BCC Zeitcast 34

Season 2 Album Artwork

This week, Amri, Ronan, and Mark IV (speaking from the bottom of the Mariana Trench) talk about:

  • Big Brown’s new design
  • Missionaries who watch violent films on Peruvian buses
  • The hedon that is una de gato
  • Joseph Smith, central banker
  • American civic religion

We also answer the listener question, “why can’t single older men serve missions?”


  1. Because their priesthood is so attractive to women that they would be overcome by all the temptation surrounding them.

  2. Mark’s deep voice combined with his seemingly top-notch microphone makes him sound exactly like a nice Vader.

  3. I was confused by the phrase “una de gato” typed above. Granted, my Portuguese supplanted my Spanish almost ten years ago, but “one of cat?” Then I listened to the zeitcast. Uña de gato makes much more sense!

    At least for the name of a Latin American food.

  4. That is a great picture of Rambo.

    Of course all the heads blowing up leads Rambo to finally go home and at the end of the movie he’s walking up the path to go up to his father’s house. I’m sure that’s gospel related somehow.

  5. Amri, I’m sure his father will embrace him, or kill the fatted calf. Then again, perhaps he’ll just blow up his head.

  6. S.P. Bailey says:

    Old single guys can be creepy. You just don’t hear people talking about “dirty old women.” I don’t anyway. Maybe I lead a sheltered life.

  7. Mark Brown says:

    Ronan, didn’t I specifically request that you NOT put up that picture of me with this post?

  8. Wow, Mark Brown, I didn’t know you used steroids!

  9. I was very interested in the view of the inauguration from across the pond. Good stuff.

  10. I had a 29-30 year old companion on my mission. I’ve seen old guys on missions too. What is the “old” but not “old enough” range that they can’t serve?

  11. I had a positive experience with my “older” companion, but she was just 10-15 years older than me.

    My grandfather served with Cleon Skousen’s father (I am pretty sure–don’t want to get into trouble again) (my grandfather being 20 and Skousen being an elderly missionary)–it was during WW2, so maybe they took old guys then for lack of young ones. Or maybe they still took men of all ages then–not sure.

  12. We watched the inauguration here, flipping channels between BBC world, CNN and Al-Jazeera, basically because my husband wanted to say he watched it on Al-Jazeera.

    Amri, do they have Cedron Tea there? It’s lemon verbena leaf, I think. Cures cramps. And nausea, I think.

  13. Oh, and I think they don’t have older missionaries because when 2 young guys are rooming together, you think: oh, roommates, fraternities, dorms, whatever; but when 2 older men are rooming together or even an old guy and a young guy, you automatically think, gay relationship.

    OK, maybe you don’t think that. It’s just me!!

  14. meems–they do have lemon verbena but I can’t think what they call it down here. I love the herbal tea trade down here, what with everything they cure it’s amazing that anyone gets sick at all.

    I had a companion that was 13 years older than I was, though she was considered a regular sister missionary and a companion who was 50 years older than me. She had different rules. She was hard for me (a dumb 21 year old) to solve problems with.

  15. LDS Newsroom indicates that “Missionaries can be single men between the ages of 19 and 25, single women over the age of 21 or retired couples.” I thought there was an upper age for retirees as well as for single men, but maybe not.

  16. Ardis, the upper age for retirees is unofficially understood to be “using a walker”.

  17. I was 24 when I went on my mission and turned 26 just before I came home, so I slipped in under the wire.

    In Hong Kong there are many missionaries serving who are from Hong Kong (visa issues, I think). The only rule was they could not serve in their home ward. For them the age limit did not apply. There were many older than 25. The oldest I met was a 33 year old High Priest (former Bishopric member).

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