General Conference Sunday Morning Open Thread

Featuring the Power of the Wasatch, the Cougar Marching Band!! Or not.


  1. I predict… President Eyring. Then Elder Hales with some good stuff. And Bishop McMullin.

  2. Speakers slated for Sunday morning session:

    * President Eyring (“Our Hearts Knit As One”)
    * Elder Hales (“Christian Courage: The Price of Discipleship”
    subtitle: “Answering Our Accusers in the Savior’s Way”)
    * Bishop McMullin (“God Loves and Helps All His Children”)
    * President Dalton (YW president, “A Return to Virtue”)
    * Elder Ballard (“The Truth of God Shall Go Forth”)
    * President Monson (“Finding Joy in the Journey”)

  3. Mac has done an amazing job with the choir’s diction. Just saying.

  4. I have gotten in a bad habit of spending a lot of intellectual power figuring out which apostles haven’t spoken.

    We have Hales, Nelson, Packer, Ballard, Cook, and Eyring Left.

  5. When he was my ward choir director in Provo, Mac Wilberg was always hammering on us to pronounce the words correctly and mocking our distinctly Utah accents (good-naturedly of course).

  6. Elder Ballard invariably speaks on a Sunday morning, does he not?!

  7. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    I’m thinking that Elder Ballard may be the first to mention Preach My Gospel. I don’t recall it being mentioned yet.

  8. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    Hodges, how did you get the speaker list for this session in advance?

  9. Sister Allred mentioned PMG yesterday, beating Elder Ballard to the punch :-)

  10. It’s my prediction, of course.

  11. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    Guess I missed it through her accent Alison.

  12. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    I don’t think Pres. Monson will speak until “a quarter to 2” this afternoon, other than his conducting duties.

  13. Sister Allred mentioned PMG yesterday, beating Elder Ballard to the punch

    It was also mentioned by the French dude and in PM.

  14. Eddie, we don’t have that many Hispanic folk here in Scotland but I managed fine! ;-)

  15. With that title, I wouldn’t be surprised if Elder Ballard’s talk mentions “using the new media” to share the Gospel.

  16. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    I was sleeping through most of PM.

  17. #7, so did Elder Aidukaitis.

  18. #10 – Inside information, BHodges. I admire you, but you ain’t that inspired, I think.

  19. BHodges didn’t warn us that his comment contained a spoiler! ;)

  20. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    Speaking of “the new media,” I can’t get that new media player online to load properly.

    And Hodges, you’re apparently working on some inside information.

  21. 19. Yeah! DON’T tell us who’s up for this afternoon.

  22. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    I’ve gotta say that watching conference on the 42″ plasma on my couch rocks!!! I bought this last spring on the eve of conference. Also happened to be the eve of the Final Four.

  23. The new media player won’t work for me either, I’ve stuck with the Windows version.

  24. Hodges – are you that dude on CSI?

  25. Teacher, Pres. Eyring had his eyes open! :)

  26. Eddie – You’re from Soldotna? My sister used to live in Seward. Are they close?

  27. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    Seward is 90 miles away. But it’s in our stake. They have a small branch there.

  28. We long for joy and unity in this life, because that’s what we had with him before we came here.

    I love that thought.

  29. Do you remember the Coisman’s?

  30. Try KBYU TV and select the live feed. They’re broadcasting it.

  31. I don’t want all of our apostles to be emotional speakers, but I love that Pres. Eyring’s emotions are so close to the surface every time he talks. It is so genuinely obvious that he cares deeply about what he is saying.

  32. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    Never knew them. Only been to church there a couple of times. And starting with our Stake Conference next spring, they won’t even drive over here for Stake COnference, as we are getting equipment to broadcast our stake conferences to the other buildings in our stake.

  33. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    I’m not too worried about it Seth, as I’m making my own DVDs of the conference.

  34. You know he feels strongly about this since it was also the topic of last month’s FP message (which he wrote).

  35. “It started as a conversation about what is true, but it became a conflict over who was right.”

    Wow, that has direct application here.

  36. “The truth they share is more important than their differences.”

    “Differences can help me see what I lack.”

    This is an amazing talk.

  37. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    We can make a choice to judge others. Kind of like what Elder Bednar said a couple of years ago, about we make a choice to be offended.

    I like this.

  38. Does he read the “You Make the Call” posts? :)

  39. Has anyone mentioned SSM yet? I thought it would at least be alluded to this Conference.

  40. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    What’s SSM?

  41. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    I’m also looking for a reference to the new familysearch.

  42. Eyering must be writing directly for some here, “stop criticizing leaders.”

  43. Re: 40,

    SSM = same-sex marriage.

  44. I hear it more generically as, “Quit being critical of others.” Leaders certainly are part of that.

  45. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    I’m thinking Packer will take on the SSM issue.

  46. Has anyone mentioned SSM yet?

    If anyone does, my money’s on Bishop McMullin (as Hodges’ agenda appears to be running almost verbatim!)

  47. good point Ray.

  48. Think Eyring caught the US VP debate? Is that the conflict he was talking about?

  49. Steve Evans says:

    Eyring is a weepaholic. Bless him though, I sure like him.

  50. I bet nobody will make direct reference to it. There might be a ‘sanctity of the family’ talk, but not a direct reference to CA prop 8.

    Of course, I’ve been wrong before.

  51. Eddie,

    I also think Packer will at least mention it.

  52. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    Hodges apparently is working on inside information. I wonder if he’s the one sitting at the desk on the left end of the aisle where the podium is.

  53. This is a great talk to follow Pres. Eyring’s.

  54. Hodges must be a journalist sitting at the Conference, because the journalists get a packet of what’s coming for the session.

    And living among Sodom and Gomorrah was mentioned last night in the Priesthood session.

  55. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    Or, maybe Hodges is the person responsible for loading the talks into the teleprompter.

  56. This talk is for me.

  57. #52.. Could be some GA live blogging from his blackberry.

  58. Love is the only power that can subdue Satan.

  59. a comment on a blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. First mention of blogs! Go Elder Hales!

  61. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    “A comment on a blog.” I wonder if they have someone monitoring these during the meeting.

  62. Yes, we are monitoring you, Eddie. Your faithfulness demonstrated here has earned you the calling of Scoutmaster combined with Nursery Leader. You will be sustained next Sunday.

    /s/ Monitoring Committee

  63. Before next conference someone should set up a betting pool where people can bet on who will talk, who will be the first to mention blogs, who will be the first to mention SSM, etc.

  64. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    It worse to not be Christian than to not be called Christian. I have to admit, I’d never looked at it like that before.

  65. Niblet nomination for Sister Parshall?

  66. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    Thanks Ardis. Our Primary Presidency will be elated at this news. They’ve been looking to fill that slot for a couple of months.

  67. Steve Evans says:

    Hales makes a shout-out to BCC! Word up!

  68. #64 – That is a powerful statement. I love this talk.

  69. #62 – Wow I must really be faithful since I am the scoutmaster and the 11-year old boys Sunday School teacher. Woo hoo.

  70. Steve Evans says:

    also, a shout-out to Webster’s Dictionary.

  71. Cacti, Anyone else thinking of anti-Mormon GC protestors?

  72. “The high ground is where the light is.” True dat

  73. “We should never confuse boldness with Satan’s counterfeit, overbearance.”

    What a profound truth.

  74. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    Webster always get at least 3 mentions in any given conference.

  75. and he just told us not to feed the trolls – mentioning “these people” and blogs directly.

  76. In my ward the youth have taken to quoting “”. They haven’t gotten the message that Webster’s is the cannonized dictionary.

  77. Steve Evans says:

    Elder Hales is speaking directly to us. Well, to Ray anyhow. Pay attention Ray.

  78. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    Does it bother anyone else that a church which is so big on families bans children under the age of 8 from the conference center during General Conference?

  79. we love our accusers… even if they are wicked democrats.

  80. Does it bother anyone else that a church which is so big on families bans children under the age of 8 from the conference center during General Conference?


  81. Steve Evans says:

    Eddie, in my experience you cannot trust people that are not to be held accountable. Enron and Primary both.

  82. I think Elder Hales saw those youtube videos of missionaries getting served by the Georgia preacher.

  83. not at all Eddie. they’re loud.

  84. Yes, sir, Steve. :)

  85. I have kids under 8 and they “should” definitely be banned from conference.

  86. Other Mega churches are also big on families, but provide huge child care services. LDS don’t provide widespread childcare.

  87. 78: It’s all due to the broadcast, the conference center becomes TV studio with a large audience

  88. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    Re: 78
    Well, we also value peace, soberness, and learning; all of which are hard to do when a loud voice from the audience starts singing “I Have Five Little Fingers” at the top of their lungs.

  89. re: the ssm stuff… the first presidency is doing a broadcast to all california stake centers this wednesday specifically on proposition 8. i’m guessing they’ll save a lot of ssm talk for then.

  90. Latter-day Guy says:

    McMullin’s voice is pretty… intense.

  91. my child care is that I’m watching on the Internet in my basement right now.

  92. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    This could hit the SSM topic.

  93. How does Elder Hales talk fit in with 2 Nephi 1:26 And ye have murmured because he hath been plain unto you. Ye say that he hath used sharpness; ye say that he hath been angry with you; but behold, his sharpness was the sharpness of the power of the word of God, which was in him; and that which ye call anger was the truth, according to that which is in God, which he could not restrain, manifesting boldly concerning your iniquities.

  94. 90: My wife just said he should be a narrator for books on tape

  95. São Paulo says:

    “Love” as the power that will overcome Satan reminds me of Harry Potter, where love was the power that overcame Voldemort.

    I know Harry Potter is true….

  96. Children under 8 should be banned from the church history library, too. So should the parents who bring them.

  97. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    When is the vote in california?

  98. jeremy, does that mean the kids are upstairs?

  99. #93 – Easy, Laman and Lemuel were not born-again Christians

  100. Children under 8 should be banned from the church history library, too.

    Are they not?! Travesty.

  101. completely unattended… (no, the toys are in the basement)

  102. No, they aren’t. And yes, it is.

  103. For a minute I thought this was going to be our SSM talk.

  104. I agree Brian. Just wondering.

  105. re: 97, november 4th.

  106. For a minute I thought this was going to be our SSM talk.

    Me too.

  107. me too. turns out it’s another welfare talk (been a few of those this year)

  108. You know, I love general conference. I just realized it.

  109. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    “No lasting effects…” except for a fear of busses.

  110. Hales quote of Nehemiah 6:3 was outstanding.

    “And I sent messengers unto them, saying, I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down: why should the work cease, whilst I leave it, and come down to you?”

    You really have to sift among blogs addressing Mormonism. Some really, really, aren’t worth bothering with. Take it from someone who has had to learn that the hard way.

  111. “We would do well not to speak of him as if he was the friend next door.”

    That is profound.

  112. Steve Evans says:

    There should be an LDS Children’s Archive, where the younglings are shown the wonders of archival research. There could be a giant microfiche machine and the kids could pretend to be the film.

  113. sorry if i spoiled it for anyone!

  114. Interesting thought: different levels of prayer

  115. steve #112 LOL

  116. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    Time for some more physical nourishment.

  117. sorry if i spoiled it for anyone!

    You *are* the guy off CSI…

  118. that was not a rest hymn.

    also sister Dalton frightens me a little.

  119. yes, it is i.

  120. I like Sister Dalton. Even if she doesn’t have big Utah Hair.

  121. She also looks like she had a brow lift.

  122. She just said, “the temple is the reason for everything we do in the church.” Well, I disagree with that.

  123. I hate it when they only sing 1 verse.

  124. And how did Elder McMullin look Trevor?

  125. I think she means it in an ultimate symbolic sense annegb.

  126. I already know that I’m going to get in trouble for this, but Sister Dalton is better looking than Sarah Palin!

  127. Steve Evans says:

    I thought Katie Couric was really mean in her Sis. Dalton interview.

  128. “In speaking to the Ladies said He hoped they would become a virtueous people.” — Perry Brocchus to Mormon women, 1851

  129. She sounds like a maverick.

  130. I’m thinking of the talks we just heard right now.

  131. jinx, Kurt and Steve.

  132. He looked like I’d imagine the narrator from Mickey Mouse Cartoons to look.

  133. But Sis. Dalton had the last laugh when she stole Katie’s hair.

  134. Okay, you guys. There are more than a few GAs who look like John McCain, and you don’t find the women here refusing to listen to them for that poor taste.

  135. I like her talk. Mislead by false role-models. Ever texting! LOL

  136. Aaron Brown says:

    Yay, she condemned texting! I wish she’d disparage video games too.


  137. Steve Evans says:

    Ardis, there are GAs that look like McCain, but none can match his skills in the Octagon.

  138. Dalton ditched her primary voice, cool

  139. Sorry, I’m too old to recognize the pop culture reference, Steve. Does it have anything to do with Lawrence Welk?

  140. Wait, I think I just missed something. Did she just give an implied endorsement Oaks’ “walking pornography” idea?

  141. haha ever texting

  142. We natural men can’t help ourselves Ardis.

    Interesting that she brings up the example of Lehonti too. That’s twice this minor character is getting air-time this conference.

  143. #137- Steve, was that remark in code?!

  144. I think it’s shallow to judge people on whom they look like. (Not that I’m not shallow too. I’m just saying).

  145. A lovely blonde Teri Hatcher without the eating disorder?

  146. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    Re: 140
    I don’t think so – the two thoughts were just expressed close together.

  147. Dalton ditched her primary voice, cool

    You can put lipstick on a bulldog…

  148. Steve Evans says:

    October Fifth is Remember Lahonti Day.

  149. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    Only one verse on the song didn’t fit well into my feeding schedule. I guess I need a bigger toaster. 4 slots just doesn’t cut it.

  150. Aaron Brown says:

    Every time an LDS woman tells me how gorgeous Elder Uchtdorf is, I’m going to retort, “yeah, he’s like a male Sister Dalton!”


  151. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    Ahh… that’s such a cute shot.

  152. This is an excellent talk. Just saying.

  153. She talks about girls preening (implying vanity) but didn’t imply seductiveness.

    Then she talked about the boys’ responsibility to guard virtue in the relationship.

    Now, that’s refreshing!

    Historically, the girls have been given that burden.

  154. Sister Dalton was quite pleased by her texting joke.

  155. Agreed, Ray.

  156. Ray, you’re supposed to drop the g, i.e. “sayin”

  157. #152: Yes, it was a good talk. Although she was quoting someone else, I appreciated her comment that the will to win doesn’t mean a whole lot without the will to prepare. Amen! Tell it, sister!

  158. So she wasn’t saying, “Dress modestly or you might lead male onlookers to porn addiction”? Seriously, I zoned out for like a minute, and I’m curious if that’s what she was getting at.

  159. what’s the “walking pornography” idea?

  160. This is a lovely hymn. Good arrangement too.

  161. I always thought guarding virtue was both an individual and a group responsibility. You can’t pawn off your own responsibility, nor act without regards to others.

  162. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    I even heard the “ever texting” comment from the kitchen.

  163. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    And I’m sorry, but SIs. Dalton is no Sarah Palin.

  164. nevermind. I think I got it.

  165. #158 – No, she didn’t say that.

  166. is Sister Dalton really 62?

  167. Does Sister Dalton hunt moose?

  168. i would like to read an analysis about how the childrens’ songbook has changed the culture of the Church over the past 25 years since it came out.

  169. Does sister Dalton play hockey?

  170. can sis dalton see Russia from her backyard?

  171. Does Sister Dalton hunt moose?

    Does Sarah Palin use botox?

    for all those with questions about Sis. Dalton…

  173. I love the primary songs in conference. Only so many times I can take “Guide us Thou O Great Jehovah.”

  174. Peter LLC says:

    What’s the difference between a…

  175. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    I feel like I’m in my Primary class with all of this Palin nonsense. :-( Come on, guys, let’s pay attention – and let’s have all four feet of the chair on the floor, please.

  176. Does Sister Dalton read the newspaper?

  177. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    Anne–No, she’s only 61. Her birthday is November 1.

  178. Sister Dalton directly compared the priesthood to the priesthood and said the young women were the greater force for virute. That’s awesome. I will read this talk to my five year old and 1 year old again and again as they grow.

  179. Calmity?

  180. Sister Dalton’s words to the young women, reminding the great influence they can have with virtue, reminded me of what Ice-T once said – “If women didn’t sleep with criminals there would be no criminals.” I wonder if that is the first time he’s been quoted on BCC.

  181. Ok, quit Palinating sis Dalton. Whooly sexist and inappropriate.

  182. Kurt, It’s about time!

    Maybe Elder Packer will quote Ice-T as well.

  183. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    Apostles are allocated about 12 minutes to speak. How long til Ballard mentions Preach My GOspel?

  184. Nice point that heading west was originally Joseph’s idea.

  185. Steve Evans says:

    Kurt, that is not the first time we’ve quoted Ice-T. Sorry.

  186. 6:45 seconds by my calculations…

  187. How long til Ballard mentions Preach My GOspel?

    1 minute 42 seconds

  188. Steve, can we get a link?

  189. BHodges inside mysterious knowledge is going to eat at me. How?

  190. So, is it settled? Young women are responsible for the seduction of young men? Did anyone catch that in Elaine Dalton’s talk? Did I misunderstand her? I hope so.

  191. #188 – How about a life? ;-)

  192. Doesn’t Elder Ballard have such a shiny, healthy glow about his hair?

  193. Yes, Max, you misunderstood her. She did NOT say that. Please, can we put that to rest?

  194. How about a scientific thesis while you’re at it, Steve.

  195. 191,

    This seems like the pot calling the kettle black. ;)

  196. Steve Evans says:

    Trevor, I am sure I’ve quoted “I’m Your Pusher” a few times. And “Colors” as well: “you don’t know me, fool. You disown me? Cool!”

  197. I’ve always wondered if the General Authorities have a special hair dye.. you know like, “G.A. Angel Glow #65” or something.

  198. #195: Ice-T is black…

  199. Doesn’t Elder Ballard have such a shiny, healthy glow about his hair?

    He uses Pantene ProV (subtle product placement to pay for production costs; soon he’ll shake it like a lion’s mane).

  200. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    I think the PMG reference is imminent.

  201. All they need is a wind machine…

  202. Peter LLC says:

    #195: Ice-T is black…

    And Vanilla Ice is white.

  203. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    Eminem aka MArshall Mathers is also white.

  204. An interesting overview of Church history.


  205. I love Elder Ballard. Just sayin.

  206. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    And does anyone remember who is known as White Chocolate?

  207. Did the one millionth missionary get a free trip to Temple Square? Awesome!

  208. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    Oh Brad, that’s just one minor piece that he left out.

  209. Eddie, did you know me in high school?

  210. And does anyone remember who is known as White Chocolate?

    Jason Williams.

  211. I wonder if the 1,000,000th missionary got his mission funded for free?

  212. Brad, no need to mention it at all when focusing on missionary work and growth.

  213. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    I heard that the one millionth missionary got 50% off of his call — he only has to serve 1 year.

  214. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    But Ray, wasn’t polygamy a key element of the growth of the kingdom?

  215. Brewhaha –

    They dropped confetti on him when he checked into the MTC and had his scriptures signed by the 12

  216. They glow ’cause time runs differently in the Temple.

  217. Brad, no need to mention it at all when focusing on missionary work and growth.

    Just sayin’, the senate didn’t exactly balk at seating Smoot or harangue President Smith over belief in the Book of Mormon…

  218. This may be the first time I have heard an apostle compare the difficulty of our day to that of the Pioneers.

  219. There it is, the first SSM reference.

  220. I think the calmity gaffe is a bit of age showing. I hate when that happens, especially in me.

  221. Duke of Earl Grey says:

    There it is.

  222. This may be the first time I have heard an apostle compare the difficulty of our day to that of the Pioneers.


  223. Trevor, wasn’t that an LDS urban legend (or an EFY urban legend)?

  224. #214 – No, it wasn’t.

  225. Going back to Elder Hale’s talk, did I hear him refer, at the end of his talk to the Savior’s “eternal and unconditional love”?

    Going back to Elder Perry’s talk yesterday, did I hear a reference to “free agency”?

    signed, Correlation Committee

  226. TRADITION!!!! He said Tradition and I felt like a Jew for a moment.

  227. He’s not asking us to . . . he’s asking us to . . .

    Great juxtaposition there.

  228. Well played, DavidH

  229. #219 and #221

    I believe the proper BCC vernacular is:

    “Oop deh it izz!”

  230. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    I am STUNNED!!! Not a single reference to Preach My Gospel by Elder Ballard. When is the last time he gave a talk without it??

  231. Did I mention I hate dial-up lag?

  232. Hear, hear to the shout out to the Tabernacle Choir. They are a gem.

  233. I am surprised, I thought that the references to how our difficulties are comparable to the pioneers we just folklore.

  234. Here comes the Obama endorsement.

  235. *were just folklore.

  236. I’m unloading my handcart I packed last night to head back to Jackson County.

  237. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    Trevor–would I have known you in High School?? What school did you attend?

  238. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    Like the change we must change, to the change we hold dear. I really like change, have I made myself clear?

  239. I have not heard the word “maverick” used once in this conference. I just heard President Monson refer to “change” and President Uchtdorf focus on “hope.” Let he/she who has ears to hear, hear.

  240. Eddie that was a joke about you asking if anybody knew a guy named “White Chocolate”

  241. A Guy Named Eddie says:


  242. Tom, LOL. I think we need a JibJab video with Palin before the election.

  243. There was our SSM talk.

  244. Sorry for all the times I’ve been superficially righteuos here and on other blogs.

  245. The only chance for Change is thru the true Savior of mankind. Oh, and btw, he wasn’t born in the 1900’s, contrary to what the media tells us today.

  246. Steve Evans says:

    Matt, your righteuosness has always been manifest.

  247. ObamaJesus?

  248. Show-a-holic!

  249. @239: No, but there was that story from Elder Holland about the cows that wandered off. That’s the same thing, isn’t it?

  250. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    Find joy in the journey… NOW.

    Also, does President Monson quote musicals more than scriptures?

  251. NCN_tom, if you add great works like “Great Expectations” then yes.

  252. Carpe Diem!

  253. Was SSA discussed at last nights P session?

  254. “Childhood doesn’t.”

    That just hit me really hard.

  255. Next he’s going to quote Rent.

  256. In your dreams gst.

  257. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    You wanna see a good palin video, click here.

    I haven’t checked out these guys vids in awhile. Looks like there’s probably some more good ones about her too.

  258. Your dirty, dark, filthy, dreams….

  259. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    Re 251: Cool. I don’t have a problem with that, but was curious if it was more than an impression to me.

  260. Steve Evans says:

    For a second, I thought the advice from The Music Man was going to be “a girl that’ll kiss on the very first date is usually a hussy.”

  261. A Guy Named Eddie says:


    It wasn’t mentioned last night while I was awake.

  262. I love the scriptures, and teaching from them, but I also like how Monson teaches using many methods and media.

  263. Hanoi Hilton reference . . . hmm . . . implicit endorsement of McCain?

  264. He’s making me feel guilty that I’m locked in my office so I can’t hear my kids screaming while I listen to conference. I guess I better turn this off.

  265. If I had a message to leave my family I would say, “The money is in the…..”

  266. Our Town is a great play.

  267. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    ALl of my money can be tracked here.

  268. The Music Man . . . Our Town . . . The Secret Garden . . . Oh my! President Monson IS a show-a-holic!

  269. 264 I think you are right Hunter. It was added to balance out the references to change and hope in keeping with the Church’s neutrality polity.

  270. Re: non-scriptural references to non-correlated materials by President Monson. Recall that he was called to the 12 by President McKay who also frequently quoted non-correlated materials (although more poetry and prose than plays).

  271. President Monson speaks to my inner child. This is a great talk.

  272. Re: David and others concerning non-scriptural references

    I think it adds something to conference. Too often we think that the only “good works” are the scriptures (and books by Deseret Book), but Pres. McKay, Pres. Hinckley, and now Pres. Monson show that there is much in “good books”

  273. BHodges — Who will be speaking this PM and what are the topics?

  274. Eddie, do you need some software or special equipment to make a DVD of these sessions? I don’t know how to do it, but I’d love to make a disc so I could play the RS session to our sisters here in my ward in Nigeria. Later in the month they will play the conference sessions at the Stake Center, but the RS women never hear their session.

  275. This talk reminds me.. Thanks, BCC, for hosting the open threads.

  276. I don’t accept that books by Deseret Book are “good works”

  277. I’ll accept as “good works”

  278. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    CAW–I’ve got a DVD recorder sitting in my entertainment center. I just hit RECORD when the session starts, and STOP when it ends. Do the same thing for the afternoon session. And then add some titles to the disc and finalize it.

    As far as doing them from the online archives, I’m sure it’s doable, but I don’t have the technical expertise to advise you.

  279. I don’t accept that books by Deseret Book are “good works”

    But Sister Dew is the CEO!

  280. “‘No room at the inn’ was not a singular rejection – just the first.”


  281. Indeed, BCC. We take it for granted, but we appreciate it.

  282. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    CAW–I should admit I’m a little bit technically savvy. Come back for this afternoon’s session, and I’ll see if I can figure it out between now and then. Or post me an email address I can get in touch with you with.

  283. Interesting hymn choice for 12 noon.

  284. Thank you, BCC.

  285. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    Re: 274
    It’s not that hard if you use Linux or OSX. If you use Windows it’s usually a little harder. The only equipment you’d need is a DVD Burning drive. Past that, you simply need a digital copy of the session, which might be easy to get from Feel free to email me at if you’d like some more info – give me some time betwene sessions to look into it.

  286. I don’t accept that books by Deseret Book are “good works”

    If the “Tennis Shoes” series is counted among Deseret Book works, I would have to agree.

  287. #283 – Only if you’re in MST or later.

  288. Sister Dew is a good person. but there’s not necessarily a transfer from CEO to products. Sorry. Publishing books like.
    “Chances are, you’ll be exalted” and “You’re so special, No one can replace you” makes me gag.

  289. re: 283
    Trev, it’s not about a time of day… rather a restoration and a new dispensation.

  290. I love this hymn. Nice arrangement. Is it Mac’s?

  291. #288 – Wow, I wonder if Deseret Book is still true then…

  292. AWERSOME short prayer

  293. That was the shortest conference prayer I can recall.

  294. Thanks Eddie. Of course, I can’t get the sessions on TV here, but if I can record it from my computer from BYU TV or the video archives, that would be really cool. I can always just put the audio on my I-pod and play it for the sisters, but I know they would enjoy seeing it. My email is caroleew at byu dot net if you get anything later. I might not stay awake through all of the later session — it’s late here and I need to get up early in the morning. Thanks for any help you can give me!

  295. A Guy Named Eddie says:

    SHortest prayer in the history of general conference.

  296. Sis Dew and I don’t get along. I asked her once why she didn’t adopt kids since she had so much time and love to give. That began a weird exchange.

  297. Lol Burk.

    I’m aware. Typically the hymn is sung to start conference though. The phrase “the morning breaks” is most effective in the morning so it reinforces the imagery.

  298. Are there slightly more women than men in MoTab? I notice the red dresses hang over the center of the organ pipes. Or is that just the camera angle?

  299. gotta keep time… the short rest hymn showed they were behind a bit

  300. “Our Savior’s Love” has brought me to tears many times since the current hyumn book was published. How nice to hear it on the conference center organ.

  301. #296 – She didn’t perchance ask why you had such poor social skills? ;-)

  302. Loved that prayer. It should be published as an example. Actually, I’ve loved almost all the prayers this conference.

  303. The women of the Mo Tab need a new dress designer. Yesterday’s blue trash bags tied at the crotch were not pretty.

  304. #303 – See #301. :)

  305. This – Media player is majorly delayed. I’m still listening to the closing hymn.

  306. the mo tab dresses need to be tents by design… they need to fit lots of diffefrent body types and try to reach some sort of uniformity.

  307. BHodges — Who will be speaking this PM and what are the topics?
    No way, I already peeved Ardis on this one! ;)

  308. The picture of the baby being blessed that they showed when Sis. Dalton spoke about her granddaughter…

    is that a stock photo or a photo of her granddaughter being blessed?

    I wonder how they got that photo taken in either case.

  309. oh, bhodges, don’t worry ’bout ardis! i’d love a head’s up, too!

  310. Jesus Christ and the world of the new testament is a “good work” David G.

  311. I have enjoyed these threads immensely. I will be attending the final session with my family at our chapel, so I won’t be here for that one – not that anyone cares. I just want to add my thanks now, since I won’t be able to do it later.

  312. Please, BHodges, Please!!! Some of us need to know! (Avert your eyes, Ardis).

  313. Me too, Hodges.

  314. When I get the info I’ll pass it along with a spoiler warning.

  315. May I suggest a separate post where the info is hidden after the “more” link – and a plea that nobody jump ahead and use the info in the actual session open thread?

  316. Ray, this isn’t the Sixth Sense.

    It’s just conference.

  317. Sorry, Seth, I should have added a :) at the end of #315. It really changes the comment.

  318. Emoticons are essential to proper communication.

  319. Emoticons are of the devil.

  320. #308 – Quest, I know one of Dalton sons (and he’s kinda balding – bottom left of the photo) and I believe it is a real photo of the blessing.

    I can ask how they got the photo if you want. I assume it was taken prior to the blessing, either in their home or studio. Just stand on a really tall ladder!!!

    It’s a very cool photo.

  321. Thank you, Sally.

    That photo is breathtaking and inspiring.

  322. Quest – I just heard from M.D. and he said they were the actual people who participated in the blessing. The photo was taken a couple of days ago by a church photographer.

  323. Kevin Barney says:



    Here are the afternoon speakers:

    * President Packer (“The Test”)
    * Elder Nelson (“Celestial Marriage”)
    * President Oswald (of the Sunday School, “Gospel Teaching–Our
    Most Important Calling”)
    * Elder Gavarret (of the Seventy, “Returning Home”)
    * Elder Godoy (of the Seventy, “Testimony as a Process”)
    * Elder Cook (“Hope Ya Know, We Had a Hard Time”)
    * President Monson (“Closing Remarks”)

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