Musical interlude

Enough politics, already. Here we go, strictly for fun.*

A deer, a female deer
A drop of golden sun
A name, I call myself
A long long way to run
A needle pulling thread
A note to follow so
A drink with jam and bread
That will bring us back to Doe.

*May contain incidental amounts of politics.


  1. What a dizzying tour through the bloggernacle!

  2. Hey, that’s me! Thanks!

  3. Kevin Barney says:

    Very creative!

  4. Jonathan Green says:

    We just showed “The Sound of Music” to our kids this week. Now that we’ve been to Salzburg, it was fun to see how much of the film’s location we could recognize. But watching my 6-going-on-17 daughter devour the movie, I felt like I had just introduced her to some kind of gateway drug.

  5. What Kevin and Shelah said.

  6. I’m so hurt, Ray. Why not what *I* said, too? ;)

  7. That’s right, Ardis, you are back from the dead. It’s hard to keep these things straight – no pun intended, given what Kaimi linked. :)

    What Ardis said, if only to avoid the long-distance butt-kicking she will administer if I don’t say that.

  8. Butt-kicking deferred. Until next time.

  9. I love how spunky Ardis is lately!

  10. That’s only because I know Ray isn’t going to come after me with anything more hurtful than a feather duster.

  11. hee hee, ok that was clever. quite the read around.

  12. Martin Willey says:

    Started off thinking this was a little odd. Ended up thinking it was really great. Thanks.

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  14. #13 – I have been surprised by some comments in the Bloggernacle, but I have to say I never expected #13. I read it three times looking for the humor . . .

  15. Ardis, I can’t find the feather duster. I searched and searched, but it’s nowhere to be found – which won’t shock anyone who has seen my house.

  16. Ray, Cliff is only following Elder Ballard’s advice to use the new media. He’s just too socially blind, deaf, and lame to do it correctly.


  17. Steve Evans says:

    Dan Beck blew me away once. I swore I would never let that happen to anyone again.

  18. D. Fletcher says:

    I guess it’s left to me to give the proper credit here.

    Oscar Hammerstein wrote those words, for his last show before his death in 1960.

  19. I love sandwiches.

  20. Bravo, Kaimi! Well done! No, wait, medium rare.

    Perhaps there’s a polygamy joke in “Sixteen, Going On Seventeen?”

    Or a nod to Eric Snider in “So Long, Farewell?” (“And up in the nursery an absurd little bird / Is popping out to say ‘cuckoo'”)

  21. Like Lou Grant, I hate spunk.

  22. StillConfused says:

    Whenever my boyfriend says “so”, which he does often, I say “a needle pulling thread”. He now expects that.

  23. I heart Rodgers and Hammerstein!