BCC Zeitcast 25: New Season!

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Unrestrained id.


  1. Ego run amok.

  2. Totally! What blowhards.

  3. Happy to see the return of the Zeitcast. I’m also glad to see (hear) once again the judicious use of Radiohead for intro music.

  4. Kevin Barney says:

    Was there a third voice in there a couple of times, or was that just my imagination?

    And you don’t find Keira attractive? Really? (I love “dishy,” btw.)

  5. Harry Potter’s wand.

  6. Don’t zeit-cast your zeit-pearls before . . . zeit-swein?

  7. Sadly, Byron Rex’s “Moroni Trumpet” in a 1992 game against Hawaii never caught on.

    A Honolulu Star-Bulletin columnist described it in detail:

    BYU tight end Byron Rex caught a go-ahead touchdown in the fantastic fourth quarter in which 42 points were scored.

    Rex taunted UH safety Bryan Addison as he crossed the goal line, holding the football behind his back.

    If that wasn’t enough, Rex spewed out a few expletives and gave an obscene gesture to the fans sitting near the North end zone who were booing him.

    His profanity was picked up by field microphones on the Blue and White network which televised the game live back to Utah.

    BTW, I trust that you sought and received a refund after unwittingly purchasing that Radiohead single.

  8. Thomas Parkin says:

    Keira Knightly would be more attractive if she’d have a little Ben & Jerry’s once in a while. In Atonement, she was downright skeletal. Kind of freaked me out.


  9. Steve Evans says:

    Knightley is repulsive.

  10. Nice to hear from both of you, but where’s Amri?

    Love the idea of a Car Talk-like version of the Zeitcast. If you two loosened up a bit you’d be as much fun as the Tappet Brothers (brethren?). Throw in a weekly puzzler and you’d have a fantastic little radio show.

  11. I just want to hear Ronan say “nefarious” again.

  12. I second Steve’s assessment of Keira Knightly, and repudiate any disparagement of Radiohead. Why the hate?

  13. BCC Zeitcast + BCC You Make the Call = BCC Car Talk

    Best. idea. ever.

  14. To ease scheduling problems, people could send us an audio clip offering some topic of interest, and then we can discuss it.

  15. Steve Evans says:

    Ronan, excellent idea! People can email their brief mp3 or wav format questions to zeitcast, at, er, gmail.com.

  16. Knightley has a really cute face — pretty eyes, nice skin, a very pretty smile.

    But yeah, she could definitely stand to have a few more cheeseburgers in her diet.

  17. “a very pretty smile.”

    yeah except for the hideous sharp pointy teeth emerging out of her bottom jowl like some sort of deepsea nightmare fish.

  18. Behold the Fangs of Knightley!

  19. Wow, that photo is vampiric! Does that woman sleep in a coffin?

  20. Steve, I think you mean she has a sweet spirit.

  21. With a ginormous underbite.

  22. I guess now we know who Steve wanted Bella to end up with.

  23. Mommie Dearest says:

    In Pride & Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennett is not the pretty sister, Jane is. IIRC that is one of the underlying points on which Austen’s plot plays out, even though filmmakers universally cast [what the director considers] a babe as the female lead. So Kiera being a dawg or not shouldn’t be that much of an issue. Just sayin.

  24. Steve Evans says:

    Jane was played by a babe in the movie — Rosamund Pike.

  25. re: my #1; I was just goofing off, Steve. I was hoping for a follow-up comment on the superego. Oh well.

  26. Ann, I know — I was goofing off as well. Different levels of goofoffery, alas. You gonna email in with a question for us?

  27. You are all nuts. I love Keira Knightly. And Steve, you can complain about her teeth all you want but show me another actress that can do this with her teeth. I think you’re just jealous.

  28. Keira Knightly can open a bottle of beer with her sternum.

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