Dispatch from the Daddynaccle

Child 1: Daddy, you forgot to be the tooth fairy last night. I was very upset this morning.
Father [instantly filled with self-loathing]: I’m so sorry, sweetheart. I was so tired I just fell asleep and forgot about it.
Child 1: I’m not upset anymore.
Father: Still, I’m sorry.
Child 1: You should be the tooth boy fairy this time.
Mother: Oh, ask the toddler what she did with the tooth today.
Child 1: She tried to eat it.
Toddler: It not candy.
Mother: I just heard this crunching sound, and she was smiling.
Father: [mentally mouths expletive]
Child 1: What is it, Toddler?
Toddler: It toof. It not candy.

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  1. Steve Evans says:

    Oh say, what is toof?

  2. It’s a multiple of wunf.

  3. I told my toddler that the tooth fairy left the money in my wallet- and low and behold, there is was!

  4. Not two days ago *someone* in our household forgot to be the tooth fairy for his daughter.

    I wish I would have thought of the wallet trick, SCW. Dang.

  5. There’s lots of strategies. Try this one: “I bet the tooth fairy did visit you, you just didn’t look hard enough. I’ll look with you. [magically finds money hidden in bed] See, here it is!

  6. Oh, this brings back memories. I was such an AWFUL tooth fairy, always forgetting.
    A few months ago, when I was visiting with my daughter and her family, her six-year-old grandson lost one of his front teeth. As he quickly ran to put it under his pillow, his mother looked at me and said, “In THIS house, the tooth fairy ALWAYS remembers!”
    I will never be forgiven.

  7. Hard to dismiss the fact that the tooth was still under the pillow and I couldn’t interact for another 12 hours after the discovery of the failure to parent.

  8. That toof fairy. She’s accidentally skipped our tired house before too.

  9. Pagans, all of you!

  10. Our tooth fairy is so busy, that sometimes she just doesn’t manage to make it to our house, especially if the kids stay up a little too late or get up a little too early. So the next night we’d better do an early bedtime and try sleeping in a little bit, hmmm?

  11. Margaret Young says:

    Good for you for writing down this delightful dialogue! My grandmother’s constant reminder was “Write it down, Mommy!” We forget so easily, and these little memories become precious. I still love reading about what my mother and her siblings said in their childhoods–which, of course, Grandma kept track of meticulously. I like what Julie Smith does at T&S every Christmas: the “What the Smith kids said this year” post.