General Conference: Saturday between-session media

Family PSA, Wirthlin memorial, new Spanish language Bible, and other news.



  1. Reminder that there’s lots of action on twitter today. #ldsconf tag is for conference-related tweets, and it is currently the #1 trending topic on all of twitter!

    Here is the BCC twitter feed: with live updates from our on-location BCCers.

  2. makakona says:

    wirthlin had 96 GREAT grandchildren! wow!

  3. In his press conference, Andersen’s emphasizing his time spent outside the US: 10 of the last 20 years.

  4. And the first Q (a softball, from Church News) pitches him as an authority on the international church.

  5. A very emotional guy. Very touching really.
    On another note, check out the Chris Farley look-alike standing behind and to the left of the reporters asking questions.

  6. He’s worked in the AV and film-making departments of the Church, e.g. the Testaments film.

    Journalists in the news conference:

    Women: 7
    Men: 3


  7. Clips from the 1978 revelation 30th commemoration. Wish I’d seen that one broadcast.

  8. Joseph Smith Papers video is awesome

  9. I can’t wait to go back and watch the press conference and the Joseph Smith Papers video later. I had to go out between sessions and test drive a car so my kids schools could get some money and my wife and I could get entered into a trip for two to Hawaii. Our anniversary is at the end of this month. Got timing.

  10. Yeah, we really enjoyed the JSP video between sessions.

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