Conference on Restoration Scriptures

“Examining the Origins of Scripture” will be the theme of the 2nd Annual Restoration Studies / Sunstone Midwest Symposium, to be held April 17-18, 2009, in Independence, Missouri.

Call for Papers

Co-sponsored by the Community of Christ Seminary, the John Whitmer Historical Association, and Sunstone, the symposium will be held in the Independence Campus of Graceland University — just a few blocks west of the Temple Lot. Many of the presentations will be published in the Restoration Studies journal, which has been published irregularly by the Community of Christ Temple School since 1980 and will be published annually by JWHA beginning in 2009.

I’ve been to a lot of Mormon studies conferences, but I think there was more energy at first one of these (April of this year) than any I’ve been to. Of the 151 attendees, a majority were Community of Christ, about a quarter were LDS, and the rest were “other.” We’re hoping this year to increase the number of LDS attendees so that the numbers are closer to parity.

We’re also planning this year to do a post-conference tour of the Missouri Mormon history sites on Sunday April 19. If you haven’t been to Missouri, this would be a great opportunity to see the sites of Zion and Eden. Meanwhile, put your thinking caps on, organize your thoughts on scripture, and send your proposals to

The 2009 Program Co-Chairs:
Margie Miller and Ron Dawbarn, JWHA
Don Compier, Community of Christ Seminary
Mary Ellen Robertson, Sunstone

Side note: the scripture references are to the Community of Christ versification. RLDS Alma 17:31 = LDS Alma 37:1-2; RLDS D&C 17:4a = LDS D&C 20:17-18; RLDS D&C 163 = LDS D&C doesn’t go up that high.


  1. John, thank you for posting this info! Now I’ll post it at Please let me know of any other events that I may have left out.

  2. Wow, Kent. That’s a fantastic resource! I now have the site bookmarked and will visit often.

  3. What? Nobody told you about it yet? has only been live for a little under a week. I definitely would appreciate any publicity I can get for the resource. By the way, what is the due date for the proposals to be received? Also, do you have a web page in the works? I want to publicize this as best I can.

  4. Joe Geisner says:

    I want to second John’s comment about the energy level. This was the best conference I have ever attended, and it will be an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life.

  5. coolest call-for-papers ever.

  6. The submission deadline is Dec. 1, 2008.

    There will be a webpage eventually at — but I have a bazillion things to do before I get that done.

    We’ll add the link to at the JWHA website and I will both publicize it and shamelessly crib from it in the next JWHA newsletter.

  7. That call for papers is freakin’ made of win, as the kids today might say. I *will* figure out how that’s done, and I *will* steal that for a future party invitation!

  8. Kevin Barney says:

    What J. said in no. 5. Simply awesome, John.

  9. Ditto #5,7,8.

  10. I second #s 5 and 8. Seriously John, you have done wonders with JWHA.

  11. That is a cool invite. –

  12. Eric Russell says:

    Hey Kent, I like how you’ve got Ostler to represent “Academic Conferences” and then Bushman to represent “Popular Conferences.” Like he’s a John Bytheway for old folks.

  13. Eric, you made my day by noticing that! When I was looking for photos for that page I asked myself, “Since I’m including “popular” conferences, who is the most popular academic right now that even my mom would recognize?”

    In the Contact Me page I used the picture of BH Roberts in disguise and left out the caption (hoping everyone would think it was a photo of me), but no one I got to look at the page had ever seen the photo before so it would have ended up being an inside joke with myself and maybe Ardis. Anyway, I added a caption.

    Since I maintain both and I thought I could kill two birds with one stone by promoting both with that photo of Blake.

    Now you know everything about the photos I used besides the home page. You can guess why I used the photo I used there. :)

  14. Beautiful invitation. I love the fonts, love the layout. I particularly enjoyed reading the footnotes. (Or would you call those sidenotes?)

  15. Margie Miller says:

    Thanks so much, John for publicizing the conference here. And thank you, Kent, for publicizing it on your website.

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