BCC Zeitcast 37

Season 2 Album Artwork This week: Ronan and Steve are joined by a guest so foul, so hated, that his name cannot be mentioned in mixed company, but can be had below the fold.

Some know him as Count Iblis. Others call him DKL.

MP3 can be directly downloaded here.

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  1. John Hamer says:

    Yay, I love Count Iblis… I mean DKL. Both. Did he offer you three wishes beginning with delivering our enemy into our hands this night? I guess I’ll have to listen to find out.

  2. In unrelated news, John, Adam Greenwood is joining us as a perma.

  3. John Hamer says:

    Poor Baltar!

  4. yeah, but the large-ish, John Colicos Baltar, not the loving Gaius.

  5. John Hamer says:

    To be sure! I was absolutely conjuring John Colicos in my mind.

  6. Justmeherenow says:

    i) higher percentage of younger generation members in Utah, hence higher per capita use of the Internet?
    i i ) lower incidence of extramarital sex, hence higher percentage nights per capita of people spending evenings perusing pornography?

  7. Karen H. says:

    As much as I enjoyed the zeitcast, I think the closing song was my favorite part. Good job DKL–was good to hear from you.

  8. John Hamer says:

    Ok, DKL was a great guest. He should be a regular. One thing that was clear is that British people are unable to talk about porn, but thankfully DKL was irrepressible on the topic.

    I do disagree with DKL about the impending LDS crackdown on the internet. And I think Evans will be the first one up against the wall.

    Thanks for the shoutout, Ronan!

  9. We all suspected that I would be the first to go.

  10. I hope the niblets return. I think one of the bigger blogs should volunteer to host it in some fashion. Anyone up for it?

    The most shocking admission in the zeitcast ever: Ronan implying that the Bloggernacle is dead.

  11. Mark Brown says:

    An excellent discussion all around, gentlemen.

    The crackdown will be the result of RJH’s insistence on saying b’LARD.

  12. Can you again post the link for the mp3 download.

  13. High online porn subscriptions in Utah as a manifestation of blessings from paying tithing?! ROTFLMAO. Closing song was brilliant.

  14. Steve,
    Sort out the iTunes feed.

  15. Steve Evans says:

    iTunes feed has been corrected in the sidebar, and a link added for the mp3 download is added to the original post.

  16. From the tease, I thought for certain that “Steve Evans” would be the correct response.

  17. John, thanks for the kind words. I had a great time doing this podcast. It brought back fond memories of the Mormon Matters podcasts that you and I did together.

    Karen H, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Tagore, it’s just one more instance of how they can’t afford not to pay tithing.

    Ronan and Steve, you are both terrific. Nice work, and thanks for doing this podcast.

  18. What if your sister was in a porn film? What if your mother was in a porn film?

    Isn’t the answer pretty obvious? I wouldn’t watch those porn films. Yuck.

  19. Kevin Barney says:

    I’m 50 and not a high priest, so I’m beyond a failure.

    Good zeitcast. I enjoyed having DKL in the mix.

    And I hope someone somewhere decides to step up and produce the Niblets. I just think they need to get rid of those lavish production dance numbers, and the ratings would go up.

  20. Kev,
    I’m totally joking about that High Priest thing. Although it is a shame that the church has never had a Bishop Barney.

  21. Can someone please explain the reference to John Dehlin and how/why you miss him.

  22. Steve Evans says:

    I was not joking, Kev.

  23. Kevin Barney says:

    I’m quite happy to still be “only an elder.” It keeps me young. Now if I can just ignore that touch of gray at my temples, I’ll be set.

  24. Steve Evans says:

    Pres. Packer sends you e-hugs!

  25. Yeah, great exit song.

    Well done, one and all, and really a pleasure to hear DKL’s voice. His voice is actually a tiny bit higher than I imagined it.

    I agree that the Bloggernacle is in a very different incarnation than it was 4-5 years ago. Change is inevitable, right? I for one appreciate all the hard work and time spent on making these podcasts, writing for the various group and individual blogs, etc etc, because it gives me and has given me hours and hours of entertainment and great information. Let’s just say: Bloggernacle – infotainment at its finest.

  26. Steve Evans says:

    LOL, meems — it has been a long time, huh.

  27. meems: Well done, one and all, and really a pleasure to hear DKL’s voice.


    meems: DKL’s voice is actually a tiny bit higher than I imagined it.

    That’s just my porn voice. My every-day voice is actually a tiny bit deeper than it sounds on the podcast.

  28. Great podacast, guys…and DKL. :-)

    I’ll let the M* team know to quit wasting their time trying to cater to DKL, who obviously doesn’t even read our blog. Heck, we even dedicated the Wall-E post to him and he still avoids us. ;-)

  29. So many pregnant pauses, I shall expect many a baby pause in due time.

  30. Margaret Young says:

    Well done, gentlemen. And it’s so nice to have your callings revealed at last.

  31. I had a Bishop Barney once, but his name was Jay.

  32. S.P. Bailey says:

    Three Mormon guys on porn. Lots of awkward pauses. And a sing-out by from the Divinyls. That’s a zeitcast hat trick, my friends.

  33. S.P. Bailey, I don’t remember a single awkward pause during the porn discussion — at least not on my part. As John Hamer says, on the topic of porn, I’m irrepressible. Don’t try to tag me with your stereotypes about Mormons and porn!

  34. Steve Evans says:

    Those pauses weren’t awkward. They were… necessary.

  35. Margaret Young: …it’s so nice to have your callings revealed at last

    We grew weary of the secrecy that had heretofore surrounded our callings. It feels really good to have made a clean breast of it.

  36. Left Field says:

    I had a Bishop Barney once, but his name was Milo.

  37. Cynthia L. says:

    I had a Bishop Barney once, but he was purple.

  38. Cynthia L. says:

    (somebody had to say it!)

  39. As a longtime Bloggernacle lurker and commenter extraordinaire, I approve of this zeitcast. FWIW, moving into a new ward as one of a few older elders can’t be any more odd than moving into a new ward as the youngest high priest by about 20 years.

    Bonus: I’m pretty sure I heard children playing in someone’s background during the last few minutes. Cool.

  40. Cynthia L (37, 38) thank you for taking the pressure off the rest of us.

  41. While I thoroughly enjoy the zeitcast regulars, I love it when you mix it up. It helps us lurkers get to know those in the bloggernacle (put a name or initials to the high-pitched porn voices). I thought DKL was fantastic (and necessary, in light of Ronan clamming up on the topic…).

    ROTFL at the exit song…