MMM panel this Friday

For those of you who are a) prepared to feel exhausted by the Minnesota Convention (did Providence actually cancel George Bush’s speech? My head is spinning), b) within striking distance of Salt Lake City, and c) interested in a new take on the Mountain Meadows Massacre book just published by OUP, may I recommend that you consider attending the following event (I am aware of and grateful to the others who had publicized this, but I have great respect for the organizers and participants so want to give them maximal exposure):

Massacre at Mountain Meadows:
A Scholarly Discussion
September 5, 2008 | 7pm
Main Auditorium
Salt Lake City Public Library
(200 East/400 South)

Free and Open to the Public

Join three of the Nation’s Leading Scholars for a thought
provoking discussion of the highly-anticipated book,
Massacre at Mountain Meadows (Oxford University Press, 2008).

Dr. John Mack Faragher
Arthur Unobskey Professor of American History
Yale University

Dr. Philip Barlow
Arrington Chair of Mormon History and Culture
Utah State University

Dr. Donald Fixico
Distinguished Foundation Professor of History
Arizona State University

These distinguished panelists will offer both insights and questions that will place the Massacre within a deeper context of violence, imperialism, and religiosity in the U.S. West. Richard Turley, co-author of Massacre at Mountain Meadows will respond to the panel’s critique and the audience will then be invited to join the conversation.

Presented by:

The University of Utah’s American West Center
The Charles Redd Center for Western History at BYU
The Mormon History Association
The Tanner Humanities Center at the University of Utah
The Tanner Center for Non-Violent Human Rights
at The University of Utah
The Salt Lake City Public Library

Convention fatigue is not required to attend.
MMM fatigue is worth mentioning: the organizers tell me that they very specifically asked the respondents to cover new territory in their responses to the book.


  1. Jared (Juvenile Instructor) and I (Keepapitchinin) will be live-blogging for those who can’t be there. One or the other of us will be reporting as near to verbatim as possible, while the other will be doing, um, color commentary.

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