Seattle Screening of Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons will be shown on Tuesday, Sept. 16, at the Varsity Theater in Seattle. Seating is at 6:30, with the screening starting promptly at 7:00. Margaret Young and Darius Gray will be on hand for a question-and-answer session afterwards. Please arrive early to ensure seating. See the image below for details.



  1. i.e., click on the image. Don’t strain your eyes out squinting at the little bitty picture.

  2. oh now you tell me….

  3. It is so cool to see that the USPS is honoring _Nobody Knows_ with its very own postage stamp. Truly an honor. Kudos, Margaret.

  4. Steve Evans says:

    Thumbnail images confuse and horrify!

  5. Actually, Kaimi, the postage stamp is not supposed to be released until McCain makes his announcement. This is all a Republican thing–releasing the stamp (not exactly what Steve posted [no pun intended], because that picture of Elijah Abel is not really Elijah Abel.)

    Anyway, I had no idea Republicans had this kind of power, but the stamp called “Black Mormons are Cool” featuring Abel, Jane James, and Eldridge Cleaver, will go nationwide to send the message that Mormons are not racists. Because I am not supporting the Republican party, I’m not sure how I feel about this. I don’t mind that the price of stamps will go up ten cents each, because I will get a penny for every extra dime spent, but is this really right?

  6. I will get a penny for every extra dime spent

    Aha! So THAT is the change you are audaciously hoping for!

  7. I resent being called audacious. Doesn’t BCC have rules?

  8. Setting philately aside, I will be there with my wife, and many members of extended family and friends in tow. I certainly hope the screen at the Varsity is bigger than this stamp. I think special thanks to Molly Bennion are in order for helping to set this up.

  9. YES!! Thank you, Kevinf. Molly is the reason we’re able to do this. We are working around the date of a wedding Darius is attending in the area, and Molly made the arrangements for this screening. She’s amazing.

    I will leave the day after the screening, but Darius and family will stick around for a bit to attend the wedding. His sister, a non-denominational pastor, has been inviting her friends and family as well. This will be a really special screening.

  10. Setting philately aside

    (phi)lately, my wife’s been going to the gym to do her philates.

    (Along with all of the (other) beautiful people.)

  11. Steve Evans says:

    Don’t make me ban you all.

  12. If I may, I’d like to chime in and offer something in the hopes of helping fill the theater in Seattle. If there are any members in the Seattle area wanting to go to the screening, but also wondering about inviting fellow church members, let me repeat what Darius Gray and Margaret Young have said: The film is not a proselyting nor a bashing piece. I think you can feel comfortable inviting folks of all political and religious stripes to this film. It’s a very endearing piece. So, go ahead, invite away!

  13. Aaron Brown says:

    I will be at the screening, and I’m about to announce this to my Gospel Doctrine teachers, in the hopes that they will also promote it. Hopefully we’ll get a good group from my ward to go. I know my Bishop and at least some in the Stake leadership will be going.

    Margaret, I look forward to meeting you.

    Other BCC commenters who plan on being there should identify themselves, so we can all put names with faces.


  14. so we can all put names with faces.

    I’m going, but I don’t think my name goes very well with my face. Will that be a problem?

  15. molly bennion says:

    Thanks, Steve, for the post and thanks to all for your encouraging comments. This will be a wonderful evening. We are so fortunate to have both Darius and Margaret with us. Both are wise, articulate and inspiring. Darius is on a very short list of the most inspiring men any of us could ever meet. And their film is a Must-See!
    Don’t be late. We have the theater only until 9 and we don’t want to waste our potential time in dialogue with Darius and Margaret by delaying our showtime. Finally, if you can contribute $5 toward the theater rental and cost of bringing Margaret and Darius here, please do. If not, you are still most welcome. See ya’ll there!

  16. Bro. Jones says:

    I’m going to keep posting snarky comments like this one until you have a screening in D.C. :( (Snarkiness aside: congrats on the continuing distribution of the film to audiences across the nation!)

  17. Margaret, I spoke with Matt White last night about this screening and asked him if he had any connections that could make a screening in Cincinnati possible. He was very interested and thought he might be able to speak to a couple of people who could make it happen.

    Please contact him directly, mention that I told you of our conversation and see if that might be a possibility. I am confident our Stake President would make a HUGE deal of it, and I am confident he would instruct our Stake Public Affairs Director to prioritize the event. In fact, if Matt gets behind it, he and I can approach our Stake President and the President of one of the other Cincinnati stakes who is close to some very influential people in town and see if we can get a sponsor for it.

    I think it would flow best from Matt rather than me, so feel free to share this suggestion with him directly. I can step in when it is brought up at the Stake level.

  18. I’m trying to decide if I should just e-mail Ray directly or respond on the blog. I guess I’ll respond here.
    We’re trying very hard to keep the film from being seen as a Church production. Ultimately, it’s an insider’s look at race issues in Mormonism, since Darius and I directed it, but we include ex-Mormon and non-Mormon narratives as well. We’ve been turning down invitations to do anything which puts us in a chapel. Right now, we have four screenings scheduled for fall semester (I divide my life into semesters), and already have three for winter. Several are in the deep south.

    So, what I’m saying is that we can’t accommodate any more screenings until February–which typically gets jam-packed. But we love the idea of Cincinnati, especially because of the Underground Railroad museum.

    If McCain chooses Romney, we’re hoping we can get some national air time ASAP. However, that would be just the documentary itself. The DVD is so exciting. We’re finished with special features now, and just need to take care of some final details. I am REALLY excited about the information and voices we provide in special features. Perhaps my favorite is the Len Hope story, which includes Darius’s description of Len’s conversion, and then Len’s own voice telling his story. Elder Marion D. Hanks provided the audio cassette which he recorded in 1945. It is remarkable.

    Our money is used up, however, so we’ll be doing some fund raising to cover duplication, packaging, and publicity.

  19. Margaret, there would be no chapel screening here, and it would not carry the appearance of a Church function or production. The “other” Stake President I mentioned is a highest level executive in one of the largest companies in the area, with incredible connections outside the Church. If he decided to make it happen, it would happen anywhere that would be best – at no cost to you guys – with no hint of official ties to the Church itself.

    E-mail me privately as you contact Matt. I am more than happy to be the one who facilitates the necessary contacts, but I think Matt would be the best face of the request. If we do this in a concerted effort, I can’t imagine it wouldn’t get done in a perfect venue.

  20. Thanks for sharing this information. I have some friends here in the seattle area who will be able to benefit from this and we’ll be there!

  21. Just got back from the Seattle screening a while ago. There were by my estimate about 225 to 250 in attendance, and it was very well received. My wife and I loved it, finding it moving in parts, and with a few surprises that I wasn’t expecting.

    Darius and Margaret gave some great answers to questions, and talked a lot about the “extra features”, which we are all looking forward to. Thanks to Molly Bennion for putting this together!

  22. Steve Evans says:

    Kevin, glad you enjoyed it. Darius and Margaret are a class act.

  23. Thomas Parkin says:

    Ack!! I wish someone would have posted a reminder! I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. While this was going on, I was at home playing Tetris and feeling sorry for myself. And now I feel even more sorry for myself. Thanks a lot BCC.


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