BCC Zeitcast 32

Season 2 Album Artwork

With added Norbert, sipping rooibos tea.


  1. I aquired a taste for “Red Bush” tea on my mission in South Africa. good stuff.

  2. Mark Brown says:

    Boiled frogs in a blender, wow. The zeitcast is always enlightening.

    Also, it was good to hear Kilmer’s voice.

  3. Steve Evans says:

    Kilmer’s voice is incredibly deep. He sounds half-man, half-bear. I, for one, welcome more men-bears at BCC.

  4. Digging that outro music with the disco beat…What is it?

  5. My wife wanted me to point out that their enrichment nights are not always just pizza nights — that they have highly esteemed guest speakers and service projects as well. And while I have not seen any of these myself, I do believe they are a good cover for hanging around on a Tuesday night eating pizza.

  6. Hunter,
    Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds.

  7. Norbert, I’m not going to share that particular view of Enrichment Night with my wife.

  8. Norbert (or anyone else closer to the arctic circle)–how do Jews handle Shabat? You say the sun is down at 2:30, so is that when they are home to do their Sabbath meal?

    Amri–I served with someone in Kenya who had worked for the US government inspecting products for safety. He said that he regular saw stuff for sale in the markets there that he had rejected for sale in the US market.

    All–Enrichment is now very “flexible” and people only do crafts if they want. Eating pizza to escape from kids is totally kosher, too.

  9. Kevin Barney says:

    ESO, on how Jews handle Shabbat in Finland, see here for a calculator of the times in Helsinki.

  10. Norbert–fascinating. Even more fascinating on the link is the link to Chanukah on Ice which I deeply regret not being able to attend. Now I need to find out about Jews in places where the sun is down for days/months and places where there is no sundown for similar periods.

  11. Oh–that was from Kevin, I didn’t realize it. Thanks Kevin! Hope to hear from you one of these Zeitcasts….

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