A Poll, Out of Love For Our Fallen M* Brethren.

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  1. Less (if that’s possible), for all the reasons I articulated over on the M* post.

  2. Aaron Brown says:

    As churchmembers, I think we all have a solemn religious duty to try to vote in one of our own. Only with a Mormon in the White House (or at least in the VP’s residence) will we bring back truth and righteousness to government. Together, McCain and Romney will bring order to the galaxy. McCain and Romney could overthrow the Emperor, and they will then rule the Galaxy as father and son.


  3. The Right Trousers says:

    Well, McCain is old enough to be his father, anyway. Hopefully McCain won’t have to slice off any appendages before Romney sits still long enough to listen to the whole sordid story.

    And McCain with a pain in all the diodes down his left side… he’s in for a rough ride.

  4. Romney, ew. And having a four or eight year hate-fest between McCain and Romney is a nauseous thought.

  5. So if 41% are more likely to vote for McCain if Romney is on the ticket, why aren’t they saying why?

  6. The short answer: no.

  7. DoubleL says:

    you need another option: Voting for Obama no matter who runs on the right.

    I answered I would be more likely to vote but technically I wouldn’t if I was paid to…

  8. Thanks Steve for this poll. It’s true I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. I’m almost as old as McCain.

  9. If he was going for president I would vote for him, regardless of where he was invading.
    This time though, I will be a Mormon minority and vote for Obama.

  10. Steve Evans says:

    Geoff, believe it or not that is PRECISELY what I was thinking of.

  11. Ugly Mahana says:

    I voted more likely, but feel compelled to explain that more likely doesn’t mean likely – i.e., I probably won’t vote for McCain no matter the running mate, but Romney would make me marginally less disgusted with McCain. Also, comment #2 scares me.

  12. Kevin Barney says:

    Like a couple others, I like Romney and would technically be more likely to vote for McCain with him on the ticket. But more likely doesn’t translate into likely. I’m voting for Obama.

  13. This post leaves me to wonder, what would M* do without BCC?

    Now that reminds me, I need to conduct training for M* permabloggers on the WP polling feature. :-)

  14. Mark IV says:


    Please just remember that we here at the Devil’s Own Blog might be the bloggernacle’s “less comely parts”, but you still have need of us!

  15. Devil’s Own Blog, eh? I was not aware. Good to know. ;-)

  16. Well, if the devil often appears as an angel of light, you guys at BCC qualify (awwww, shucks).

  17. Martin Willey says:

    Romney was a major disappointment. I was very excited about his candidacy when I (perhaps foolishly) thought he would present as a moderate, rational Repub. As we all know, that hope was dashed and he presented as an equivocating, born-again right winger. IMO, he did not off a favorable image for the Church. Obama. Yes we can.

  18. My own take is that Romney would be a good VP pick.

    There are 2 Romneys of course.

    Nantucket Mitt: Moderate RINO type

    National Mitt: Standard boilerplate conservative. This is the Mitt that like it or not is more representative of the average LDS voter

  19. Bull Moose says:

    @ mmiles (5)

    Three words: “The economy stupid.”

  20. BM-
    I myself am more likely to vote for McCain based on the economy if Romney is on the ticket—however I find it interesting that while lots of people are saying yes, the commenters are quite vocally opposed to the Republican ticket regardless.

  21. I think that Mitt for all his flip flopping on cultural issues (guns, abortion, gays) has the business and executive exp that neither McCain (military, foreign policy) or Obama (speaking, charisma) have at all.

    I mean lets be honest. Senators do not exactly do much except make speeches and break for lunch. Which is why most of the time sitting VP’s and state gov’s are the nominee’s and winners of national elections

  22. Steve Evans says:

    “Senators do not exactly do much except make speeches and break for lunch.”

    Sign me up!

  23. I like the Romney and McCain of six years ago, is there any way they could run on the same ticket? As it stands, these two together in 2008 are great for Democrats. Romney will turn off the moderate and independent voters who will hopefully go for Obama. They’ll also turn of the Evangelicals who think McCain is liberal and Romney is part of a cult.

  24. Clayton says:

    I would be more likely to vote for McCain with Romney as VP, but I already plan on voting for McCain anyway. I consider him to be the “lesser of two evils.”

    Many on the right side of the political spectrum, myself included, are disappointed with the GOP for how they handled themselves when they had control of congress and the presidency. Their priorities were in the wrong place, and spending became even more out of control. Regardless of the cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, they needed to be more disciplined and balance the budget. If members of congress cannot get a handle on the federal purse, we are going to be crushed by that debt. I think that McCain will be better able to reign in spending than Obama, and Romney as VP would only help a McCain administration in that aspect.

    jjohnsen is correct, though, that a Romney VP slot may anger many on the right who are less than happy with McCain. It may hurt him with conservatives who believe Mormons are a cult just as much as a Romney VP spot may help McCain with swing states (Nevada, Colorado, Michigan). And even that help in those swing states with Romney as VP is debatable.

  25. AB (#2). When I read the first of your post, I must admit my spine started spasming as though I had been hit by a 10 ton Peterbilt. As I finished your post, though, a sigh of relief for clearly (please?) your post was one with a satiric note.
    The reality is that we should only vote for “one of our own” if he or she is truly the best candidate for the particular position, not just because he or she is “one of our own”…..

  26. RBiddulph says:

    Rememeber that Mitt won the Values Voter poll for president. I think Evangelicals will hold their noses and vote for McCain/Romney, especially if James Dobson says Romney on the ticket allows him to change his mind on McCain.

  27. Is that R for Romney? Then this W is for Wrathall.

    I said before and think again, Mitt should have run as a Democrat. He could have been a really good conservative Democrat and not had to have flip-flopped on so many issues. If the Democrats could take a woman and a half-European American, they could have swallowed a converted Mormon.

    How would that have run in Utah?