BCC Zeitcast 30

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  1. This is the first one of these I have ever listened to. Are they all like this?

  2. Steve Evans says:


  3. Ronan, you’re only 32 years old?! Yikes.

  4. I am reminded of the student enrolled in an “Introduction to Shakespeare” course who, upon reading the first assigned play, “Henry VI,” asked his English teacher, “Are they all like this?”

  5. Very nice, Ronan and Amri!

  6. so, it turns out I did cry at the bullfight. Quite embarrassing, as everyone was standing and cheering, I instantaneously broke into tears. But it really seems so cruel.

    It’s gruesome. They kill 6 bulls, I had to leave after 2.5.

  7. That was the best zeitcast in a long time.

  8. Latter-day Guy says:

    No to Prop 8 discussion, but yes to Prop 8 meta-discussion? :)

  9. I’m older than Ronan?

  10. I’m Younger than Ronan!

  11. Kevin Barney says:

    Fidei defensor could be translated either as “defender of the faith” or “defender of faith,” inasmuch as Latin doesn’t have a definite article. So if Charles wants to change the expression, he only needs to change the English; the Latin already works for his preferred interpretation.

  12. But are your spirits younger/older than Ronan’s, Matt W. and Kim?

  13. I’m such a giant fan girl of the Zeitcast. Thanks Amri and Ronan!

    When we lived in Quito, we lived 4 blocks from the ring del toros, or whatever it’s called. We went to the bullfights twice. Besides being really icky to the bulls (and ickier is the restaurant next door that serves the killed bull), but it was pretty horrifying to see one of the bullfighter (a hot shot from Spain) get gored and have the bull toss him around like a rag doll.

    The second time we went (!) it was a kid’s bullfight show. They had little people dressed in Batman and Superman suits running around the ring. It was truly bizarre, and just one more of the reasons I look back on my short time there with fondness.

    Have the Peruvians started the whole town of Bethlehem scenes thing that the Ecuadorians do? It’s like the nativity scene, but times 100. Markets and stores have them set up. They’re a trip.

  14. Ronan isn’t in line for the throne?

  15. Sadly, Guy, I am but a commoner.

    I have no idea how to take the surprise over my age.

    meems, we’ll print you a T-shirt to wear. “Me so Amri” has a nice ring to it.

  16. meems, are they like living nativities? they had one in Iquitos, we flew in Steve Evans to be the baby Jesus.

    It was pretty good, but I have very high expectations of Lima.

    The acho del toros in Lima is in a scary part of Lima called Rimac. On our way there we almost got jumped by a group of drunk young men, and then even scarier drunk middle-aged women!

    Then on to the bedazzled, prancing, thrusting bullfighters who had to stab the bull 7 times to kill it. It was a busy day.

  17. Whew! Me so Amri!

    No, they aren’t living nativities; rather they’re like those elaborate Victorian doll houses with all the miniature sewing machines and furniture, only instead of sewing machines and furniture, you have little sculpted clay houses, churches, stables, etc., all arranged in a cute little Bethlehem scene. It can get pretty elaborate.

  18. Interesting to listen in on this.

    Maybe it would actually matter which “faith” is defended, if the King was actually chosen by, and representative of, the populace.
    All of a king’s subjects could be a totally different religion; it doesn’t matter, the monarch doesn’t represent the people.

    Bullfights are disgustingly vile farces of tradition and showmanship, and are truly a disgrace for the cultures that still celebrate them.

    You don’t HAVE to go.

    Making a celebration out of butchery can only continue if people keep feeling like they HAVE to go.

    Don’t go.