BCC Zeitcast 35

Season 2 Album Artwork Steve and I talk about the horrors of a horrible week and the fears of new technology. 

[Steve’s note: ironically, it was not long after this depressing podcast that both our lives got dramatically worse. THIS ZEITCAST IS CURSED!!]


  1. Note to listeners:
    My excuse = Sabbath Day sledding.

  2. Antonio Parr says:

    Ronan — Though your sled by red as scarlett, it shall, with the right weather conditions, be white as snow.

  3. Curse: It’s because you failed to forward it on to 47 of your friends. You broke the chain!

  4. Kevin Barney says:

    Now I’m depressed, too.

    I like the taste of Whoppers. They’re the only thing I like at BK. But I never eat them because they’re their calories and fat grams are off the charts. I haven’t been to a BK in years.

    I enjoyed the 25 random things fad on Facebook. I just didn’t tag anyone. And if anyone ever tags me, I can take or leave whether to do it myself.

  5. The internet can be a curse and a time waster…yet there are many uplifting moments of sharing there too. My sister has a child story blog that she started for her grandchildren and now many from around the world view it. (She adds a story each Monday Morning) and I believe it is becoming a missionary sharing tool. You may see it at: brendakstory.blogspot.com

  6. S.P. Bailey says:

    How many times do I have to apologize about tagging you on my 25 things, Evans?! I would have totally unfriended you for a Whopper instead if I had known that was an option…

  7. And life is dramatically worse now? Did I read something about Steve having to type with his nose? Man, that is depressing. Feel better, kids.

  8. SADDEST. Zeitcast. evar. : (

    It was from the BCC sidebar that I learned about Ezra’s passing. Thank you, Steve.

    I hope things turn around for both of you, as well as your families.

  9. I was actually cheered up by this. I realize my reasons for being depressed are so paltry that I need to count my blessings and walk on the sunny-side a bit.

    Stockades in church! That would be awesome.

  10. I need a St. John’s Wort.

  11. “Gay with a side of gay”

    “Like, a tranny?”

    You just can’t get this kind of dialogue antwhere else.

  12. Steve Evans says:

    We aim to please!

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