Last-minute MHA connections

I’ve just been advised that there is a two-paper panel on the nineteenth-century theological context for Mormonism that is to be submitted to MHA. They are looking for a third paper. Of course the deadline is tomorrow night. However, if you have a paper that you want to write for MHA and could throw together an abstract in a day (or if you were planning on submitting as a solo paper within this broad theme), you may consider combining with the other two papers for a panel. The contact persons is Ben at Juvenile Instructor–he’ll tell you where he can be reached.

Incidentally, feel free to use this space if anyone else is trying to throw together papers for a panel or need to negotiate anything else regarding MHA submissions.


  1. Thanks for putting this up, Sam.

    Those interested can email me at ben25unc AT gmail DOT com.

  2. At least we aren’t the only ones polishing off the final details for tomorrows deadline.

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