BCC Snacker: Ann Arbor!

When: Friday, July 11 2008, 7:00 pm.

Where: Conference Room #250 at the Northwood Community Center, on North Campus, 1000 McIntyre, Ann Arbor.

What: Three reasonably short presentations on Mormon topics. John Hamer will talk Mormon cartography; J. Nelson-Seawright will crunch some of the date gleaned here; and Brad Kramer will mingle social theory with LDS scriptures to construct a radically new and thoroughly Mormon theory of Atonement. Kristine Haglund will introduce the speakers and moderate a Q&A after the presentations.

Plus, obligatory Mormon refreshments.

Those interested in attending, please indicate in a comment and we will email you for a detailed rsvp.


  1. Kevin Barney says:

    Brad, I’m not going to be able to make it (one of my partners is going to be in Europe and I have to hold the fort in his absence). Sounds like great fun, though!

  2. “one of my partners is going to be in Europe and I have to hold the fort in his absence”

    Sorry, Kevin, I read that and immediately thought of Nick.

    I’m close enough to make it in only a few hours, and I’d love to meet everyone and hear the presentations, but I can’t get out of my other commitments on Friday.

  3. Kevin Barney says:

    Ha, Ray, good point–law partners!

  4. Steve Evans says:

    Kevin, I’m still thinking of Nick.

  5. It’s really not fair only those in Ann Arbor get to hear the number crunch! When will it be on BCC?

  6. rondell says:

    Any chance of doing something like this in Chicago?

  7. Katherine says:

    Darn… I’m moving to Ann Arbor but won’t be there for another month or so. Any chance this will happen again?

  8. Where were you all 5 years ago? I could have walked from my McIntyre home.

  9. Aaron Brown says:

    This doesn’t sound faith-promoting to me, so I’m not coming.


  10. mmiles, the first pieces of results from the survey will be on BCC next week. I’d do things earlier, but I have a professional conference this week (in Ann Arbor, naturally) that’s taking up all of my time.

    rondell, I think we certainly could do something like this in Chicago. It won’t happen in the next month or anything, but I’ll talk to some people and see if we can make it happen.

    Katherine, I’d guess there’s a decent chance that there will be future Ann Arbor get-togethers of one character or another.

    Aaron, what could promote the faith of such a spiritually powerful man? We need you there to promote our faith, not the other way round.

  11. Crap!

    I’ll be out of town on business. Otherwise…

  12. Kristine says:

    Eric, sorry we’ll miss you. If you know anybody else who’d be interested, please spread the word!

  13. Sid here. I will be at the event.
    Will Kristine and John and the other BCC visitors be available in Ann Arbor beforehand, or on saturday so that we can hang out?

    DCL- could I have known you when you were living on McIntyre? I have been in the Ann Arbor Ward, and then the Ann Arbor First Ward since about the fall of 2003. Were you at U-M Law at the same time as Dan Richards or Dan Faggard?( Both were my HTs)

    Katherine- d o you know which of the 3 Ann Arbor Wards you will be moving into?

    Good Day to y’all!! :):)

  14. Ronin, I graduated from UM law and left Ann Arbor in May of 2003 after a few wonderful years in Northwood family housing. Back then, the closest thing to a BCC Snacker was a certain bishop’s wife wanting to host a class titled “Polygamy then & now” or some such as an optional Gospel Doctrine hour.

  15. Kevin Barney says:

    Wow, I’d like to attend that class! But then you’d have a lot of crying women filing into RS afterwards, so maybe not the best idea…

  16. I used to live at 1512 McIntyre. There were six mormon families, lined up in a row, every other townhouse, starting with us, and going on up around the courtyard.

  17. In Ann Arbor? Excellent, looks like I’m cancelling my ultimate frisbee plans for that evening…

  18. Cherylem says:

    I’d like to attend – I live about 30 minutes away.

  19. Cherylem says:

    Ah. What am I thinking? I have a houseful of out of town guests this weekend. Still, please send me the info and I will see if I can get away.


  20. Jack Johansson says:

    I would like to communicate with the organizer of this event, would you please email me?


  21. I’m looking forward to Kristine’s roadshow this week — we’re excited to see you all.

  22. M to tha O says:

    DH would go bananas for the cartography talk. Please tell me it will be available here…Pretty please? With a cherry?

  23. M to the O (#22): I’m sorry that it won’t be. However, you can take heart that my “Mapping Mormonism” presentation would be too long for me to give today, so I’m going to be giving my “Brief overview of the Latter Day Saint movement” presentation. It’s a bunch of cool charts, but no maps.

  24. since I didn’t get an e-mail, I probably should have been more clear, I’m coming; calcsam _at_ gmail dot com. thanks and look forward to it!

  25. Clinton Bartholomew says:

    Darn … I wish I would have heard about this earlier. I am now living in Ann Arbor. Any chance this will happen again?

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