BCC Zeitcast 28

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Boot ‘n’ Sweeties edition.


  1. There is a lost 10 minutes in which Cynthia’s children gouged her eyes out and she died ON AIR! Hence the abrupt beginning.

  2. It was very gory. Those kids. wow.

    Cynthia, if you’re out there, here’s to a speedy resurrection.

  3. Yes, the abrupt beginning is entirely my fault. But I like to think of myself as being like the lost pages of the Book of Mormon. Some day in the millennium you will find out what I have to say.

  4. It’s about time!

  5. Steve Evans says:

    Welcome back, zeitcast.

  6. Mark Brown says:

    How do I love this zeitcast? Let me count the ways.

    1. Hearing about a certain sibling who used to put scoops of ice cream in trick-or-treaters’ bags.

    2. Hearing that Mormons in England have trunk or treat at the church.

    3. Allowing people to assume that you are a church member, then voting against yourself when they try to give you a calling.

    4. Hearing two people who live outside the U.S. talk about the World Series. Well done.

  7. janeannechovy says:

    Trunk or Treat originally started when Halloween was on Sunday, and lots of Mormons wouldn’t let their kids trick or treat on Sunday. This was probably two Sunday Halloweens ago. After the second one (as I recall), apparently people decided that it would be a good idea to have a ward Halloween party (with costume contest, etc.) that included trick or treating from car trunks, even when Halloween wasn’t on Sunday. This evolution was lame. I’m guessing there weren’t as many trunk or treats this year, since Halloween was on a Friday and it would seem *extra* lame to have trunk or treating so temporally removed from Halloween. But I know from my blog reading that many wards across the country still did it.

  8. Kevin Barney says:

    When I was at BYU living in a married student ward, my wife and I were called to be in charge of activities. So we organized what we thought was going to be a great ward activity. We got a room up at Sundance, and arranged for refreshments, and the idea was for us all to sit in a room and watch a video. It was Halloween time, and so we thought “Let’s watch Young Frankenstein.” We both loved that movie, but it had been a while since either of us had seen it, and we had never viewed it in so thoroughly a Mormon setting.

    As we watched it in a room full of Mormons, we realized that it was pretty racy for that particular audience. In fact, I think some people got up and walked out.

    Fortunately for us, the bishop was a really good sport about it.

  9. Amadeus is my choice for #1 best movie of all time. And I even thought that *before* I saw the directors cut.

  10. I always love zeitcasts. I didn’t find the beginning abrupt, but the ending sort of threw me for a loop.

    Any good halloween-loving-American goes for the you-must-walk-to-the-back-of-my-garage-and-stick-your-hand-in-the-coffin method of making kids get their piece of candy. I don’t think this is strictly a eurointerpretation of the holiday.

    More zeitcasts!! More more more!

  11. For the record trunk or treats are an idea we stole from other groups. We had trunk or treats down town at the city hall growing up, put on by our city (in indiana)

  12. I’ve wondered about the origin of “trunk or treat”/”trunk and treat.” I know that LDS wards have held them since the early 1990s. What time period are you referring to, Matt?

  13. Steve Evans says:

    It takes the treat or it gets put in the trunk!

  14. Sweet booty edition?

  15. You know, it’s funny, my kids were going to go door to door trick or treating in our gated community in the suburbs, but then they decided they were just butt lazy.

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