November 1st – Sunstone NW

What’s happening on Saturday, Nov. 1? The best Mormon symposium in all of the Northwest. Topics include:

  • “The Group”: LDS Hippie Culture and Drug Recovery. Spencer Ellsworth is a grad student at Western Washington University, so he knows of what he speaks.
  • What’s True in Mormon Folklore. Bert Wilson is a leading expert in Mormon folklore.
  • Balancing the Motherlode: LDS Women on Parenting, Work, Life Choices, and Everything Else. Kristin Pingree leads a powerhouse panel which may or may not include a Thurston-Evans.
  • Dialogue with Author: Massacre at Mountain Meadows. A personal sit-down with Ronald Walker? YES PLEASE.
  • The Need For Realistic Mormon Fiction. Douglas Thayer is a seer, a real visionary when it comes to Mormon literature – his topic is potentially volatile and sure to be interesting.
  • “This I Believe,” Mormon Style. Be a fly on the wall for a conversation on faith with Molly Bennion, Stephen Carter, Kris Haglund, Levi Peterson, Spencer Ellsworth and Rebekah Neuner. Holy moley.

So yes, the Saturday after next looks very promising indeed. Further details, here.


  1. Three BYU folks! And heavyweights. A nice line-up.

  2. Yes, I think this year looks to be very promising.

  3. Anyone driving up from Olympia/Lacey area?

  4. Would love, love, LOVE to be there. But Halloween weekend is just not workable for me, nor anyone else with trick-or-treating children not strictly local. :(

  5. November 1st! What, you’re hungover then??

  6. SC Taysom says:

    It’s also a shame that it conflicts with the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion, which is in Chicago this year. *gnashes teeth*

  7. Wish I could be there, but we’ll be in SFO for a family shindig.

  8. Aaron Brown says:

    Rumor has it those in attendance might even get to meet a certain BCC Permablogger Emeritus, which will probably be the highlight of the day, if not your whole lives.

    Steve, are you participating at all?


  9. Steve Evans says:

    Aaron, Mathew’s coming?

    I don’t know if I’m participating. I doubt it. Maybe J. and I will do a little Milli Vanilli dance routine.

  10. Aaron Brown says:

    I’m participating in the “This I Believe” session, or whatever it’s called. I figured you might be too. Sumer is on a panel, isn’t she?


  11. Dude, you got snubbed on the program. Let’s riot.

  12. Aaron Brown says:

    Actually, what’ll probably happen is that Kristine will give her spiel, and I’ll be up next, feeling so insecure about following her presentation that I’ll run screaming from the venue.


  13. Dang!

    I wanted to go so bad, but I’ll be out of town! I’ll defintley be at the next Sunstone event!

  14. Aaron, I was thinking I’d do an interpretive dance instead of speaking–that will probably send _everyone_ screaming from the room, so you can stay ;)

  15. This is what makes me sad to be stuck out in, well, 2,500 miles away. It is like being in exile; exile with great barbeque and nice weather, but exile nonetheless. :)

  16. I’m participating in the “This I Believe” session, or whatever it’s called.

    Why are you given the scarlet letter treatment in the program?

  17. Strong program. Exciting speakers. Bloggernacle luminaries participating and attending. Multiple interpretive dance numbers. Is it any wonder I’m excited about Sunstone Northwest?

    Looking forward to seeing y’all in Seattle!

  18. Aaron Brown says:

    #16 …

    Because of a devilish conspiracy that somehow prevented Mary Ellen from receiving my emailed bio in a timely fashion. Right, Mary Ellen?


  19. No, not hung over. Just 200 miles away and not wanting to get up at 4 am to drive to Seattle. Besides, we have a grownup party to attend the night of the 1st.

  20. molly bennion says:

    Snub Steve?!!!! He’s still resting on his laurels from last year. And this year Sumer is speaking on the Motherhood panel. Very cool.

    Thanks for the post, Jonathan. We do hope to see many of you, even if you can only catch some of this super program.
    Bring your best 3 Nephite stories for Bert and let’s see if there are any he hasn’t heard. Bert was the Leonard Arrington Lecturer this year. Ron’s book is racing toward its 6th (!) printing and Doug has yet another wonderful novel out next month. We’re fortunate to have all 3 of them.
    Oh, and Aaron really is speaking. He should be up on the web page program shortly if he isn’t already.

  21. Patricia Lahtinen says:

    Will there be a bloggersnacker following?

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