The Evans Brain Trust

I read news articles, blog posts, punditry and other pieces on the internet pretty much every day. Increasingly I find myself drawn towards some authors, whose work I read religiously, while other authors I almost never read. I thought it might be interesting to talk about the people whose opinions and views we always read, and think about where that leads us.

The newspapers I read are The NY Times, The Globe and Mail, The WSJ and The Guardian, in that order. I read the front page articles, and skim the headlines. The only NY Times column I read without fail is the Minimalist cooking column.

In terms of mainstream Op-Ed contributors and political pundits, my list isn’t that long. There aren’t that many people I find interesting enough — too much heat and not enough light on all bands of the political spectrum. That said, I will always read Thomas Friedman, Charles Krauthammer, Fareed Zakaria (when he’s not foaming at the mouth), Andrew Sullivan (ditto) and Ross Douthat. I like to read the online content at The Atlantic Monthly, generally, as well as RealClearPolitics and FiveThirtyEight. I like the Daily Show and Colbert Report, but don’t watch either with any consistency. Sites like Politico and The Huffington Post are fine for entertainment purposes. I guess that is a lot of politics for someone who cannot vote.

On the general religion front, the list is smaller but I read the same sites almost all the time. GetReligion is #1, with the best coverage of religion in the public square. I set up Google news searches for various religious topics, and scan that daily. The Pew Forum’s religion news aggregator is pretty handy as well. That’s about all I read in terms of non-Mormon religion articles; I suppose this indicates that I don’t really follow much news when it comes to other faiths. I have another Google News aggregator for Mormon news, and I read the LDS Newsroom, Mormon Times and BYU Newsnet (well, Police Beat anyhow).

In the Bloggernacle I’ll read everything at BCC and Kulturblog, as well as Dave’s site without fail. I also read The Juvenile Instructor and Ardis’ blog, as well as A Motley Vision and Zelophehad’s Daughters. If the guys at NCT aren’t sounding too space cadet-y I’ll check them out. I visit Mormon Mentality when a good dust-up appears (see, e.g., college students on welfare). Apart from that, I have to admit that I look for particular authors and commenters. I’ll read anything by Nate, Jonathan or Julie at T&S. I also confess to reading Trash Calls and Snarkernacle (if they have any content).

In terms of commenters, I will read what the other BCC permas say 100% of the time. I like them a lot and conversing with them is the highlight of my day. Otherwise, here’s a partial list of commenters I will likely read 100% of the time: GST, Russell Fox, Justin, Mark B., Molly Bennion, Wm Morris, mfranti, the ZDs, Nitsav, Ardis, meems, mmiles, annegb, Aaron Brown, Matt B., Brian J., MCQ, velska, and a few others (apologies in advance if I have snubbed you, but frankly the list was getting pretty long and already it looks like all I do is read the blogs all day). I guess what this means is that in broad strokes I am community-oriented in how I read and participate on the blogs, and so I am drawn to interesting conversations and interesting people in circumstances that I am familiar with. I don’t foray much into sites I don’t know, and I look to David Sundwall’s A Soft Answer every once in a while to see what’s new… but my participation on new or unfamiliar blogs is dwindling. Not sure why that is.

What about you? Who do you read, without fail? Where do you get your ideas, and what does that say about you?


  1. Also, Mathew reminds me that I like to read Mathew’s comments a LOT.

  2. …oh, and also I am glued to Digg, icanhascheezburger, failblog and Ain’t It Cool News. Insert “Pathetic Loser” label here.

  3. Aaron Brown says:

    Reading this was a bit exhausting. How do you find the time? Probably the same way I do, but then my day’s over before I know it.

    My list would overlap with yours somewhat, but I’ll just do a few shout-outs, rather than a comprehensive list …

    I still read Andrew Sullivan religiously. I wonder what it would take to get me to stop. Probably not possible.

    I really, really like Megan McArdle at the Atlantic. She is underappreciated (though less so as time goes by), and just great.

    I still read National Review Online quite a bit. Jonah Goldberg and Ramesh Ponnuru especially. And sometimes even John Derbyshire can be fascinating. I used to read Viktor Davis Hanson a lot, but Iraq War fatigue has set in.

    The Volokh Conspiracy is still a must-read, much of the time. I periodically check out Christopher Hitchens’ columns, which is almost always fun.

    On the Mormon front, I would still read everything by Nate Oman and Russell Fox, if they still blogged. Do they? And I can’t resist Mormon Mentality, out of fear that I’ll miss a DKL-smackdown. The biggest change in my Mormon blog reading habits over the last year or so is that DKL and JNS have moved into the “must read always” category, along with Nate and Russell.

    Aaron B

  4. AB, I haven’t given McArdle a fair shake, and my browser will not permit me to visit NRO. I forgot about Volokh, but really I don’t read that site often. Actually, shout-out to Gordon Smith, whose Conglomerate blog I read every day (along with my other lame corporate governance blogs, which I have decided not to list here).

    Gahh!! Forgot the Faith Promoting Rumor gang. I heart them. I heart them all to hell.

  5. Good list, Steve. One short aside: I can read all the Mormon blogs at work except for T&S which gets snagged by the filter: “alternative religions and the occult.”

  6. I don’t read much politics, although I’ll often check out the sideblogs at BCC and JuvInst. For newspapers, I always read the two Salt Lake papers first, but only the local news and opinion. For national news and features, it’s the NYTimes and Christian Science Monitor, and occasionally Washington Post.

    Unless I am steered elsewhere by a sideblog, the only blogs I read are Mormon ones. I just haven’t found anything else that interests me consistently. BCC and JuvInst are must reads, I scan Mormon Archipelago and often read posts I notice there, and I check regularly the blogs I have listed on Keepapitchinin’s sideblog (but I often go to those only once a week or so, and read a week’s worth at once).

    For commenters, there are certain ones I want to avoid, and read only by accident — obviously I won’t name them. When I see a comment by gst on MA’s recent comment lest, I probably wear a goofy grin as I eagerly click to it. Once the political season is over, I’ll go back to clicking all of DKL’s comments with the same goofy grin, but right now he’s so extremely partisan that I can’t take it (sorry, DKL). I try to comment on new blogs every once in a while, but whether I keep that up or go to lurking depends on whether I seem to be welcomed or treated like an interloper.

    And of course I read and read and reread and gloat over every comment at Keepapitchinin. If lurkers only knew how much every comment is appreciated, more of you would say something.

  7. My list of political pundits is about the same as yours, although I definitely read the NY Times more religiously than anything else. I would add that I also quite like Yglesias, who moved from the Atlantic Monthly.

    I used to watch both the Daily Show and Colbert, but I decided about a year ago that I like Colbert far more than the Daily Show and now watch it exclusively. Colbert is not only funny; his commentary is often truly profound in a way that the Daily Show rarely matches. I do wonder what the next administration will mean for his show, since he so perfectly embodies the present problems.

  8. already it looks like all I do is read the blogs all day

    I did think that was all you do! I am always surprised how often your name shows up in other blogs I am reading. And so you know, I’m always delighted when it does (it also means I likely spend a similar amount of time reading blogs).

    I have also recently discovered The American Scene, a pretty decent politico-cultural blog.

    In addition to some of what you mentioned, I also keep up with a lot of pseudo-intellectual pop-cultural nonsense, such as McSweeney’s, The AV Club, and The Catbird Seat.

  9. My reading list has been narrowed of late, so I generally read BCC, Ardis’ blog, and the Juvenile Instructor. I’ve drifted away from T&S, and haven’t had the time to read some of the other obviously good ones.

    For Op Ed, I like Thomas Friedman when I run across his stuff, though I don’t often go looking for him. I also like Fareed Zakaria and Anna Quindlen, mostly on (or in) Newsweek. It’s one of the few magazines I still subscribe to, outside of a couple of professional journals.

    I find it most interesting that I do most of my online reading at work, as my home time is pretty filled with family, church, and household stuff. I rarely seem to get there in the evenings.

    I still do listen to news on NPR, watch CNN and my local NBC affiliate for local news, and even from time to time C-Span for the truly raw, unfiltered political stuff, but even that takes more time than I can muster on most occasions.

    I also read books. Hardcovers. Right now, my arms get tired from holding up Daniel Walker Howe’s What Hath God Wrought. It’s a fascinating history of the US from 1815 to 1846, coincidentally covering the time period of the formation of the church. I do the book reading at home and the internet reading at work. Hats off to you, Steve, for reading all that you do and still keeping your job.

    I’d mention bloggers that I try to always read, but I’d forget somebody, or leave somebody off, and then I might get banned, so let’s leave it at that.

  10. “And of course I read and read and reread and gloat over every comment at Keepapitchinin. If lurkers only knew how much every comment is appreciated, more of you would say something.”

    Ardis, it doesn’t matter what size your blog is, that feeling never goes away.

  11. I was gearing up for a snarky comment, but when you included DMI I couldn’t bring myself to follow through. Thanks for the Pew Forum religion news aggregator link, which now appears on my Media blogroll.

    I use iGoogle tabs to list recent posts for 30 or 40 law, religion, and news blogs and websites. I dump about 80 LDS blogs into my Google Reader, where 90% of the posts get a 2-second look. This is why titles matter.

  12. Dave, I couldn’t agree more re: titles. And it’s not just provocative titles that count — there’s a certain type of title where you can tell there’s going to be an interesting analysis. Hard to put my finger on it.

    kevinf, not mentioning any favorite bloggers or commenters is a sure-fire banning, right there.

  13. BCC is at the top of my Google Reader list (oh, wait, it’s alphabetical!)

    Another devotee of Fail Blog and the rest of the cloud. (I get a particular kick out of GraphJam.)

    Overheard in the Ward, Six LDS Writers and a Frog and Kulturblog round out the LDS blogs. No offense to them, but I’ve never been interested in T&S, although Kaimi cracks me up when he comments here. Props to the FPR folks, who are leagues and fathoms above me in knowledge, but still are very nice to me. (Also, Mogget rocks!)

    Other sites I read without fail every day:
    Digg (cool deals)

    Ardis: I knew an Ardis a long time ago – have you ever been involved in the library business?

  14. Ah, I should mention the only print magazine I get: The Economist. and unlike some Alaskans, I actually read it.

  15. FHL: Yes. RLA.

  16. Not to belabor the point, Steve, but what specific articles can you name?

  17. Ardis and Steve, very true about the comments. Every so often I go back to my very first posts and read all the comments again. And again. It’s so vain, but so addictive.

  18. oh you know, any of them, all of them that come across my desk.

  19. I really feel like I can confess to reading pretty much anything since no one is actually going to read the comment.

    Daily I read BCC, MMW, Dandelion Mama (Tracy), Mo Mommy, Ardis, Ray, Sue and a bunch of mommy blogs. I used to visit fMh daily but I got worn out with the arguing, so now I only drop by if something really interesting is happening. I flit by other places too from time to time.

    Magazines I read include Wonder Time, Mothering, Mother Earth News (when I have a subscription), and church magazines. I read all kinds of books pretty much non-stop (no porn or horror though).

    Here at BCC, I love posts by Tracy, Margaret, Cynthia, Kevin and Norbert. I also really like the guest posters. Commenters Queuno, Ray, gst, kevinf are among my favorites. But if I read a post, it is very likely I’ll read all the comments too.

    No wonder the laundry’s still not done.

  20. Cool post—and I’m still blushing that I got mentioned. In terms of non-LDS blogging, I do almost zero. For news, I just read whatever pops up in my Top Stories window from Google. When that brings up a particularly interesting topic, I search around for more analysis.

    As for the Bloggernaccle: BCC, FPR, and LDS Science Review are the blogs I follow closely, with Kulturblog being a recent attraction. There are commenters I always click on no matter what; many of those have already been mentioned but two notable exceptions are Jared* (from LDS SR) and Clark.

  21. I should mention the only print magazine I get: The Economist

    I think you meant “Ensign.” I’m sure you meant “Ensign.”

  22. Ah Ha, Jami, you’re so busted.

  23. Excuse me, the laundry is calling.

  24. Oh Jami, sniff, thanks for the shout-out.

    “I read all kinds of books pretty much non-stop (no porn or horror though).”

    Um, thanks for the clarification? lolz!

  25. And how do you follow the comments on blogs? I tried putting some comment feeds into my Google Reader but I find it just gets overwhelmed—as when I’m trying to follow just one or two threads on a blog but my reader gets filled with ALL the comments from that blog. Do you add threads individually? (I’ll admit that I’m lazy and don’t want to do that!)

  26. As an incredibly-time-stretched student, my reading list is very small. News-wise, I usually glance over CNN a couple times a day, NY Times, and BYU’s Daily Universe (though I am usually done reading through all its relevent stuff from the time I pick it up entering the HBLL to the time I reach my office on the 5th floor). I will also click on any interesting links on JI or BCC.

    Blogwise, it has gotten horrendously short lately. Where I used to be a major lurker everwhere, now I only look at everything on JI (of course), at least glance at almost everything on Ardis’s blog, BCC, and DMI, and sometimes check out NCT and FPR. And, when the MA lists an interesting title on another blog, I sometimes check it out.

    I usually click on any comments given by any of my fellow JIers, Steve, SMB, Ronan, J Stapley, Justin, and Ardis.

  27. Fun post.

    Let’s see:

    Print: Atlantic, Weekly Standard, New Republic, The Nation. I agree most often with TNR and the Atlantic, but the others are fun to have around.

    News: NYT, Slate, Drudge, sometimes WaPo, other sources sporadically.

    Law: Concurring Opinions; Volokh; Instapundit sometimes; others sporadically.

    Other: ESPN.

    Bloggernacle etc:

    I tend to use MA for my blog surfing. (I used to use LDSelect, till it got weird.)

    I read most of BCC, and a good deal of T&S. I skip longer threads or political threads sometimes.

    I read FMH, ZDs, and ExII regularly. I like JI and Keepapitchinin and DMI and Splenda Sun. (Get it? Sugar substitute?)

    I drop by MM (both) and BiV pretty regularly too.

    Other solo bloggers I check up on include John and Jana. I occasionally drop by Ayla’s, because it’s fun. Same with other solo blogs of random nacle folk: Shelah or mfranti or MCQ or danithew or the like.

    I like comments by a lot of people. Besides the usual suspects (Kristine etc), I like comments by Janet, MikeInWeHo, Jessawhy, Ray, Matt Thurston, DKL, any Frandsen, Janet, Margaret, Brian J, mmiles, anyone from FPR/JI, any ZD, Ethesis, the Remys, and Starfoxy. Also, there’s a good group of FMH regulars who make solid comments, too, but usually only at FMH — Lessie, G, chandelle, CWC, Blue. Also, Mark IV is an exceptional commenter. I’m going to stop now, before this gets embarrassingly long.

    I’ll read anything ECS writes, even if it’s political. :)

    And I never listen to podcasts because I have blogging ADD, and I never remember to add them to my ipod.

  28. …and in trouble.

  29. “blogging ADD”

    Whodathunk it!

  30. The danger with this kind of thing is obviously that you’ll forget to mention someone you should. But, some people that I will always stop to read are: Lynnette, Mogget, DKL, Frank McIntyre, Ronan, Supergenius, Mark IV, Ben Huff*. As I think about it, there are loads of other people that I will perk up for if I see they have posted or commented.

    I don’t know what this means about me. I do think it is unfortunate how insular the blogs have become compared to how they seem to have been when I re-read archives of the 2004 bloggernacle. It is often amazing to me to see who had conversations back then–often people who you’d never see in a conversation now-a-days, even when they are both still around.

    * Of course I should include my fellow NCT space cadets Kristen J, Geoff J, Matt W, and Blake, but that probably goes without saying.

  31. My print media is primarily comprised of art and decorating- American Artist, Real Simple, Domino, Traditional Home and MSL. (*hanging head in shame*) Oh, and of course, the requisite Ensign and Friend.

    I make the LDS blog rounds, usually hitting up Mo Arch for the latest after I check my home bases- BCC, MMW and DM. I read Ardis, ExII, KB regularly, and check in at most of the other sites when a topic is interesting. I rarely comment other than on my home bases- but I am reading.

    My guilty pleasures are Go Fug Yourself and an occasional pop by Perez Hilton (again, the shame)

    I always read BCC and MMW regular commenters, and I too have favorites- but in an attempt at diplomacy, I’ll just say they are varried. I tend to check out when the infighting starts, or someone hauls out a long-dead horse and starts flogging. No thanks.

  32. Kaimi: How could I forget Stephen Ethesis?? You know he’s the only reason the Bloggernaccle hasn’t been cast down to hell. I read his blog and comments 100%.

  33. NRO, Volokh, and Real Clear Politics are usual stops for me.

    Print magazines include Entrepreneur, SI, Gourmet, and Cooks Illustrated.

    I get my daily sports fix from The Big Lead and Bill Simmons (when he actually writes something).

    I use the Archipelago to browse the LDS Blogs. I read almost every post at BCC, Mormon Mentality, 9M, DMI, Kulturblog, NCT, FPR, JI, and Keep though I don’t pretend to be smart enough to comment on the last few of those I listed.

    Commenters I pay attention to are similar to those listed before. I usually don’t pay too much attention though until I’ve actually engaged with someone as I did with BrianJ a while back. Now I always value things he says, etc.

  34. I catch the Daily Show and Colbert about twice a week or so. Daily Show has really gone down and Colbert has passed him by. I do wish though that Colbert could leave his character once in a while.

  35. I accidentally snubbed 9M — I dig the nine moons crowd, when you haven’t gone off the sexist deep end.

  36. Sites like Politico and The Huffington Post are fine for entertainment purposes.

    I bet you get Playboy for the interviews and football previews as well.

  37. I have three folders in my Google reader: People (friend’s blogs), MoBlogs and Interesting Things. “Interesting things” include Consumerist, Wise Bread, Addicted to Vinyl (live music downloads ftw!) cooking blogs, Twisty, etc. Each of these folders is in a separate window on a “blogs” tab on my iGoogle page.

    My MoBlogs are all the usual suspects. I don’t read the mommy blogs except for FMH (even though I have a nine-year old) because I’m old. I’m getting kind of bored with Seriously, So Blessed since she went commercial, but Bishop Higgins 3rd Ward is still Da Bomb.

    I rarely read comments anywhere any more except here at BCC, at ZD, and sometimes FMH. I would put the ZD comments in a feed but they don’t have an RSS feed that works for comments. I had BCC Comments in the MoBlogs feed for about 2 days, but it got to be too much. I rarely comment these days because I read through the feed, and because really, nobody cares what I think. Most of the time the only thing I would have to contribute would be either flippant or TMI, so I spare everyone.

    I just signed up for Facebook a few weeks ago (I told you I’m old) and it’s been a very efficient way of keeping up with people and discovering interesting things. I have a myspace account but I don’t like it much so I don’t do much with it.

    I read a couple of discussion boards on the DaMU, but I don’t participate in much of the Mormon conversation. I really enjoy some of the political discussions with old friends we have there.

  38. Steve Evans says:

    Good call re: Consumerist, Ann. That site rules (although I also enjoy Gawker).

    PS — nobody cares what you think?? pshaw.

  39. I dig the nine moons crowd, when you haven’t gone off the sexist deep end.

    I hear it’s getting to be really cool over there.

  40. I dig the nine moons crowd, when you haven’t gone off the sexist deep end.

    And this weeks winner for best back-handed compliment is…?

    Another I forgot to mention is over at MMW when The Wiz does recaps of Bravo’s sleazy reality shows, which I only watch because my wife my makes me. :)

  41. lolz, Tim, just making fun of 9M because you guys are the bestest blog in the world. I mock because I envy [your rampant sexism].

  42. Ann–“Twisty”?

  43. merrybits says:

    I read anything Kevin Barney blogs, and I Can Has Cheeseburger.

  44. merrybits says:

    And Quimby, over at FMH.

  45. Mark Brown says:

    Cynthia, as Ann’s alter-ego, I can answer for her.

    Twisty = Twisty Faster, at the blog named I blame the Patriarchy.

  46. Mark, since you are the closest thing I have to a real life home teacher, I am delighted that you have followed my feminist diatribes enough to know of Twisty. It proves you really care :) Of course, you may have found her on your own for all I know.

    Steve, really. My once vibrant soul has been consumed by sloth, bitterness and cynicism. I have a pinched, narrow life. Nobody wants to hear it.

  47. Steve Evans says:

    “I have a pinched, narrow life. Nobody wants to hear it.”

    And yet the Bloggernacle exists! You have described my own experience to a T.

  48. I need to start reading a few more blogs and commenting occasionally. I guess I’m just a little too shy.

    When I do crawl out of my shell each day, I check BCC, FMH, Keepa, Mormon Matters, MM, MMW, T&S, ZD & Trash Calls – and individual blogs by Tracy M, Paradox, Tim, chandelle, m&m, kalola, Adam F, Stepheh M, Jami & Silver Rain. Others are not daily visits, but I try to catch a few new ones weekly, as well.

    Commenters: I’ll echo Tracy. It’s impossible to list them all and not forget some of the best, so I’m not going to try – except to say that Tracy M is at the top of the list. (Her writing blows me away.) It’s much easier to list those few whose names make me cringe every time I see them, but I’m sure mine does the same for most of them – so I won’t list them, either.

  49. Researcher says:

    Wow. Interesting post and comments. My list changes from time to time, but here’s a snapshot.

    Regular Bloggernacle blogs? BCC, Keepa.

    Regular other blogs? Apartment Therapy.

    Sometimes blogs? T&S, MMW, fMh, JI, Splendid Sun. Blogs of friends and family and other families that have a child with a serious congenital heart defect. A few others infrequently, and I’ll sometimes follow links.

    Favorite commenters? The regular commenters at Keepa, of course. My husband doesn’t care for blogs or blogging, so I try and stay off the computer while he’s around, but he still gets to hear about it sometimes. He could probably name the following bloggers: Ardis, Ray, Justin, Mark B, Steve Evans, Heather O, and maybe a few others.

    Come on, Ardis, tell us which commenters you won’t read under any circumstances.

    (Just kidding!!! :-) )

    I justify my blogging time by saying that it provides the colleagues that I would have had if I’d gone into academics, the co-workers I would have if I had a career.

  50. Kevin Barney says:

    What a great idea for a post, Steve!

    My newspaper is the Chicago Tribune, which I usually read on the train (sports going in, the rest coming out of the city). But they just went through a redesign that really, really sucks, so I don’t know how long that will continue.

    I’m not very political, so the print magazines I subscribe to are Newsweek (I too love Fareed Zakaria), Sports Illustrated, and Biblical Archaeology Review.

    Most of my reading is Mormon-oriented. I get all the journals and some of the books. As usual, I’m behind.

    As for blogs, like Kaimi I used to use LDSelect until it stopped working right; now I use MA. I read everything at BCC and much at T&S, FMH, JI, Keepa, ZD, and FPR. At other blogs mostly I’ll check out threads that interest me I find through MA.

  51. Come on, Ardis, tell us which commenters you won’t read under any circumstances.

    Okay, Researcher, the list consists of

  52. Fun post Steve! I know it’s a guilty pleasure but I’ve been enjoying Eric Browan at

    Come to think of it… why don’t all you closet political junkies quit cluttering up BCC and dive into the true blue :)

  53. My Mormon blog reading consists of the following:

    I read everything posted at JI (including the sidebar links), read BCC (including most of the sidebar links) and Keepapitchinin’ daily (though I only occasionally comment at either), and check DMI, FPR, M&A, Life on Gold Plates, Banner, Sword, and Shield, and Hieing to Kolob somewhat regularly. I read Craig Harline and Nate Oman’s posts at T&S (and occasionally others, too). I like much of what I’ve read at ZD and some of what’s posted at Clark’s blog, NCT, and both MMs. Other than that, I rely on the MA to point toward interesting posts. I check occasionally, just to keep up with who is and who isn’t “mainstream and othodox” these days. I would love for Splendid Sun and Latter-day Liberation Front to return.

    I also read Religion in U.S. History daily, and like ReligionDispatches as well.

    Politically, I read CNN, the NYTimes, and the Dallas Morning News (as well as the BYU Daily Universe) on a near-daily basis.

    Bloggers whose comments I check regularly include anyone from JI, Steve Evans, J. Stapley, Kevin Barney, Ardis, DKL, JNS, the FPR guys, Sam MB, Margaret Young, Dave, Justin, and Kevin Barney (I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting).

    I think my fellow JI perma Joel is the least appreciated commenter around the bloggernacle (possibly because he comments so little). Everything he writes is articulate, insightful, and intelligent.

    Wow … I spend way too much time on Mormon blogs.

  54. Steve Evans says:

    “I check occasionally, just to keep up with who is and who isn’t “mainstream and othodox” these days.”

    LOL! Thanks Christopher.

  55. I read the SL Tribune religiously (can I say that about the Trib?) and I also read TIME, SI, EW and several law and business publications weekly/monthly.

    I read Sunstone and Dialogue and generally read all the blogs in my blogroll at least weekly or more, plus a few like Ardis’s that I haven’t blogrolled yet. There are only a few that I comment on, however, and those I read 100% because my addiction requires that I not miss anything on those sites (I’m in therapy for this). The exception to this is FMH, which I can only take in small doses (not the posts, which I generally like, but the comments, many of which I despise). I also read several other blogs and websites regularly, generally music related.

    Though I don’t like to admit it, I also read the Snarker (WTF happened there?), Trash Calls and lately, Bloggernacle Corellation (yeah, I know).

    The commenters I always read are generally the permas at the blogs I frequent, plus some that I just seem to always like, of which Thomas Parkin is the most obvious example. I generally also read anything DKL says purely out of morbid curiosity.

  56. Steve Evans says:

    Forgot TP — good call MCQ.

  57. Here’s another vote of appreciation for Thomas Parkin.

  58. I love that John C. guy. He rocks!

  59. Also, Ann, we love you. Say anything you want whenever you want!

  60. Darn, I’m impressed you find the time to read that much.

    Didn’t know you were an Alaskan though. I spent four years in the state. Loved it as a kid, but as an adult I’d rather skip the winters.

  61. I love reading Thomas Friedman. Also, it’s pretty new but I really like Interesting perspective.

  62. Since I do most of my blog reading at work, it is limited to those that can get past the filters: BCC, T&S, FMH, JI. Keepa only lasted about two weeks, and MMW got filtered out a couple of months ago. By the time I get home, most of the conversations at the other LDS blogs have long passed me by.

    For news,–again, the filters limit my choices. The biggest surprise to me is that Fark gets past the filters. Go figure.

    I’ll read comments by just about anybody. I do avoid some threads completely, though.

  63. Mommie Dearest says:

    #40, FWIW, Project Runway isn’t sleazy. It’s about sewing. How relief society can you get? I can’t speak to the rest of the BravoTV lineup.

    I am hit and miss at most everything I do, including my bloggernacle reading, but I had a cartoon published in Sunstone once.

  64. Ardis is the best thing ever, and I always like Tatiana’s thoughtful comments. And Adam Greenwood is clever and original. If a bit cranky on occasion.

  65. Print: NYT, NYRB, Atlantic, Harper’s, Cooks Illustrated

    TV News: News Hour, Frontline, Fareed Zakaria (GPS), Stewart/Colbert

    Sites: Cracked, Consumerist, reddit. No political blogs.

    ‘Naccle: BCC, KB, JI, FPR, T&S, ZD, KPI, MMs, TC.

    Favorite posters: Mogget (!), JNS, Hamer, RAF, David K, Kristine, J. Green, Julie, Ronan, J. Addison, Kisk.

    Favorite commenters: GST, Ardis, Mark IV, Justin, Ronan, Adam G., DKL, Tatiana, the narrator, SB2.

  66. Ann:

    My once vibrant soul has been consumed by sloth, bitterness and cynicism. I have a pinched, narrow life.

    With such a cleverly crafted sentence, you won my vote!

  67. MikeInWeHo says:

    The BBC is where I get most of my news, whether on their web site or BBC World News on cable TV. My DVR records the latest broadcast so I can watch it almost-live when I get up. (“Now here’s Aaron Hezelhurst with today’s mahhhhkets!”)

    I’ve been reading The Huffington Post more this election season. I completely relate to Arianna’s ALL-CAPS LEFTIST HYSTERIA!!!

  68. CJ Douglass says:

    Nothing like a mutual admiration love fest to get everyone to comment on your post Steve. Nice play. :)

    Lately I’ve been reading the BCC side blog and LDS headlines more than the posts. Less investment I guess.

    Unfortunately, I recently found myself lurking the web for a throw down and that just left me bitter – not a good reason to blog.

    So I went back to the reason I started reading Mormon blogs in the first place – Mormon History. And let me tell you Ardis, your blog is at the top of my list.

  69. What, no Snide Remarks fans here?? That has been one of my favorites for a long time.

  70. Now I’m getting a picture of the names behind Keepa’s anonymous stats — can I say, please, that I love this post, Steve, and the comments it’s drawing? Thanks, all!

  71. My luxuries in life are subscriptions to the NY Review of Books and The London Review of Books. I read a New Yorker when I can lay hands on one.

    Newspapers, in this order: LATimes (go Dodgers!), BBC World, NYTimes, CSM, Guardian, English Helsinki Sanomat. I like the op/ed pages of the CSM and Guardian, but don’t follow them closely.

    Podcasts: NPR: Fresh Air, This American Life, Wait Wait. BBC4: Start the Week, In Our Time. TimesUK: The Bugle. Oh, and Zeitcast.

    Mormon blogging: BCC, ZD, DMI, Keepa, JI are my faves. I lurk at MMW. Must-read posters and commenters too long to mention, but certainly all the BCC permas and regulars. I’ve pulled back from the Mormon blogs a little because the time difference: my best blogging time is when most of y’all are sleeping, so I end up on the tail end of discussions. (Like this one.)

    Other online communities: expats, multiple birth, international teachers.

  72. You guys are such a clique.

    (of course if you would have named me I would have considered you a community)

  73. Researcher says:

    Last night after my husband, the non-blogging scientist, came in, I asked how many commenters he could name.

    His response (in this order and he didn’t differentiate between bloggers and commenters)…

    Ardis, Bookslinger, Adam Greenwood, Justin, Bill MacKinnon, Mark B, [long pause] …. that attorney in Washington…. [at that point he fell asleep]

  74. I don’t read much news – usually browze headlines at yahoo or something.

    As far as blogs go I read pretty much anything that goes up at NCT. I also follow Waters of Mormon (expecially Baron). I often keep an eye out for Ardis, Stapely, JNS, Adam, Nate, Kaimi, m&m, Mogget, John C., CJones.

    I also check the MA for headlines. Thanks to everyone who contributes.

    But mostly I read any comments on anything I put up. Always makes my day.

  75. Peter LLC says:

    You guys are such a clique.

    (of course if you would have named me I would have considered you a community)

    ‘Tis a fine line, defined chiefly by t-shirts. I recall something along the lines of “tight like unto a dish.” You (i.e., the powers that be) should do some more.

  76. This is a great idea, Steve. It’s interesting to see how other people manage things. I thought I read a lot but I don’t manage to consume near as much daily information as most of you.

    I didn’t see anyone mention APOD (astronomy picture of the day), which is here: It’s an awesome site that has stunning pictures of the universe, with short explanations by professional astronomers. Also I check daily to check for anything exciting in the sky I don’t want to miss. I also love the various NOAA sites, particularly the national hurricane center page during the summer and fall.

    Like everyone else, I’m addicted to icanhascheezburger. I also check my goodreads, livejournal, and facebook each day. (When the name Tatiana is taken I try for TheTatiana or Tatiana Boshenka — friend me!) Two forum communities in which I take part are Hatrack River and Kiva Friends.

    I keep all my most commonly visited sites on my firefox bookmarks toolbar. I delete the names so there’s more room up there, and just go by the little icons. From the ‘nacle, I have BCC, T&S, fMh, and of course I’m very proud to be a Keepapitchininny.

    I’m grateful to those who mentioned me, because I sometimes think of leaving the ‘nacle because I don’t seem to be contributing much if anything. I read everyone’s posts and comments on the blogs I frequent. You all are my favorites.

  77. Group blogs: Kulturblog, Nine Moons, BCC, MMW.

    Personal blogs: bythelbs, madhousewife, Dandelion Mama, Mo Mommy, Drawn to the Flame, Amalgam, Happy Meets Crazy, Flip Flop Momma.

    Otherwise I’m on Flickr, Facebook (mostly for the games, but not so much lately), youtube or a couple music forums.

    Commenters/bloggers: Steve E, Rusty, Tracy M, madhousewife, bythelbs, Cheryl, gst.

  78. BRAAAINZ!!!1!!

  79. Blogs: BCC, FPR, T&S, and sometimes NCT and DMI (in that order).

    News sources: NPR on the radio during my commute, CNN online throughout the day, and local network news in the evening. Daily Show is great, but I don’t watch as much as I’d like. At work I have access to a news service that aggregates headlines from the NYT, WSJ, LA Times, Washington Post, and other national newspapers, but my reading varies greatly depending on my workload. I rely on the Google news feed at BCC to keep up on Mormon news. Anything by Robert Kirby is essential.

  80. Ann (#37) “I would put the ZD comments in a feed but they don’t have an RSS feed that works for comments.”

    Sorry we’re such slackers. I guess when you see how intermittent our content is, you’re probably not surprised at how neglectful we can be of our form (although any good there is is due to Lynnette.) We’ll try to accommodate your request when we can.

  81. I try to follow Connor Boyack for coverage of our banking system and constitutional law issues.

  82. Green: I don’t read the Snide Remarks except on occasion, but I do read the In The Dark newsletters! (And the Straight Dope, when it’s working.)

    Forgot to mention my all-time favorite commenter: annegb
    (but I have a lot of lesser favorites, a Huzzah! to John C.)

  83. Coming late to the party. . . (And someone even mentioned me even though I’ve not commented that much the past couple of years)

    I usually read Mormon blogs posts based upon what pops up in the MA aggregator – although when I’m busy I fall behind. The blogs I always read are FPR, JI, and Ardis’ blog. I frequently read NCT and M* (where I’m technically a permablogger but don’t have time to post as much as I used to) I also read everything at LDS Science Review and Mormon Organon.

    For non-Mormon blogs I don’t read nearly as much as I used to. I usually check out the main aggregator at Science Blogs even though the posts are a mix (and not nearly as many dealing with science as I’d like – there are far too many shrill political posts) I regularly read Not Even Wrong and Gene Expression, two of my favorites. I check out fairly regularly N-Category Cafe and Cosmic Variance as well. My more philosophical regular reads are Siris, Philosophy Et Cetera, Maverick Philosopher, Enowning and The Splintered Man although I have about a dozen blogs I check semi-often.

    For politics I mainly check Drudge, Drezner (my favorite political blogger), Volokh, Instapundit, Crooked Timber, Free Exchange, Marginal Revolution, DeLong, and Belmont club. There are a few others and I usually check Deseret News and Provo Daily Herald regularly as well.

    For names that I seem to go out of my way to read it’s usually Jim Faulconer although he doesn’t blog much anymore, Ben Huff, Nate Oman, Blake Ostler and a few others. Unfortunately many of the old faithfuls don’t post nearly as much as they used to. (I guess that’d include me)

    (Dang – it rejected my message because of hyperlinks. Sorry guys I had to delete all the links)

  84. Oh, I’m big into podcasts too. I listen to Security Now, TWIT, Macbreak Weekly, Science Friday, Business Week Podcast, Diane Rheme Weekly News Roundup and a few others.

  85. Rumor has it we can read you at KB as well, Clark.

  86. Ok yeah I am late, so sue me.

    My must reads: BCC (not trying to join the crowd but true), T&S, JI, Trash Calls and Adventures in Mormonism.

    Most of the rest are topical, I usually read FMH from time to time and find I cannot avoid commenting even when I should. Also Mo Mentality, Keepa, Fair blog and Our Thoughts I will randomly click on just to catch up on what is being said.

    Non Mormon websites: Drudge and Bourque are my political sites of choice. I will read newspaper websites but never consistently.

    Edmonton Oilers forums and blogs, of which their are many.

    My favourite commentators? Ardis, David G., Ray, J. Stapley, Kevin Barney, Margaret Young and too many others to mention

    Often what brings me to read a blog consistently is a variety of topics and subjects, usually I find deeper topics meaningful but sometimes conversations about kids or daily life can hook me in.

    My non internet exclusive based reading list is too big to include here but I do enjoy a wide swath.

  87. Steve Evans says:

    Oilers?!?!? Surely you mean the Calgary Flames, Jon W., the only true Albertan team. We were great even without a Gretzky.

  88. Most of the main Mormon blogs are in my Google Reader. I follow BCC:, T&S, Mormon Mentality, Nine Moons, Kulturblog and DMI pretty much daily. I probably ought to do more to regularly check out some of the other blogs Steve mentions. Every now and then I pop in at Strange Pulse and read anything I’ve failed to read previously.

    I’m commenting a lot less lately. I think I’m just more tired, for whatever reason(s).

    I read the NY Times and daily to see whatever they’ve posted in their news sections. I usually read whatever is in the technology sections. I don’t follow any particular columnist regularly. Thomas Friedman probably interests me more than others – though I don’t always agree with what he’s saying.

    There are some non-Bloggernacle affiliated friends and relatives whose blogs I check pretty faithfully as well – just to keep up with what they are up to. Many of them are Mormon. Some are not.

    My wife has invited some LDS female physician friends to blog with her at Doctor and Covenants dot com. I’m hoping the idea will work out as I think they have interesting things to say. I get the feeling a lot of docs are simply too busy to blog.

  89. I forgot to mention Arts and Letters Daily ( That site consistently provides links to thought-provoking articles.

  90. #87

    Steve, all I have to say is it is simple math. It is 5 to 1 against my cheering for the Flames.

    Plus the Oilers were in Alberta first.;)

  91. Darn too many links in the last post, so I ended up in the spam queue.

  92. For Mormon blogs:

    I love you all and read everything that you write. However, I probably love BCC, T&S, Ardis, and Juvenile Instructor just a little bit more. And Clark.

    For non-Mormon stuff:

    I read the Washington Post every morning from an actual piece of paper. I likewise read The Economist every week on an actual piece of paper. (The Economist is much better.) I also read the WSJ regularlly. I almost never read the NYT.

    I go to RealClearPolitics and RealClearMarkets fairly religiously, but there aren’t collumnists that I always read, other perhaps than Zakaria. I’ve also taken to reading For political blogs, I like the Atlantic Monthly blogs, as well as a handful of law blogs, mainly Co-op, Conglomerate, Solum, Volokh Conspiracy, and Bashman. I once read Sullivan, but decided that life was too short…

    I listen to a lot of podcasts. The ones that I am obsessive about are EconTalk and APM: Marketplace. (I think that there are also people who listen to marketplace on the radio, but that strikes me as barbaric.) While I don’t listen to all of the events, I also regularlly download and listen to the University of Chicago Law Faculty podcast and the Council on Foreign Relations podcast.

  93. Dude, when did you get your own URL!

    Nate, ever tried The Economist’s podcasts? They’re not bad.

  94. For pure wonkery/intellectual wankery, visit:

  95. Hadn’t seen Fora before, a very nifty site. Thanks Ronan.

  96. It’s Youtube for eggheads. Brilliant in the classroom.

  97. Steve: I do listen to the Economist podcasts sometimes. Actually, I found out this week that if you subscribe to the Economist, you can download a full audio version of each week’s issue. Very cool. It makes me sad that I only have a ten mile commute through federally protected park land.

    Okay, not that sad…

  98. Ronan: I use YouTube in the class room. For example, I used the bank-run scene from It’s a Wonderful Life to talk about the financial crisis, and I always use the “Hot Repo Chicks” YouTube video when we tallk about UCC 9-609.

  99. On Nate’s recommendation I subscribed to EconTalk. I didn’t even know the Economist had podcasts. (I occasionally read their blogs but oddly since they started protecting most articles I don’t read that much anymore)

  100. Nate, surely you meant to refer to NCC-1701-D.

  101. Nice site Nate. I’m impressed that you put your LDS identity and interests up there with your other education/school data.

  102. “Nate, surely you meant to refer to NCC-1701-D.”

    I thought that the prophet has counselled us not to see movies like that…

  103. Steve Evans says:

    Indeed, Nate. INDEED.

  104. BTW – an other one I missed and I didn’t see mentioned. And best of all, it’s available as a podcast on iTunes!

  105. Brittney Bellessa says:

    where do you find the time? Aaron and I barely have enough time to get through and watch The Hills, we have to make sacrifices for the important stuff in this household.

  106. Can’t add much to the party here but I would highly recommend the Escape Pod Podcast if you like sci-fi short stories. There are also Fantasy Short Story and Horror Short Story spinoffs.

    They are a nice break from all the heady stuff.

  107. I listen to podcasts while I ship chocolate at work.

  108. Steve Evans says:

    Brittney, I’m not a high rolla and can’t afford MTV.

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