Intern wanted.

Seeking intern on BYU campus to perform some lightweight research at the HBLL. No compensation but endless glory. Interns will have to share a glock between them. Apply within.

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  1. So what caliber Glock will they get to share? .40, 9MM or .45?

  2. S.P. Bailey says:

    I am not good at sharing. Can I bring my own Glock? Or Browning, which seems like more appropriate iron for research at the HBLL?

  3. The HBLL is a pretty big place. Should I just go up to the nearest security station and say “Steve sent me”?

  4. Email us Kent!

  5. …but, yes, try that too.

  6. Steve, should I show them my glock when I ask for you?

  7. Assuming you are not speaking metaphorically, yes.

  8. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    Thanks. Thanks a lot for not picking me. :-(

  9. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    Just kidding, I just wanted to say that.

  10. Brian Duffin says:

    I’m having a hard time seeing how this can be anything other than cheap and tawdry in its outcome. That said, I’m curious to find out what happens.

  11. No compensation? The last intern got a BCC t-shirt and played shortstop on BCC’s bloggernacle softball team.

    Before anyone volunteers to be a gopher, lackey, peon and sycophant all rolled into one, please read this.

  12. StillConfused says:

    But I prefer my Ruger!

  13. Rameumptom says:

    Do we get to shoot people who have late returns?

  14. Rameumptom says:

    How about just in the kneecap? Pretty please?

  15. Steve Evans says:

    BCC engages in emotional kneecapping only.

  16. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    To all other (possible) interns – it appears that the information you seek is not to be found in the HBLL. Seek ye for the Brimhall Building, Room 152 (which unfortunately happens to be closed on Saturdays and is why I’m merely posting to go there instead of posting my findings).

  17. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    And the DU just wrote me to say that they have both bound volumes and microfilm at the Lee Library, so while somebody’s bound to know where this crap is, I haven’t found them yet.

    Perhaps the problem is simply that I haven’t made use of the Glock yet… ;-)

  18. Steve Evans says:

    Keep the faith Tom!!

  19. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    Okay, just in case anyone else is pursuing this I have sent copies off of Dec 1994-Apr 1997. The piece began ~1988 but I haven’t looked to see exactly when and, to be honest, it sucks for pretty much all of 1988-89, so I’d recommend continuing backwards from Dec 1994 until you reach the point where extreme suckiness begins (or ends, depending on your viewpoint). (Suckiness being that there is nothing interesting or weird, just theft, theft, theft, theft, theft, theft, theft, theft, and theft.) I’ll be heading back to do more when time permits, so if you plan to help, make a note of it before work is duplicated. Go to the Religion / Genealogy section and check B76a of the microfilms.

  20. Steve Evans says:

    NCNTom, you can keep the Glock.

  21. Well done, our young padawan. You can keep the light saber too.

  22. Will you pay relocation expenses?

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