Monday Midday Theological Poll: Messianic Arrival Edition

When will the Second Coming Happen?
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Please explain your choice below. Also, we deliberately rejected tomorrow as an option in the poll so consider all possible Obama jokes to have been made.


  1. I think you should have worded this differently – when do you think it will happen, for example.

    No man knows when it will happen, right?

  2. Kevin Barney says:

    I voted “some time after that.” I’m just not a big signs of the times kinda guy. I grew up with intense speculation about the year 2000, and having blown through that I’m not inclined to get caught up in imminent second coming hysteria again.

  3. Some time after that, because the other option seems panicky and scary?

  4. This is just my opinion but I have wondered if the Second Coming has a definite date. For example, is the day definitely April 6, 2??? or is the day dependent on when all the signs are fulfilled? Because human actions can influence the timeline of prophecies, the day might not be set in stone.

  5. As the Mayan calendar says, December 21st, 2012.

    /nailed it

  6. My inability to take the date of the second coming seriously sometimes makes me wonder if I believe any of this stuff deep down.

  7. 2112

  8. Steve Evans says:

    +5 points to Eric for a Rush reference.

  9. I though all of Eric’s comments were Rush references.

  10. Jacob J: It’s not just the date, it’s the whole concept. I can’t get my mind around any sort of realistic framework for it. It’s like trying to plan the way I am going to die. It just doesn’t work out for me.

  11. And is it just me, or is the second coming rhetoric up a notch lately?

  12. Matt,

    It is way, way down from the era of President Benson.

  13. A few years back I settled on the God hasn’t decided yet approach.

  14. Peter LLC says:

    My mom said some church leader back in the day said those present would live to see it, so barring any rapid advances in longevity I reckon it better be in the next 50 years.

  15. Adam Greenwood says:

    Jan. 20th.

  16. Peter LLC says:

    +5 points to Eric for a Rush reference.

    I call cahoots! A Canadian Conspiracy!

  17. Of course, the New Testament guys probably thought it would be within their lifetimes, too.

  18. Peter LLC:

    Unless one of the three nephites was there standing in the back of the room, of course…

  19. Everyone’s predictions through history have been wrong up to this point so why bother….

    I think you live your life as Christ like as you possibly can and everything should be fine. If you are a good person I would imagine its unimportant. If you are not, I guess you’d want to know how much time you have to clean things up.

  20. Peter LLC says:

    Matt W., good point. Hadn’t thought of that.

  21. Intewesting, I just blogged on this today.

  22. Groups of Christians since the time of Christ have thought the second coming would be in their lifetime, but it wasn’t.
    I don’t see why now would be different.
    (perhaps this is where the parable of the 10 virgins comes in)

  23. It will effectively happen (for me) the day I die. So I’m pretty sure it will be within 50 years.

  24. Mephibosheth says:

    The main sign for me is the gospel has to be preached to all nations. If you dumped all 50K missionaries in China right now you’d never find them again. We’ve got a lot of growing up to do, which is why I place the 2nd Coming a half a dozen or so centuries from now.

  25. Matt W (#10), exactly.

    BruceC, channeling D&C 130:15-16?

  26. StillConfused says:

    I think the world has deeper to fall still.

  27. Quinn McCoy says:

    later rather than earlier was my vote. the world is becoming much more peaceful than it was in the past, even with wars and rumors of wars. For a discussion on that check out:

  28. Thomas Parkin says:

    *church lady voice*

    Looks like only 2.5 virgins have oil in their lamps, hm???


    PS DOOM!


  29. Maybe it already did happen and we were all…left behind.

  30. I was at a regional conference a few years ago when I was a missionary, and during the missionary only session the Area President’s wife spoke and stated quite confidently that she thought it would be around the year 2030, but not much after that. I forget her reasoning.

  31. Latter-day Guy says:

    Wait, I thought Obama was the messiah… That’s what Brother Farrakhan told me anyway.

    But seriously, I voted for the longer option; no objective reasons. I just really, really hope that I’m dead before it happens, because the lead-up to it all doesn’t sound pretty.

  32. Floyd the Wonderdog says:

    I like to watch David Jeremiah (a TV preacher). He usually has some good stuff, but as he was talking about the eveents leading up to the second coming, I had to laugh. He’s sure that the “Christians” will be caught up inthe rapture before the Anti-Christ comes and the ensuing tribulation. I thought it amusing that they will not recognize the Anti-Christ because they assume that he won’t come until they’re caught up.

  33. #14 I’m pretty old. My grandma has died at 89 25+ years ago. She was told that. I had a Seminary teacher, now deceased whose Patriarchal Blessing promised he would see the day in mortality and that his children would be leaders. I remember ETB making me feel like I would still be a youth when it happened.
    I had one bishop who said plan like it’s 100 years away. Live like it’s this week. I think that is good advice.