BCC Zeitcast 27

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Brad and Amri, listener questions, stream of consciousness…
Email recorded questions to zeitcast@gmail.com.


  1. Thank goodness, something new!

  2. I am not 5’6″, jerks.

  3. 6’1″, jerks.

  4. Here is my listener question: why can’t you have more Canadian or British hosts?

  5. To Amri,
    Are ayahuasca ceremonies against the Word of Wisdom?

  6. Mark Brown says:


    Sister Kramer sounds like a woman of very sound judgement.

    The outro brought back nightmares.

  7. Here’s my question held over from the last one. What’s up with making fun of Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia?

  8. I just wanna say, Brad was making all the judgments about height. I just said Norbert must be tall because he lives in Finland.

    #5 Ronan, is this a question for the zeitcast? maybe we should have an ayahuasca ceremony while we do a zeitcast and decide from there.

  9. Clark, clearly they are rogue states.

  10. Spoken like someone who thinks the whole country is nothing more than the 51st state with the only fruit check more annoying than the California border. It’s Provinces man! Rogue provinces!

  11. Physically, I may be only 5’8″, but spiritually, I am a giant!

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