Black Walnuts and the Book of Mormon

A few years ago the New York Times food editor suggested the only way to crack black walnuts was to run over them with a large SUV. But, just before trying our heaviest vehicle, a 3/4 ton 59 Ford pickup, I found a nutcracker strong enough to break the shells. Thinking I might eventually amass enough nutmeat to bake with it, I googled black walnut cake recipes tonight and found a prominent ad for a free Book of Mormon on multiple pages of the black walnut info. The ads are not on all the site’s recipe pages. These were the first ads I’d seen on non-Mormon sites. So I’m curious. Where have you seen Church ads on non-religious sites? Does anyone know what theories currently motivate the Church’s advertising buys? Are we who love black walnuts really more likely to embrace the Church?


  1. Michael gattuso says:

    I’ve seen them a couple of times on a guitar tabs website. It’s a little odd seeing the ad on a relatively dark rock ‘n’ roll themed site.

  2. Jennifer in GA says:

    My local CW station shows “Sex and the City” reruns 10-11pm during the week, and every time I’ve watched the show there has been a commercial for the Church at least twice during the block. I’ve often wondered who made that decision and what their reasoning was.

  3. Black walnuts clear the mind and lighten the spirit.

  4., a news aggregating website, is very popular. In fact, there is some very heated Mormon hatred on there lately for the whole Prop 8 thing. Funny thing is, several people noticed the church advertisements on the site and thought it was ironic. Myself, I have Adblock for Firefox so I never see ads. :)

  5. has adds for the Church. I too was a taken aback when I saw them–are online tetris players supposed to be, on the whole, sad and lonely and in need of spiritual nourishment? Or do they just need something better to do with their time than playing tetris?

  6. huh. Jeremy, I came here to mention that I see ads for the church on quite a bit.

  7. A lot of internet ads are placed by third-party companies that have tracking cookies on your computer. This means that these companies can place ads targeted at your particular interests on basically any website. If you read a lot of Mormon-themed or religious-themed material on your browser, then the company can see you as a likely target for church advertising. It’s unlikely that the church has made a specific decision to advertise on

  8. John Scherer says:

    I saw an add on the Huffington Post once.

  9. i saw an add across the top of digg.

    my husband was very amused (easily, obviously) and took a screen shot here

  10. I guess the old saying still applies to organizations with prophets… “I’m wasting 50% of my ad budget, I just don’t know which half.”

  11. Latter-day Guy says:

    Interestingly, as black walnuts are a major industry where I live (SW Missouri), I have discovered that the shells are actually more valuable than the meat. They are often used in things like cosmetics and explosives. Weird, huh? /threadjack

  12. MikeInWeHo says:

    re: 9
    I’ve seen that one too (“Old Testament…New Testament…Another Testament….flashing in sequence), several times. Definitely saw it on Huffington Post but I think maybe a couple of other places too.

  13. I saw one on Steve Martin’s website once…

  14. But Steve is a Mormon, right? So that would make sense…

  15. Just saw one for the Book of Mormon on the Drudge Report.

  16. So, did Times & Seasons get hacked, or what?

  17. Martin Willey says:

    Huffington Post, lots of times. No joke.

  18. Martin Willey says:

    J. Nelson-Seawright’s comment (#7) makes a lot of sense. I was having a hard time getting my brain around the Church advertising on HuffPo.

  19. Ditto on the Fark ads. They’ve been popping up on the site a lot in the last few weeks. They make me smile as I read comments.

  20. Are you taking credit for T&S being offline, Chino Blanco?

  21. #20: Oh yeah, it’s all me.

    And that floral arrangement that went up in flames over in Ogden at the LDS Institute of Religion @ Weber State U.


    Scary, huh?

  22. All jokin’ aside … when I was a kid, we used to pick black walnuts and fill 50# burlap sacks in order to make a little extra summer break spendin’ money.

    I never bothered with figurin’ out how to crack one.

    We always figured y’all had that aspect of the process figured out on your end. What with y’all bein’ city slickers and all.

    That said, I’m as spooked as anyone about T&S bein’ offline … especially considerin’ that mine must’ve been one of the last comments posted there.

    For what it’s worth, that comment was all about Gary Lawrence and what an affront he is to everythin’ decent in this world.

  23. T&S is offline because the domain name registration expired.

  24. T&S was offline less than a month ago. Also on a day when Adam posted. I thought that was domain name day.

    So now I’ve gone and read every technorati link on the eHarmony court settlement. I get so oddly interested in the post that’s not available.

  25. T&S pulls the site offline every now and then, pretty much just to pique Johnna’s curiosity.


  26. I am saddended to learn that the Church is not advertising generally on Huffington Post. I was really looking forward to an influx of liberal demo converts.

  27. Thomas Parkin says:

    anon, #5,

    Don’t be dissin Tetris. Tetris prepared me well for stocking shelves at the supermarket. You probably think I’m kidding. ~

  28. I was checking out torrents one day on the pirate bay and I couldnt believe what popped up. Here is the sceenshot I took – see for youself.

  29. every time I log onto my hotmail account the church is advertising

  30. re #28

    those same exact girls are looking for love in ammon too! heh. :P

  31. re: 28
    The Church advertises on Pirate Bay? Really? Isn’t that a site devoted to the illegal distribution of copyrighted material?

  32. azdood, that’s classic!

  33. Patricia Lahtinen says:

    8 Then saith he to his servants, The wedding is ready, but they which were bidden were not worthy.
    9 Go ye therefore into the highways, and as many as ye shall find, bid to the marriage.
    10 So those servants went out into the highways, and agathered together all as many as they found, both bad and good: and the wedding was furnished with guests.

  34. Mike (31) I’m so disappointed. I thought your link was going to point to this, which is, I’m sure, the most popular pirated item in the world.