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  1. I guess this isn’t really a poll, but a trivia contest. Don’t spoil it, you crazy fans who know the correct answer.

  2. Am I revealing too much if I tell you that you spelled Ribeiro’s name wrong?

  3. Dadgumit!

    And yes, you are revealing that you are a huge nerd. But then, anyone who comments here has revealed likewise.

  4. Next up: Who said, “Just do it”?

  5. Brian (#4),

    Gary Mark Gilmore.

  6. Steve Evans says:

    Spencer W. Kimball: Nike employee.

  7. Is it true! Is Ikea really opening a store in SLC?

  8. Steve Evans says:

    Nate, there’s already an Ikea near the prison off I-15.

  9. Re: #8.

    What a great place for an Ikea! Reminds me (sorta) of the definition of “belladonna” in Ambrose Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary.

    Gary Gilmore said “Let’s do it.” Not “just do it”.

    I think Abbie Hoffman or Jerry Rubin was the original “Do it” guy. But I don’t think he had the same thing in mind for “it” that Pres. Kimball did.

  10. For the sadly uneducated:

    BELLADONNA, n. In Italian a beautiful lady; in English a deadly poison. A striking example of the essential identity of the two tongues.

    For more see The Devil’s Dictionary.

  11. I’m only guessing but I voted for Ikea. Last month, between my husband and myself, we visited Ikea about 7 times in about 9 days, so I’m practically channeling all things Swedish right now.

  12. Mark B. (#8 Re: #5),

    I hate that I have to say I knew that, I was just trying to be funny.

  13. We’re missing the mark: Ikea president Anders Dahlvig is a Mormon. David O. McKay wins.

    “My business philosophy is largely based upon my personal beliefs as a Mormon.”

  14. Is “just do it” a sufficiently unique phrase that it can be traced back to one person? It sounds kind of like asking who was the first person to say “I ate breakfast this morning.”

  15. Marjorie Conder says:

    You guys won’t let me vote. You said I already had. Not true. I’m just back on my computer for the first time since this quiz was posted. Anyway, I tried to vote for IKEA, since this just wasnt close enough to McKay’s “No success can compensate for failure in the home.” (But McKay said so many things about the importance of home that he could have also said this very thing, sometime, somewhere. But it is not the home quote he is most remembered for.)

  16. “Just do it”, or “Let’s just do it”, I thought was from Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch, muttered either by Warren Oates or Ernest Borgnine, to Glenn Ford.

    Subsequent events occurred in a large, sunlit plaza, with some sort of grandstand on one side, not unlike a major athletic event. :)

  17. when do you post the real answer?
    (When I voted for Ikea, I thought I would be one of three or four. I was surprised that we were in the majority!)

  18. Steve Evans says:

    Jessawhy, why did you vote for Ikea? Why not Max Devlin?

  19. Peter LLC says:

    Personally, I go to get out of the house and eat meatballs with the senior citizens.

  20. StillConfused says:

    I voted for Ikea because I don’t know the other two non-McKay dudes and McKay would be too easy. That was my logic anyway.

  21. I am completely clueless. I voted for President McKay because I have no idea who those other people are. If he did not say it, he meant to.

  22. Yeah, I had to go to wikipedia for the Max Devlin thing.
    I’m a little too young to have seen that movie.
    (remember your some good-sized part of your audience is in Gen Y)

  23. And I thought we were the only ones who noticed the strikingly familiar theme of the new catalog…!

  24. Steve Evans says:

    Way to spoil it Patrick!

  25. Where is the information coming from that Anders Dalhvig is LDS? I searched the above link and many other links trying to fact check that piece of information and can’t find anything. Anybody have any verification?

  26. meems, it’s in the same report that gives the information on Steve Martin’s and Lionel Richie’s baptisms – right after the details of how Yoda was modeled after Pres. Kimball. I’m sure Justin can find it for you.

  27. Sorry – I thought the prior comments had already made it pretty clear….

  28. Man. Jokes are fun. I really wanted to start a new Mormon myth. So who was the “original” source of the phrase?

  29. Researcher says:

    How many people don’t have a copy of that publication in their home? (Maybe about two?)

    The meatballs are good but the salmon is better. No senior citizens at our Ikea.

  30. Can I say that except for knowing who President McKay was (and Spencer W. Kimball and Steve Martin and Lionel Richie) and knowing where the prison is, I have no idea what any of you are talking about? Does that actually make me the opposite of nerdish? Can it be possible that I am actually cool?

    Naw. I must be missing something.

  31. Steve Evans says:

    The answer to the poll is: Ikea. Yes, the Swedish home furnishings store put this on the cover of their catalogue.

  32. Researcher says:

    One of these years when I make it to Utah, we should do lunch at Ikea, Ardis. How about a bloggersnackle or whatever you guys call them? Summer of 2011 at the Draper Ikea. I’ll treat everyone to an ice cream cone. :-)

  33. Left Field says:

    I had only heard of Steve, David O. McKay, the Devil, and homefront ads, so like Ardis, I didn’t have the foggiest ikea what any of you were talking about.

    According to their web page, Ikea doesn’t have a store within about 400 miles of me, so perhaps that could explain why I’ve never heard of them.

  34. Left Field – watch out, they’re probably going to put one in soon. Though if your luck is like mine, “closer” will still mean “two hours away.” My sister and I are planning an overnight — we’ll do the Renaissance Festival, Ikea, and something else that forces us to actually enter the city of Cincinnati and stay put for a while, instead of just get really close or drive through it.

    (for those who are as humor-deficient as I am, but who don’t want to actually read the Boston article: Googling “Anders Dahlvig mormon” without quotation marks yields this post as the top result.)

  35. I just experienced a huge brain malfunction during the one second of thinking about this question in which I thought “I did see that on an Ikea catalogue recently, but it was the 2009 catalogue!”

  36. jonahtrainer says:

    Steve, “Me. I just said it, right now.”

    That is classic. You quoted Colbert from his interview of Congressman Mica. That interview is hilarious when Colbert puts on the X-Ray glasses!

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