Raspberry Pecan Crockpot Turkey

This is a good recipe if you are not serving a crowd.  It keeps the turkey really moist, and it helps avoid the conflict between people who like cranberry sauce and those who don’t.  And it is super easy.

Serves 6 – 8

1 (3 to 4 lb) boneless turkey breast, fully thawed

10 oz. raspberry jam

1 tsp. prepared mustard

1/2 cup pecan pieces

Fresh raspberries and pecan halves, for garnish

Place the turkey breast in the slow cooker.  Mix the raspberry jam, mustard, and pecan pieces together and spoon over the turkey.  Cook for 6 to 8 hours on the low setting, occasionally spooning some of the jam mixture back over the turkey breast.  Garnish with fresh berries and pecans before serving, then listen to the oohs and ahhs.  Also, don’t plan on any leftovers. 



  1. Sounds outstanding, Mark. Might I also suggest a skin-on breast, which you pan-sear before slow roasting.

  2. Mark Brown says:

    Brad, yup, even better.

  3. This is my kind of recipe — not just because the combination of raspberry and pecan sounds so good, but also because it’s a dish that can be easily prepared for one, with leftovers for sandwiches. Can’t say that I’ve ever been tempted to roast a turkey, even a small one, for one.

  4. I am so making this next week. Sounds yummy. My mom will be proud if I tell her I finally used the Crockpot she gave me.

  5. Wow. Sounds great!

    Mike, I never used my crockpot for literally, about 11 years, got rid of it, and then decided I wanted to try to make something in it. So I got another one and a cookbook and it’s actually not a bad thing!

  6. MikeInWeHo says:

    Crockpots are the best. To use them, however, seems to require 1. planning, and 2. cooking. But I’m motivated and think I can buy all the ingredients for this in stop at Fresh & Easy, truly the greatest food store on the planet.

  7. Well, I notice that there are 4 Fresh & Easy’s opening in SF and the peninsula in 2009. I like to check out the greatest food stores on the planet!

  8. I made this today. Pretty good!

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