Great Scott!

All, after a great week (and only one magically disappearing post debacle!) of being our guest, Scott B has joined BCC as our newest permablogger. Please join me in welcoming him aboard.


  1. Srsly guys. April Fool’s was yesterday.

  2. All those opposed, do so by the same sign.

  3. Just kidding, I sustain.

  4. Mark Brown says:


  5. BCC is catching up to T&S with the disappearing posts. With Scott B on board maybe you’ll surpass them.

  6. Cross your fingers Wm!!

  7. Congrats Bro!

  8. You can never have too many economists… unless you want to keep your readers coming.

    Is Dead Seriously dead? … Seriously, is it seriously dead?

  9. That’s great!

  10. Welcome Scott!

  11. Mike M.–

    It is dying, yes. I will be taking it off the breathing machine in about a week.

  12. Welcome, Scott!

  13. Dennis Bosworth says:

    The last time I was this proud was when Scott invented the word “Buhlemia” (sic) in high school.

    Nice going, Scott

  14. Wonderful news! Scott, I’ve loved your posts.

  15. Welcome.

  16. Welcome aboard!

  17. 13. Dennis, Thank you for reminding me of that. I just may vomit.

  18. Welcome! So happy to have you blogging here. May you be witty and controversial. :)

  19. Peter LLC says:

    Well, so much for BCC’s great aspirations for gender mainstreaming.

  20. I can’t wait to not read your next disappearing post! ;-)Welcome!

  21. Welcome

  22. Welcome.

  23. Welcome

  24. Welcome.

  25. welcome

  26. Steve Evans says:


    DKL that’s two welcomes already from you!

  27. Again: welcome.

  28. Scott B says:

    May it never again be said that BCC is not welcoming.

  29. Welcome

  30. Scott B says:

    I am a bit disappointed at the lack of multi-language welcomings, though. Not a single Willkomme or Merhaba.

    I was told BCC encouraged diversity.

  31. Peter LLC says:

    Gesagt, getan: ein herzliches Grüß Gott aus Wien!

  32. Aaron Brown says:

    Don’t do it Scott. Don’t join! SAVE YOURSELF BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!!


  33. Bienvenidos!

  34. welcome!

  35. Welcome! Welcome! Sabbath morning, er…yeah, welcome. Again.

    Carry on…

  36. instead of pontificating about your achievements, levels of intelligence and “free thinking” in the Church.. Why are you not..

    A. Attending the Temple 1x a week as Apostles and Prophets asked us to do last conference

    B. On the “More Good Foundation” or LDS.Net site.. are you TOO intelligent for it? My IQ is 145.. but I just like you, can fall away from the Church from “too much blogging and questioning”..I just think that places like common consent have too much liberal thought, pro gay attitudes etc.. Ideas that go AGAINST the Proclamation of the Family. Throw stones at me if you would like ( I won’t probably know ya did) but seriously, I worry about this pseudo intellectual crowd (LDS, fringe LDS etc) on the internet.. Everyone is too busy trying to impress one another and not busy ENOUGH taking care of their families or serving others. If you are A. Serving others B. Temple endowed and going each week C. Got everything else in your life under control (kids that need attention and love, spouse that needs attention and love) then please, accept my sincere apologies for judging to harshly. Otherwise: please take this in the spirit it is intended, as a voice of warning. Pride cometh before the fall. Reading alot of your comments/blogs etc.. spells out alot of PRIDE and too much thinking that goes against basic Gospel principles. I noticed quite a few of you talk about “free agency” free choice” that comes with consequences.. Some of our gay brothers and sisters can tell you all about consequences. So before throwing around “free agency” like there is nothing BUT choice.. please, why not have the Proclamation of the Family on your site? or other REAL doctrinal discussions? Thank you.. Best

  37. Somebody needs to save that comment as an example of how not to introduce yourself to a new group of people – or dissect it as a stand-alone post.

    A. is factually incorrect, and B. is . . . a great case study.

  38. Kittywaymo,

    Thank you for ruining my welcome party. I shall now go cry.

  39. Kitty is someone who A. has a website that she correctly named “spam” and B. likes really short lists.

    Need a hanky, Scott B? Here’s mine.

  40. What the crap is Kittywaymo talking about? Did Scott insult the More Good Foundation somewhere? Is that a real comment by a real person (who runs a blog of her own apparently) or some sort of practical joke being played on her to make her look socially retarded?

  41. > pro gay attitudes etc.

    It was those RuPaul references that gave us away, wasn’t it?