UVU Conference April 2-3

Utah Valley University’s Religious Studies Program is hosting what looks to be an engaging and informative conference next Thursday and Friday, April 2-3. The program looks excellent and includes Mormon Studies rock stars Terryl Givens, Richard and Claudia Bushman, Jana Riess, Stephen Carter, Grant Underwood, and others, as well as an all-star lineup of journalists including Peggy Fletcher Stack, Jennifer Dobner, and the Boston Globe’s Michael Paulson, who will deliver a keynote address. The program is littered with other interesting and important folks too numerous to name.

And if you need someone less intimidating to talk to, you can sit by me. :)


  1. Thanks for informing us, Kristine. This program is incredibily interesting. I don’t want to miss this.
    Just a practical question: do we need to sign up and are there any costs involved?

  2. For conveniance here is a link:


    This is one of the reasons why I wish I could live in Utah. I am definitely unplugged from many things out here in VA.

  3. Sorry, Kristine, I should have read the whole thing instead of only looking at the speakers and the topics.
    Thanks againe

  4. Darn. Too bad I’m in Utah this week and not next.

  5. Any chance this will be recorded and put online like the recent Parallels and Convergences conference? The line-up looks incredibly interesting…

  6. I’ll see you there, Kristine. The conference looks fantastic.

  7. Darn conferences making me miss class…

  8. UVU really does put on good conferences. Last year’s on Restoration traditions was fantastic.

  9. UVCC is a university now?

  10. Imposter!

  11. Kristine,
    I spoke to you today. Thanks for your website. i HOPE you wll be able to get your paper given at the UVU on the web.

    I respected and enjoyed your boldness and forthrghtness in facing up to formidable critics.


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