Welcome to our newest perma

Everyone, please join me in giving a big big welcome to our newest permablogger, Rebecca J. We started begging her to join after her wonderful guest posts, and eventually she accepted — if only to get us off her back. All hail Rebecca!


  1. Welcome! Looks like I’m the first one. And non-LDS to boot. But I love your honest writing. Looking forward to seeing more of it.

  2. At first read I thought it was a cousin to one of those Chinese gymnasts: Michelle J. We.

    But, alas, I’m mistaken.

    Welcome, Michelle!

  3. oops.

    I must have been channeling Michelle Wie.

    Welcome Rebecca!

    (Damn, getting old sucks.)

  4. Congrats, BCC, and here’s to looking forward to your future posts, Rebecca.

  5. Welcome, Rebecca.

    Thanks, Mark B., for making me feel young.

  6. Aaron Brown says:

    Jump ship now, Rebecca, while there’s still time. SAVE YOURSELF!!! :)


  7. Excellent! I never got around to commenting, but I really enjoyed your guest posts.

  8. Congrats, Rebecca! Personally, I’ve loved your writing for a while, but there will be nothing wrong with reading more of your writing. ;)

  9. Hooray! Hooray! I’m eager for more Rebecca.

  10. Peter LLC says:

    Excellent. Another piece in the gender mainstreaming/geographic balance puzzle.

  11. Peter LLC says:

    By the way, where are her posts at? Or is there just this one?

  12. Rechabite says:

    Hail and welcome, Rebecca J!

  13. Steve Evans says:

    Peter, there’s a few more. Click under her name on the sidebar.

  14. Peter LLC says:

    Ah, thanks, Steve. You know what they say about snakes.

  15. Welcome.

  16. Yay! Welcome, Rebecca J!

    (Sorry I confused you with Mrs. Ronan!)

  17. Cool! I might just have to start reading BCC again.

  18. A fine choice! The future looks brighter already.

  19. Yay!

  20. hi!