Yes we will be following General Conference.

I know you all were chomping at the bit to know what BCC will be doing for General Conference this year. Answer: liveblogging, reporting, photoblogging from the Conference Center, plus twitter updates and sidebar updates as we go. We are also now accepting suggestions for a good name for our coverage. So far we’re going with SPRING CONFERENCE 2009: CONFERENCE HARDER.


  1. merrybits says:

    I can’t help myself: Spring Conference 2009: Be Happy and Merry and Gay.

  2. Spring Conference 2009: Conference SUCCESS

  3. April Conference 2009:
    Spring into Conference

  4. Pastafarian says:

    I’m sure it violates copyright, but I vote for “Monty Python’s Complete Waste of Time” since LDS Conference is just as relevant as a 15 year old computer game.

  5. makakona says:

    oOoh, photoblogging! nice! as ever, i will be joining the bloggernacle live from my local stake center whilst solo-wrangling my four children (five and under). we stocked up on fun snacks and some new quiet toys today. my kids’ conference memories won’t be of jammies and waffles. instead, they get two times a year where mom will let them hide under the pews in the darkened chapel while eating bagels and coloring pictures. i’m hardcore about no toys or food in church, but when i’m faced with eight hours of sitting quietly in the chapel, all bets are off.

    so. anyway. since the only people who watch conference at the stake center anymore are the missionaries, i really love the chance to join in on my cell phone and have some adult in-the-moment “conversation” about what’s going on. i looooove the conference threads.

  6. It’s been a year now that President Monson has been at the helm. And he’ll issue a calling to a new apostle. It’s all President Monson, all the time:

    Spring Conference 2009 “MONCON”

  7. Maybe in 6 months you can include some ready-to-print “conference bingo” sheets?