Son1’s Testimony

“I have a testimony that God can help us find the answers to our questions. I was trying to find out the difference between anti-neutrons and neutrons. I googled it, but the first link I clicked on didn’t really explain it. Then God told told me to look it up again when I failed the first time. So I clicked on a different link, and I found a site that had some information about them, including the difference. A neutron is made of an electron and a proton, but an anti-neutron is made of a positron and an anti-proton.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

We spent the rest of sacrament meeting giggling over silly anti-matter jokes. Like: If Nephi and Lehi lived in an anti-matter universe, what would they be?


  1. Or, who would Korihor be in such a universe?

  2. Kaimi:

    That is a priceless testimony. You have a good son. It reminds me of a time a young lady in our ward (She was about 14) bore her testimony of God helping her to down a buck when she went bow hunting with her dad and Ted Nugent.

  3. A joke my wife is sick of hearing: At an italian restaurant, ask the waiter what would happen if they put pasta and antepasti in the same bowl…


  4. Aaron Brown says:

    Kaimi, I certainly hope you took advantage of this choice opportunity to castigate your son for not testifying of the basic truths that are supposed to be the core elements of any testimony born in Sacrament meeting. You get extra points if you put him in Time-Out room for a couple hours and made him recite aloud BRM’s take on the topic.


  5. Mark Brown says:

    Does this mean that the people at Utah Lighthouse Ministry are no longer anti-Mormons?

  6. Latter-day Guy says:

    That was all kinds of awesome. Raise that kid’s allowance!

  7. So the fact that your child was clever enough to click on link number two means that God exists? What if he had clicked on a third link? The mind boggles.

  8. Bookslinger says:

    djinn, A divine communication to perform a mundane or obvious task is still divine.

  9. I think gratitude for inspiration or serendipity however it happens is always in good order. But I get I little bit nervous when someone frames a mundane impression in terms of “God told me”. That way lies Waco and Jonestown.

  10. Kaimi,

    Thank you for passing this on. I’ve got a geology professor friend at the Y who will sigh, tear up and nod sagely when he reads it.

  11. I’m David T.’s geology [geochemist, actually] professor friend and neither sighed nor nodded sagely when I read it. I did have a great big smile cross my face. I’d have loved to have heard it in person. It brightened my day a bit.

    It certainly would have better than one of the testimony meetings where Jesus is never mentioned. But, I digress…

  12. Re 7 & 8 My wife will attest to the fact that sometimes it takes divine inspiration to get me to perform what she considers a mundane or obvious task.

  13. My kid is conducting a science experiment where we live trap rats, coons, possums etc as part of the study of local wildlife.

    last night he prayed that “the meatball bait will get a rat or coon in our trap” We have only caught one critter so far so he is getting worried.

    So we checked the trap this AM and lo and behold the meatballs were all eaten, the trap sprung but no critter.

  14. Kaimi, absolutely priceless!