Virtue, Part One-Point-Seven-Five: Salad still unmade

Okay, thanks to super-commenter Matt W., whose link I have finally followed, I now have a more detailed explanation for what Virtue is in the YW context. And I can take back most of what I said before. Clearly it means more than just chastity. It also means “Miscellaneous.”

I don’t even need to write Part 2 now! Thanks, Matt!


  1. Rameumptom says:

    So, we’ve done all these comments, created a lot of contention, praised your insight, etc.,

    for nothing?

    Man! I wish I could think of some unvirtuous comment right now….

  2. um…Your welcome. And thanks for the interesting topic.

    Maybe I should get a “super commenter” name tag.

  3. Peter LLC says:

    It also means “Miscellaneous.”

    If I were a YW leader, I would put dicussion of virtue under “Any Other Business” on the lesson plan. 8)