JRCLS Fireside

Consider it your chance to interrupt Kaimi having fondue with the legendary (yes, he really exists!) Greg Call. Also, to discuss same-sex marriage. Really!

What: A fireside sponsored by the Oakland (I think) chapter of the J Reuben Clark Law Society.
Where: The Walnut Creek chapel, wherever that is. Somewhere east of San Francisco, I’m told. I’ll be relying on Greg to get me there.
When: This Sunday, October 26th, at 7 p.m.
Why: For fun!
Also, to hear a legal analysis of the same-sex marriage case, Proposition 8, and related topics. (Dry and boring and legal; likely to address many of the same points as my Sunstone presentation.)

There will be a Q&A as well.

And afterwards, we will probably have a bloggersnacker of some sort.


  1. Sweet! Count me in. That’s worth ditching choir practice for.

  2. Sweet, the J. Reubs live on! Tell me there will be bagels.

  3. Woohoo! Aaron and I will be there.

  4. Aaron Brown says:

    No, for the 9th time, I’m not going with you, mmiles.


  5. Any way you can get a non-correlated audio recording for those of us who are interested, but who live in Texas?

  6. LOL! Please?

  7. Kevin Barney says:

    I’m involved in the JRCLS here in Chicago. If they record it, we’d love to show it here for our Chicago Chapter (this is very often done to share content among chapters).

    I would be interested in your comments on the Morris Thurston memorandum, which I believe is along lines similar to your previous presentations. I thought it was a good memo, but I have also seen a couple of rebuttals to it. Any thoughts you would care to share with us hoi polloi?

  8. berzerkcarrottop says:

    Can we get a clarification on the location? There are two chapels in Walnut Creek – one on Overlook Drive that is used by the Oakland Stake and one on North Gate Road that is used by the Concord Stake. I plan on being there but don’t want to go to the wrong place!

  9. Darn- if it was one week later I could be there too…

  10. berzerkcarrottop says:

    Just checked the JRCLS website and it said it was at the building on Overlook Drive.

  11. I want the recording as well.

    I had my wedding reception in the “real” Walnut Creek Ward Chapel. Pretty building.

  12. FYI, the event is being put on by the SF/East Chapter of the JRCLS, and it is at the Overlook building.

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