2nd Annual (?) Sunstone Blog ‘n’ Grog*

You’re all cordially invited to attend a gathering of bloggern in conjunction with the Sunstone symposium. As we did last year, we’ll gather after the Friday evening “Pillars of My Faith” session at the Salt Lake City Sheraton.

(This year part of the festivities may also really be a bloggernacle choir practice: I’ll bring music for anyone who wants to take a look at what we’ll be doing in the Saturday morning hymn sing and briefly rehearse parts.)

Please join us! And, if you’re not attending the entire Symposium, do consider hitting the “Pillars of My Faith” session that will immediately precede the festivities–it’s always a highlight of the symposium!

*with many thanks to Sunstone’s Mary Ellen Robertson for a less embarrassing title than “Bloggersnacker”


  1. Where?

  2. Steve Evans says:

    That’s still an embarrassing title!

  3. Weights & Measures Room, 10:00 PM

    Sheraton Hotel
    150 West 500 South, Salt Lake City

    The Pillars session will begin at 8:00 in the Three Seasons Ballroom, with the blog reception/gathering/party/call-it-what-you-will directly to follow.

  4. a random John says:

    Posting the date would also be relevant information.

  5. This Friday, 3 days from now. You do the math. :)

  6. Aye.

    This Friday, August 8.

  7. All the asterisks in the world cannot change the definition of “grog” from “rum mixed with water” to “food”.

    No wonder some folks have doubts about the Sunstone crowd! :-)

    The Royal Navy instituted the grog ration (a black day in the fleet–before then the sailors got a half-pint of rum each day) in 1756, and that continued for over two centuries. Usually the grog was mixed at a 4:1 ratio–that’s four parts water to one part rum.

  8. How about “grog-n-snacker” (?)

  9. Present and voting.

  10. So, rum with your food, danithew?

  11. We generally don’t advertise our open bar, but Steve Evans insisted. If he does show up, his serving will be the 4-1 ratio. We’re cheap that way.

  12. Is grog fungible like sacrament water — you know, you can replace the wine with grape juice and all.

    Cause if so, I vote that we replace the water with Coke.

  13. What, no rum? I went last year as one of my first introductions to the bloggernacle, so I met all sorts of famous people who I didn’t know were famous. I’m looking forward to re-meeting folks now that I’m slighty less clueless and to meeting new faces.

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