the Anasazi Foundation, I have to say it is not as your portray and is an excellent program. I don’t know why your friend’s parents sent him there, it’s sounds a bit misguided, to say the least. It certainly isn’t a place to “fix” kids–but I do see how it helped my 4 of my 5 siblings who went there (not so great for #5–it’s just not what she needed).
    I loved working there, and although I did see one stupid employee tell a girl she was a phony for wearing nail polish (he was an idiot-and called on it immediately)-I never saw any kids berated or yelled at. We, as employees, had the same food rations and gear the kids did. We did not suffer, it’s not a deprivation camp.
    There are a million programs in Utah too, some are great, some not so great.
    The government is coming down very hard- very recently on wilderness treatment programs and the one’s that are based overseas are the dangerous/mean ones. If I had a child that needed help, I’d send them to the desert in a heartbeat. There is something about going to the wilderness and leaving the environment you are in that really leaves you open to self-examination–and no one to blame but the weather.

  7. So, Tracey and I were just here listening to Steve’s reenactment of his “friend’s” painful experience and came to the realization that the story of the mystery mission companion is really a story about Steve’s tragic childhood.

    We’re sorry, Steve.

  8. mmiles, I doubt my friend actually went to Anasazi, and as usual I have no clue what I’m talking about.

  9. I echo mmilles’ comment about the Anasazi Foundation.

    I did some volunteer work for Anasazi and was very impressed with the people and program. Moreover, my brother and sister-in-law both worked for Anasazi (that is how they met each other), and both have nothing but good to say about the program.

    If you have questions or concerns about Anasazi and the work they do, please contact them: info at anasazi.org.

  10. sister blah 2 says:

    Wow. Hilarious. Amazing what having a gay dude around does for disinhibition of Mormons. What a peculiar people we are indeed.

  11. Did I not say that Anasazi was the best scared straight program there is?

  12. I wouldn’t say the Utah legislature is dead last in environmental initiatives. I don’t have any data, but states like Wyoming have historically been far worse.

    You are correct about Leavitt. He resigned as governor of Utah after Bush appointed him as head of the EPA. He did this for a little over a year and is now with the Health and Human Services.

    And the Las Vegas Temple is definitely way out there!

  13. Steve:

    I don’t think “scared-straight program” is the best way to describe Anasazi’s program. From their website:

    Note: ANASAZI is not a boot camp. Participation in an ANASAZI program requires personal responsibility and accountability; however, no force, contrived experiences, manipulation, confrontation, point or level systems, or other behavioral modification techniques or models are employed.

    ANASAZI does not consider itself a brat camp, though we do work with young people – including those often labeled as “troubled teens” – facing the same significant challenges (depression, anger/aggression, school failure, substance abuse, suicidal ideation and other emotional or behavioral concerns) as those depicted in the popular Brat Camp television show. There are no “brats” or “bad kids” at ANASAZI. We help children and young adults (and their caring families) who in some cases have made bad choices. Our many years of experience working with thousands of diverse young people make this important distinction abundantly clear.

  14. Well dang Brian, if they’re not scaring kids into submission then I want no part with them.

  15. I hear ya! :-)

    Sometime you will have to come to Arizona and have Ezekiel Sanchez show you how to make fire in your hands. Now that will scare you straight!

  16. Very funny. Ditto 5 & 10.

  17. Hey! I can make fire in my hands! Really!

  18. Eric Russell says:

    Vote 3 for Anasazi, as well as the Utah iteration, Outback.

  19. So can I send my 4 and 6 year old to Anasazi? Today?

  20. Mark IV says:

    I think it would be a blast to go anaconda dancing and do jello shots in Branson.

    Nice job, guys. MikeInWeHo, thanks for providing whatever quotient of sanity there is to be found.

    Also: That outro, I just can’t quite put my finger on it. Was it Portishead or Radiohead?

  21. Mark IV, the intro is Radiohead, the outro is Sufjan. Portishead?!? lol.

  22. Latter-day Guy says:

    Coming, as I do, from Southwestern Missouri, I have to tell you, that snake-dancing stuff is no joke. Sometimes on a quiet Sunday evening in the Ozarks, you can go on a stroll through the woods and hear the howls of holiness. It’s like living in Deliverance, I swear.

  23. Mark IV says:

    It’s like living in Deliverance

    Latter-day Guy,

    Having survived multi-day canoe trips on both the Elk River and the Eleven Point River, I know exactly what you mean.

  24. MikeInWeHo says:

    One certainly hopes it’s not exactly like Deliverance. Squeal like a pig!

  25. Nick Literski says:

    One word: BOOM!!!!! ;-)

  26. I know Zeke Sanchez. Zeke Sanchez is a friend of mine. And, Steve, you’re no Zeke Sanchez.

  27. MikeInWeHo says:

    re: 25
    Wow, his head really did explode.
    Now I feel kinda guilty.

  28. Timburriaquito says:

    One thing I enjoyed about this edition was getting to know a little about you guys, especially Amri. I’ve always thought it was so interesting that she was in Peru, but I never knew why. Listening to you guys each week makes me feel like I know you, so it’s good to pick up little bits of knowledge like this.

  29. “I’ve always thought it was so interesting that she was in Peru, but I never knew why”

    i.e. snake-dancing.

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